17 Birch Tree Wedding Cakes for an Outdoor-Inspired Celebration

Choose the perfect creation for your rustic-chic celebration.

Multi-tiered white birch tree wedding cake with monogram

Photo by David Matthew Fiser; Cake by Wildflower Cakes

If you’re planning an outdoor-inspired wedding, there are so many options for stunning desserts. But one cake style, in particular, birch tree cakes, is becoming more and more popular among couples who share a love for nature or all things rustic.

Birch tree cakes mimic the look of birch wood, typically incorporating a rustic, white-textured exterior to replicate the bark. "Outdoor barn or garden-type weddings are a perfect setting for birch tree cakes," says Kyrsten Willits, owner of Kyrsten’s Sweet Designs.

Meet the Expert

Kyrsten Willits is the owner of Kyrsten’s Sweet Designs, a Harrisburg-based baking business specializing in custom wedding cakes, cupcake displays, and decorated sugar cookies. 

Birch tree cakes can come in all shapes and sizes, whether you’re hoping for a four-tiered cake towering high or a subtle single tier. You can also use either buttercream or fondant, depending on your preference. "I usually prefer fondant because it lends itself more to manipulation for texture and airbrush coloring," says Willits.

A birch tree cake can certainly stand beautifully on its own to make a statement, or it can be dressed up even further to match your wedding’s aesthetic. “In my opinion and experience, one of the best ways to dress up a birch tree cake is by using fresh florals, provided by the florist,” adds Willits. Florals, branches, greenery, or even fresh fruit can be added to beautifully round out the look.

Think a birch tree cake is the perfect fit for your wedding? Read on for 17 of our favorite inspired designs. 

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Incorporate Greenery

Textured, darkened buttercream birch tree wedding cake

Photo by Quarter Moon Co.; Cake by Nutmeg Cake DesignPhoto by Quarter Moon Co.; Cake by Nutmeg Cake Design

We can’t get enough of this stunning birch cake design. Textured, darkened buttercream makes for realistic bark on this cake, paired with sprawling greenery for the perfect balance. 

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Embrace the Forest

Birch tree wedding cake with greenery and florals

Photo by The Shooting Gallery Photography; Cake by Bella e Dolce; Planning and Design by Juniper & Lace Events

Planning a woodland-inspired wedding? This whimsical cake would be the perfect fit. The birch bark design sets the stage for cute little mushrooms, paired with sprigs of greenery and forest berries. 

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Keep It Simple

Two-tier birch tree wedding cake with single flower

Cake by Yvonne’s Delightful Cakes

A birch tree cake certainly doesn’t need to be over the top. Keep the design simple with subtle nods to birch bark. Paired with one bold bloom and a few twigs, this design would be a show-stopper for any outdoor wedding.

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Create a Natural Display

Single tier birch tree wedding cake with topper

Photo by VILD Photography; Cake by Lake Tahoe Cakes 

If you’re going for an outdoor-inspired aesthetic with your cake, why not go all out? Create a stunning display by pairing your birch bark cake with a bold, natural cake stand. This tree trunk cake stand adds contrast, paired with stunning jewel tones, for a beautiful display.

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Add Berries and Greenery

Three-tier birch tree wedding cake with greenery and monogram

Cake by The Cake Whisperer

A birch tree cake certainly doesn’t need to stand on its own, and this three-tiered sweet is the perfect example. Adding greenery and berries will only enhance the look of this natural-inspired design. 

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Embrace Fall Florals

Two-tier birch tree wedding cake with fall flowers

Cake by Milk + Honey

The beauty of a birch tree cake is the ability to style it to fit any season. This charming cake displays stunning fall florals for a colorful look. 

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Embrace Rustic

Three-tier birch tree wedding cake with flowers

Cake by Kyrsten’s Sweet Designs

This design proves that a birch tree cake is perfect for a barn or farm-style wedding. Decked out with a few florals, thistles, and pine cones, this is a perfectly rustic display.  

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Pair With Pinecones

Four-tier birch tree wedding cake with pine cones

Photo by Kyle John; Cake by Bella e Dolce

This design is absolute perfection for a winter wedding, but it also makes the ideal display for a black-tie wedding in the woods. With a birch bark exterior paired with natural pinecones and one sugar flower, this sweet is a beautiful balance of rustic and sophisticated.

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Mark Your Initials

Couple cutting birch tree wedding cake with initials and wedding date

Photo by Carrie Patterson Photography; Cake by The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Jackson Hole

If you and your partner have ever carved your names into a tree, this is definitely the design for you. Celebrate your love while putting it on display. A birch tree cake provides the perfect canvas for etching your name and wedding date.

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Add a Pop of Color With Florals

Three tier birch tree wedding cake with purple flowers and monogram

Photo by Anée Atelier; Cake by Freeport Bakery

We love the way this charming cake makes such a bold statement. The birch bark detailing isn’t too over-the-top. Plus, paired with stunning, bold blooms to match, it’s as eye-catching as can be.

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Add Tiny Blooms

Two-tier birch tree wedding cake with wood topper

Photo by The Ogden Click; Cake by Sweet Cravings by Marcia

Sweet and simple is the name of the game with this birch tree cake. But that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in details. We love the incredible detailing on the top of this cake, paired with the daintiest blooms.

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Make it Mini

Small single-tier birch tree wedding cake with monogram

Cake by Kyrsten’s Sweet Designs

Who says a birch cake needs to be overwhelmingly bold? Just a simple nod to the outdoor aesthetic can go such a long way. We love the way this single-tiered cake was put on display with real wood, paired with matching cupcakes to round out a beautiful dessert table. 

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Celebrate With Fresh Citrus

Two-tier birch tree wedding cake with fresh flowers and monogram

Photo by Leira Lemonis Photography; Cake by Crisan Bakery 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for summer or early fall, this is the perfect design. We love the way buttercream was used to create a beautiful, rustic texture on this cake. The fresh blooms and greenery certainly add sophistication to this look, but it’s the pop of fresh citrus that really rounds out this beautiful display.

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Add Cascading Blooms

Four-tiered birch tree wedding cake with cascading blooms

Photo by VILD Photography; Cake by Lake Tahoe Cakes

This four-tiered confection looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale. The sleek, subtle detailing is absolutely stunning, as it provides the ideal backdrop for bold, cascading blooms.

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Go Bold With Color

Jewel tone birch tree wedding cake with flowers and topper

Photo by Sarah Goff Photography; Cake by Amanda’s Cakes ‘N Things

Hello, jewel tones! Who says a birch tree cake can’t incorporate bold colors? This is such a fun, colorful look to make a statement for a barn-style wedding. 

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Dress It Up For Winter

Birch tree wedding cake with greenery and monogram

Photo by David Matthew Fiser; Cake by Wildflower Cakes

Have you ever seen a cake perfect for wintertime? This five-tiered confection is nothing short of stunning! A textured birch bark design provides the perfect canvas for flocked pine needles and sugared cranberries for a truly beautiful winter wonderland design. 

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Opt for Abstract


Cake by The Novel Baker

Not interested in a full-blown birch bark look? Opt for something more subtle! We love the way this textured cake hints at a nature-inspired design while pairing stunning handcrafted florals for the perfect balance.

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