20 Birdcage Veils for a Vintage-Inspired Look

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Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love; Veil by BHLDN

While wedding veils are no longer considered essential for your big day, there's no denying that this accessory can really elevate your bridal look. There are so many types of veils to choose from, and for brides who are going for a vintage vibe, a birdcage veil might be the perfect way to achieve exactly that.

What Is a Birdcage Veil?

A birdcage veil is a short veil that covers part of the face, with the comb sitting on the top of the head. The name comes from the fact that, once in place, the short veil sits almost like a cage over your face.

Since birdcage veils originated in the 1940s, they have more of a vintage feel to them than, say, cathedral veils. Their shorter length also tends to make them look a bit more casual, but they still offer a lot of glamour, and the way they partially cover the face is pleasantly mysterious. They're usually made of Russian netting or a translucent tulle, and many pieces include accents like tiny pearls or tulle flowers.

Whether you're looking for something simple and classic, or something more embellished, there are so many gorgeous options out there. Keep scrolling to see the best birdcage veils to buy for your wedding.

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Most Subtle: Debra Moreland Forgrave Birdcage Veil

Black bride wearing birdcage veil
Debra Moreland/BHLDN.

If you prefer very subtle netting, consider this birdcage veil, which is simple but still beautiful. The delicate pearl and floral accents make it anything but boring.

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Most Mysterious: Twigs & Honey Scallop French Lace Birdcage Veil

Bride wearing a scalloped birdcage veil
Twigs & Honey.

Made of a soft drapey tulle and trimmed with a scalloped eyelash lace edge, this veil is beautifully mysterious. It's also long enough to be worn draped over the back with a mini train.

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Best Floral Details: Daphne Newman Coco Floral Birdcage Veil

bride with red lipstick and a birdcage veil with flowers
Daphne Newman.

The side flowers on this veil, which are dotted with rhinestones, give the piece a modern and romantic look. It's worn as a bandeau style with small combs on each side and just covers the eyes.

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For a Softer Look: Erica Elizabeth Mini Blusher Bridal Veil

blonde bride wearing a tulle birdcage veil
Erica Elizabeth.

Tulle birdcage veils like this one have a softer look to them than those with netting. This one is simple and classic, with a peek-a-boo edge and a super lightweight feel that definitely won't weigh you down.

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Best Headband Style: Jennifer Behr Triple Rosette With Veil

redheaded bride wearing floral headband with birdcage veil
Jennifer Behr.

Traditional birdcage veils come attached to small combs, making this Jennifer Behr headband version unique. With the rosettes on the headband and the white netting of the veil, this is a stunning stand-out accessory for your big day.

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For the Extra Bride: Twigs & Honey Nikita Birdcage Veil

Black bride wearing floral embellished birdcage veil
Twigs & Honey/BHLDN.

With Russian netting, silk organza flowers, and crystal embellishments, this veil could never go unnoticed. The flowers give it even more vintage flair.

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For the Romantic Bride: David's Bridal Lace Applique Blusher Veil

brunette bride wearing pearl embellished birdcage veil
David's Bridal.

The floral lace applique at the crown of the veil gives this veil a romantic, almost bohemian feel. Pearls scattered throughout the tulle add a little extra something to this beautiful piece.

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Best Double Layer: Tessa Kim Double Layer Birdcage Veil

brunette bride wearing tulle and netting birdcage veil
Tessa Kim.

Can't decide between tulle and netting? With this Tessa Kim veil, you don't have to. The double layer includes translucent tulle and fine Russian netting that results in an unexpectedly gorgeous mix.

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For the Classic Bride: Wedding Birdcage Veil

Asian bride wearing netting birdcage veil

If you want a straightforward birdcage veil with no embellishments added, this is the option to go for. This pick, found on Etsy, features pretty Russian netting with a scalloped edge and nothing else.

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Best Gold Option: January Rose Bridal Gold Sparkle Tulle Birdcage Veil

blonde bride wearing a sparkling gold tulle birdcage veil
January Rose Bridal.

There's no rule that says your wedding veil has to be white. This soft gold tulle birdcage veil sparkles in any light, is very unique, and has a wonderfully romantic feel to it.

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Best Crystal Option: Stargazer Silver Birdcage Veil

blonde bride wearing crystal netting birdcage veil

An unexpected take on the birdcage veil, this one features netting adorned with crystal embellishments for a lot of added sparkle. It covers your face less than tulle or Russian netting, but it still has an air of mystery to it, and it appears a bit more modern.

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Best Pearl Option: Twigs & Honey Silona Birdcage Veil

Black bride wearing pearl embellished birdcage veil
Twigs & Honey/BHLDN.

The addition of Swarovski pearls, dotted throughout the Russian netting of this birdcage veil, makes it feel even more vintage. This is a glamorous and sophisticated option that is also really versatile.

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Best Polka Dot Option: January Rose Boutique Ivory Birdcage Veil

blonde bride wearing polka dot veil
January Rose Boutique/Etsy.

This polka dot veil, made of delicate tulle, is both playful and elegant. It has a tiny bow-shaped comb in the back that only makes it look more feminine.

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Prettiest Comb: Advantage Bridal Birdcage Veil

bride wearing birdcage veil and crystal earrings
Advantage Bridal.

While the veil usually gets all of the attention, for this one, it's all about the comb. It sparkles with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals in a floral design that really elevates this piece.

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For the Feminine Bride: Lelapinsaute White Birdcage Veil

Asian bride wearing tulle birdcage veil with bow headband

This beautiful and delicate veil is full of feminine details. Tiny pearls are dotted along the tulle veil, while it sits on your head with a white headband style with a pretty bow.

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For the Glamorous Bride: Daphne Newman Bardot Pearl Birdcage Veil

bride wearing red lipstick and pearl embellished birdcage veil
Daphne Newman.

Russian netting and softly dotted pearls throughout make this vintage-inspired piece feel extra glamorous. Wearing it towards the side of your face, rather than directly over your face, is another way to switch up the look.

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Best Tulle Option: Over The Moon Bridal Birdcage Veil

Black bride holding flowers and wearing a tulle birdcage veil
Over The Moon Bridal/Etsy.

If you'd prefer to keep things simple, consider this tulle birdcage veil. It's just made up of delicate and feminine tulle, with a cascading shape that makes it the perfect accessory for any dress.

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Best Black Option: Artikal Basic Birdcage Veil

brunette bride wearing black birdcage veil

Go for something really different with this basic black birdcage veil. It adds an element of mystery and glamour to your look, and is especially great for brides who aren't wearing white.

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For the Statement-Making Bride: Queenie and Lily Scattered Diamanté Light Ivory Birdcage Veil

blonde bride wearing birdcage veil on the side of her head
Queenie and Lily/Etsy.

This light ivory veil features Russian netting scattered with sparkling diamanté crystals for a beautifully feminine look that will also attract some extra attention. The way this bride wears it on the side of her head makes it even more unique.

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For the Chic Bride: PollardiStore Wedding Birdcage Veil

bride wearing headband with birdcage veil holding breadsticks

The poufy ivory headband attached to this veil makes it feel even more stylish. The simple Russian netting of the veil doesn't overshadow the headband, which is definitely a statement piece.

  • How do you wear a birdcage veil?

    You can wear a birdcage veil so that it hangs directly over your face, or you can wear it towards the side of your head. Some brides also tuck the comb into a bun at the back of their head for a different look.

  • Can you wear a birdcage veil with short hair?

    Birdcage veils are very versatile and can be worn with any hair length. Many brides wear them with updos, but you can wear them with your hair down as well.

  • Do birdcage veils have to be worn with a vintage dress?

    No! While birdcage veils definitely have a vintage vibe to them, they do not have to be paired with an entirely vintage look.

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