25 Showstopping Black Wedding Cake Ideas

An unexpected approach to your wedding cake.

black and gold foil wedding cake with figs

Photo by The Light and Color; Cake by North Country Cake

There's no reason to be bound to a traditional white wedding cake if it doesn't fit your wedding style and aesthetic. And one of the best ways to go bold with color is to embrace the look of a black wedding cake. “Many black wedding cake requests come from couples having glamorous winter or New Year’s Eve weddings,” says Dalana Fleming, owner of The Cake & The Giraffe. “Others are just not into the traditional white wedding cake look.”

Meet the Expert

Dalana Fleming is the owner and baker behind The Cake & The Giraffe, a bakery in Vancouver, B.C. with a focus on custom designs and wedding cakes. 

The options for black wedding cakes are vast. They can be adorned with gold, mixed with frosting to create a black and white wedding cake, or adorned with seasonal florals for a rustic fall soirée. “It’s a great option to match dark, romantic, moody décor and to create a bold focal point,” says Fleming. 

Often, black wedding cakes are made using fondant, allowing any type of frosting to still ice the cake. Many bakers opt for fondant because of the particular style of cakes they create. Plus, more often than not, guests will usually take the fondant off of their cake slice. Others may opt to use food coloring for the icing on their cakes, but it’s important to be careful that the black color incorporated won’t stain anyone’s teeth. Either way, double-check with your baker to be sure the beautiful black color of your cake won’t carry through with every bite. 

Ready to go all-in on a bold showstopper? Read on for 25 of our favorite black wedding cakes

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Decorate With Flowers

Three tier black cake with roses and black florals

Photo by Two Little Cakes Bakery

A black wedding cake provides the perfect canvas for gorgeous flowers, and this cake embraces the look in the best way. Three tiers are stacked tall, paired with the most beautiful color palette of fresh blooms. Don't forget to add additional blooms to the cake stand.

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Consider Bold Detailing

black wedding cake with gold detailing and topped with orange florals

Photo by Garnet Dahlia; Cake by Floretta Sweet

We can’t get over this gorgeous textured look. With hints of bronze paired with gold details and other natural elements, this is perfectly moody for a fall wedding

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Embrace Your Surroundings

black wedding cake with dried leaves and white flowers

Photo by Westlake Photography; Cake by Adorabella Cake Design

Who says black wedding cakes are only for indoor, glamorous venues or rustic fall weddings? We love this bohemian look, as the cake is designed to match the scene. Three-tiers are stacked with ornamental grasses added to create a beautiful bold design. 

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Choose Cascading Blooms

black wedding cake with white frosting and white floral vines

Photo by Levana Melamed Photography; Cake by Alex Robba Cake

A black wedding cake truly provides the perfect backdrop for a cascade of stunning florals and sprigs of greenery. We love the unique contrast this design provides. 

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Make a Small Statement

black wedding cake with white and brown dried florals

Photo by Simply Wandering Photo; Cake by Sift & Gather

You can make a statement with a black wedding cake in so many ways, but this cake proves you don’t need multiple tiers to do it. This tall one-tiered confection sits beautifully with white and gold leaf detailing for a rustic wedding. 

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Go for Gold

Nicole and Kristen's four-tier black cake with gold leaf

Photo by Lena Mirisola

There’s just special about gold detailing on a cake—and when painted on a black wedding cake, it pops even more. This cake, which was adorned with a mix of white florals is a great choice for an elegant, modern celebration.

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Pair With Figs

Black two-tier cake with gold foil and figs

Photo by The Light and Color; Cake by North Country Cake

Cakes are often adorned with fruit in complementary colors for a fun flavorful touch. If you're serving up a black cake, consider pairing it with cut figs. The black exterior coordinates with your frosting while the interior adds a touch of color.

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Make It Mini

One-tier black cake on stand with greenery

Photo by Ivy & Stone Cake Design

This dainty one-layer cake is decorated with green vines, making it a beautiful, moody option for a fall wedding. 

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Think Minimalistic

Three-tier black cake with anemone flower

Photo by Samantha Kleven Photography; Cake by Ink Sweets 

Choosing a minimalistic design can certainly go a long way, especially if you’re hoping to display a cake that will truly wow your guests. This three-tiered cake utilizes squares to offer sleek, smooth corners, paired with one single stem. 

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Make It Marble

black and white marble cake with greenery

Photo by The Godards Photography; Cake by The Cake & The Giraffe

This is the perfect choice for couples who want a modern and dramatic look without going all black. We love the marble effect—especially when dressed up with a few blooms and greenery. 

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Be Romantic

black wedding cake with red and pink roses

Photo by The Day Weddings; Cake by Sukar

There’s just something so romantic about pairing a bold, black backdrop with deep-hued florals. The addition of red and pink roses make this cake all the more romantic. 

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Go Square

three black and cold rectangular cakes on stands

Photo by Fondly Forever Photography

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be white, and it certainly doesn’t have to be round. This trio of cakes brings together bold corners, sleek lines, and gold detailing for a modern display. 

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Embrace Plenty of Details

three-tier black cake with greenery and florals

Photo by KT Merry; Cake by Buttercream Bakeshop

Talk about a showstopper! There are so many elements—such as hand-painted detailing, greenery, and fresh blooms—working in harmony to create a beautiful, bold look.

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Incorporate Multiple Cakes

Two black wedding cakes with flowers

Photo by Daniel Kim Photography; Cake by Ruze Cake House

Who says you only have to opt for one cake? We love the look of multiple black wedding cakes on your dessert table, each featuring unique detailing and beautifully intricate designs. 

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Dress Up One Tier

black three-tier wedding cake with ruffle bottom and magnolia on top

Photo by Samantha Mayfair Cakes

This cake screams "simple elegance." We love the idea of focusing on adding intricate fondant ruffled details to the bottom tier while letting the rest of the cake speak for itself. Topped with a sugar flower magnolia, it definitely gives off a Victorian-era vibe.

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Add Geometric Patterns

Three-tier black wedding cake with gold geometric design and white anemone

Photo by Blossom and Crumb

It’s possible to choose a black wedding cake without going overboard. This three-tiered cake features gorgeous gold-painted details for a glam geometric look

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Pair Black With White

Black wedding cake with white florals

Photo by Dragonfly Photography; Cake by Gourmet Girl Custom Cakes

Pair your black cake with classic white blooms like roses and calla lilies for a balanced look. A touch of texture and gold foil on this design for a vineyard wedding took it to the next level.

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Mix In White

Black and white wedding cake with white blooms and greenery

Photo by Lavel Marie Photography; Cake by Honey & Salt Cake Co.

You can mix white into the frosting as well for a true black and white wedding cake. Pairing the two shades to create an artistic look makes for such beautiful contrast. We love the way this three-tiered confection was topped with bold blooms to complete the look. 

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Incorporate Different Shapes

black six-tier wedding cake with round and hexagonal designs and flowers

Photo by 5ive15ifteen Photo Company; Cake by Nadia & Co.

You can definitely make your wedding cake unique with a black color scheme, but this cake took it one step further. Opt for a hexagonal tier set amongst traditional round cakes to truly create a showstopping design.

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Commission a Painting

Black wedding cake with painted blue and white florals

Photo by Kenzie Victory; Cake by Flour & Flourish

Is there anything more elegant than a hand-painted cake? This rose-covered cake takes it one step further by using a black background to add contrast to a stunning floral design.

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Vary Your Blooms

Black Four-Tiered Wedding Cake with Flowers

Photo by Stewart Uy Photography; Cake by Vanilla Bake Shop

If you're designing a black floral wedding cake, don't limit yourself to one kind of bloom. We love how this design ties in both a real and painted bouquet of florals.

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Embrace Buttercream

Black cake with buttercream pink and cream roses and green leaves

Photo by Monisa J. Photography; Cake by Sugar Euphoria

Don't want to add to your floral budget? This beautiful black cake has roses painted on with buttercream to create a soft, textural look.

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Make It Moody

Black wedding cake with gold foil and red flowers on top

Photo by Victoria Saint Martin; Cake by Uncommon Confections

This two-tier black cake not only has gold foil to add dimension, but is also topped with red florals. This color combo is perfect for a dramatic and moody statement at a winter wedding.

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Dress For Black-Tie

Black two-tier cake with gold foil and florals

Photo by Pretty Little Cakes

Is there any color combo that’s chicer than black and gold? It’s a total classic that's ready for a black-tie wedding.

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Channel Starry Nights

Black gold geode wedding cake

Photo by Jessie Schultz Photography; Cake by Elise Cakes by Rachel Chan

We love the subtle geode look incorporated in this design, without going overboard. Utilizing a black backdrop with incredible gold detailing makes it feel like you’re gazing at a beautiful starry night.

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