15 Black-and-White Wedding Invitation Ideas to Set the Tone for Your Celebration

It’s the perfect color palette for any aesthetic.

Robbie and Tim's black and white invitations

Photo by Blue Note Weddings

Not only do your invitations share pertinent information about the time and place of your upcoming nuptials, but they also introduce guests to your design concept—including your color palette. Establishing those tones right off the bat will make a strong impression, set the expectation, and get everyone excited for the festivities ahead. While vibrant invites bursting with bright hues are definitely eye-catching, stationery painted in neutral shades like black and white will always transcend time. 

The combination of black and white is one of the most classic and versatile color schemes for a wedding and the perfect opening line for any aesthetic. Throwing a modern event? Engrave white card stock with black lettering in a sans serif font. For vintage soirées, ornate calligraphy on worn paper with a deckle-edge will suit your celebration. You can even incorporate gold foil detailing on a black piece of stationery to set the tone for a glamorous affair. Implementing fun details, such as an illustration of your venue or your custom crest, will further personalize your event and give guests a better look into your love story. 

Keep scrolling for black and white wedding invitation ideas that will complement any theme.

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Debut Your Joint Monogram

wedding invitation suite

Photo by Hannah Forsberg

Since weddings mark the transition of two single individuals becoming a joint union, you can use your invitations to celebrate this exciting change in your lives. To honor this new chapter, stamp your stationery with the first initial of your first name and the first initial of your partner’s name. Displaying your joint monogram in black font at the top of white paper will make a dramatic statement for modern or minimalist nuptials. You can even add design details to create a custom crest that becomes a repeating motif seen throughout your event. 

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Consider a Deckle-Edge

invitation suite

Photo by Karen Hill Photography

While couples often relay information about their wedding on clean-cut paper, a deckle-edge is an elegant and timeless option. Achieved by tearing paper to manufacture a feathered edge, this effect feels even more pronounced with a black and white backdrop since there won’t be any boisterous hues overshadowing the main moment. With a sprig of greenery, this idea would befit garden nuptials.

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Pair Them With a Unique Envelope Liner

Blake invitation suite with custom seal

Photo by Sposto Photography

There are so many opportunities for you to incorporate show-stopping designs onto the invitations themselves, but the envelopes that you mail them are also a blank canvas to play with. When guests open these classic black-and-white pieces of paper, a bold liner with a geometric pattern will grab their attention. We love this look for a modern fête, whether it’s outdoors overlooking the mountains or in a swanky ballroom

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Feature Florals

invitation suite by Minted

Photo by Blue Note Weddings

When you think of garden weddings in the spring and summer, you probably picture colorful hues that complement the local flora and fauna. For an unexpected and sophisticated take on an organic aesthetic, include black floral illustrations on your invitations. This botanical motif is found throughout the entire stationery suite for a cohesive design.

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Combine Different Fonts

invitation suite

Photo by Henry + Mac

Since you won’t have boisterous hues to make a splash, you’ll want to think strategically about the fonts that you choose to relay details about the time and place of your nuptials. By combining different lettering styles, you’ll emphasize important elements and downplay others. For the focal point, showcase your names in intricate calligraphy and a larger size than the rest of the details. Then, mention the date and venue in a capitalized font, while the supplemental information is pictured in smaller-sized cursive. 

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Embrace a Black Background

black and white invitation suite

Photo by Amanda Donaho

White cardstock is typically the go-to choice for invitations, but a black background will up the ante. With hand-calligraphy, the paper products pictured here will suit a glamorous soirée at a château, private estate, or ballroom

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Rethink the Layout


Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

The way in which you present the details on your invitations will speak volumes about your upcoming event. Couples’ names are usually the dominating element on the page, but here, an oversized ampersand takes up the majority of the white space. It’s hard not to impress your guests with an out-of-the-box detail like this. Consider this layout for a modern wedding at an art museum or a historic home.

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Transport Guests to a Different Era

natural paper invitation suite

Photo by Emily Magers Photography

Yes, the blend of black and white naturally lends itself to modern celebrations, but it’s also the perfect choice for vintage weddings. Thick, white paper with a worn appearance, complete with a torn edge and details written in old-school cursive will kick off a gathering that’s reminiscent of a past time period.

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Keep It Minimalist

invitation suite

Photo by Amber Gress Photography

Your invitations don’t need a lot of meticulous designs or loud colors to stand out. Black font on white paper is a clean, sleek, and simple look for minimalist bashes. By emphasizing negative space, these pared-back invitations prove that less is more.

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Nod to Your Venue

Julia and Jake's invitations with illustration of venue

Photo by Lisa Poggi

Whether you’re getting married at a castle in Italy or your childhood backyard, reserving a spot on your invitations to debut your venue is an effective move. Placing an illustration of your locale at the top of high-quality paper will set the expectation for where your guests will be celebrating. A sketch of your setting will also complement the details that you've relayed about the venue location.

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Choose a Modern Font

Alex and Uche's dark invitations with white font

Photo by Chaz Cruz Photographers

If you’re hosting a contemporary wedding with a black-and-white color scheme, you can reinforce your aesthetic with a modern typeface. For your lettering, choose an elevated serif font that matches current design trends. Then, exhibit your names and the time and place of your wedding in all-capital letters for a striking feature.

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Add a Pop of Gold

Nicole and Kristen's modern invitations with gold detailing

Photo by Lena Mirisola

If you’re looking to incorporate additional hues besides black and white, gold will add a touch of glimmer without detracting from the accompanying elements. Gold foil detailing dispersed across a black background is an aesthetically pleasing way to introduce glamorous nuptials. 

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Have Fun With Borders

Melissa and Alayna's DIY invitations with floral drawing

Photo by Lauren Baker Photography

Neutral elements, like wood, will also animate your cards in a way that isn’t overwhelming. These hand-made floral invitations feature a wooden border and black piping, which capture an organic aesthetic for a vow exchange in the forest or courtyard.

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Go for Tropical

Rebecca and Kieran's tropical and minimalist invitations

Photo by Lilly Red

Tying the knot amid palm trees and ocean views is a stunning way to make your marriage official. Instead of pinks, greens, and blues that mirror the natural landscape, shades of black and white on your invitations will bring a modern and chic edge to a lush event. To complete your layout, seal each card with local foliage outlined in black.

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Make Calligraphy the Primary Feature

Melissa and Stuart's invitations with calligraphy

Photo by Corbin Gurkin

Hand-calligraphy is a timeless art that will “wow” your guests. A simple white background with decorative black handwriting is a sleek design choice, especially for vintage or minimalist visions. To keep it consistent, use the same font to address your envelopes and mark your RSVP cards.

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