The Brides Best Wedding Photographers of 2022

Wedding professionals have gone above and beyond this year.

Photo by Trent Bailey Studio / Photo by Sarah Falugo / Photo by Amy and Stuart Photography / Photo by Charla Storey Photography / Photo by Chi-Chi Ari / Photo by Laura Murray Photography / Photo by Abby Jiu Photography / Photo by KT Merry / Photo by Tec Petaja; Wedding Planning by Soirée Telluride

Over two million weddings took place in 2022, which meant that photographers had their work cut out for them. Joining couples at everything from backyard ceremonies and courthouse nuptials to far-flung destination affairs and glamorous black-tie receptions, these creative professionals were on hand to document every emotional, celebratory moment. With a combination of instinct and artistic talent, photographers created tangible memories newlyweds will cherish for a lifetime.

As this monumental year comes to a close, we’re pleased to present our Best Photographers of 2022. Our editorial team reviewed overall portfolios of professionals who submitted real weddings or were nominated by colleagues and clients. Narrowing our lists down to just 50 professionals out of the thousands who craft and capture stunning weddings was no easy task, which is a credit to all of the amazing work happening in this industry today.

Abby Jiu Photography Headshot and Portrait of Bride in Cream Colored Dress Kissing Groom

Photos by Abby Jiu Photography

Abby Jiu Photography

As a team of female photographers, you'll find that Abby Jiu Photography is a group of playful and professional creative partners who rise (and dress) to the occasion. They go out of our way to finesse situations so their couples can stay in the moment. Though they photograph independently, their distinctive style is the same and so is our number one goal: To give you their all while they capture it all.

The Photography Style: "After over 10 years, we instinctively know when to step forward and take the lead, or step back and let a moment happen. But, we also know that capturing effortlessly editorial images actually takes a tremendous amount of effort and advance planning on our part."

I Work in Weddings Because: "Unlike 'traditional' wedding photography, there is nothing formulaic or paint-by-numbers about our approach or the photographs. Instead, we each unique couple as our muse, and we let their unique story guide our every decision."

Headshot of Adonye Jaja and Black-and-White Portrait of Couple in Tropical Destination

Photo by Josh Rose / Photo by Adonye Jaja

Adonye Jaja Photography

Adonye Jaja is a Nigerian-born American who lives near the mountains of Colorado. He started photographing weddings in 2009. "This life has so much to offer and weddings are unique nexus where we are able to experience so much of life in one day," shares Jaja. "The wonder of life is often expressed at weddings, and it's become my pursuit to keep my eyes open to see it and share it with a picture."

The Photography Style: "Style has always been a hard question for me. I learned to be a photographer while assisting another photographer at weddings. I learned very quickly that a good wedding photographer has to be able to transition through every style of shooting at the drop of a dime. So I describe my style as 'your style,' meaning each of my wedding assignments look different based on conversations with my couples. It's still through my eyes, but it's what keeps it fresh for me. Every wedding is a separate photo assignment. We don't know exactly what we are going to create going in. There's only trust, wonder, love, and an openness for the creative process to unfold. Technique wise, I use both film and digital cameras. They both have their strengths, so I use one or the other when the situation calls for it."

I Work in Weddings Because: "It's a world that allows me to speak in a language that is still and life-giving. It's a space where I am more me than I've ever been. I working weddings because I must."

Headshot of Allan Zepeda and Photo of Smiling Bride and Groom Walking Down Flower-Lined Aisle

Photos by Allan Zepeda Photography

Allan Zepeda Photography

Allan Zepeda has spent over 17 years shooting private weddings and events worldwide. Zepeda believes that it’s an honor witnessing and documenting the joining of two families and the emotions and traditions that occur during the momentous occasion. He specializes in capturing genuine emotions and joyful moments—the photos that clients don’t know to request and the ones that other photographers overlook. He documents events with an editorial eye without disrupting the couple or taking them away from the experience of their wedding weekend.

The Photography Style: "My style has been described as timeless, natural, and romantic with understated elegance. I’m always using a combination of film and digital and feel challenged to try new equipment and techniques to get the shot, while always keeping my cohesive look and feel."

I Work in Weddings Because: "They are full of emotion, beauty, and art!"

Headshot of Amy Anaiz and Portrait of a Bride in a Strapless Wedding Dress Holding a White Bouquet

Photos by Amy Anaiz Photography

Amy Anaiz Photography

Amy Anaiz is an Afro-Latina who is proud to lead a diverse, all-female team. She is an intimate wedding photographer based in New York City. Having started her career in the advertising and public relations space as a talent agent, she approaches weddings from an editorial point of view.

The Photography Style: "I'm an expert in photographing weddings that are comprised of a variety of skin tones simultaneously. I am focused on connecting with my subjects, and capturing the emotion and personality of everyone I work with while using beautiful, flattering light, paying close attention to detail, and ensuring the images are clean."

I Work in Weddings Because: "It's a moment that will forever hold significance to the couple as well as their family. It's a milestone that brings two families together to merge as one."

Headshot of Amy and Stuart Photography and Portrait of a Bride in a Field Wearing a Wedding Dress with a Long Train

Photos by Amy and Stuart Photography

Amy and Stuart Photography

Amy and Stuart Bunton are a married couple who have been shooting together since they met on the first day of class at a prestigious photography school in Southern California. While at school, they began shooting weddings on the weekends as a way to be creative and make images that really matter. After college, Amy went on a quest to become a commercial and fashion photographer, and Stuart worked his way up the ranks in the world of commercial cinematography while they simultaneously continued shooting weddings on the side. After finding success in their respective avenues of interest, Amy and Stuart made a conscious choice to prioritize weddings and events because that is where their heart is.

The Photography Style: "A hybrid of film and digital, hoping to make classic images that will stand the test of time that represent our clients naturally and honestly."

We Work in Weddings Because: "We love making images that really matter in a dynamic and creative work environment."

Headshot of Anée Atelier Photography and Portrait of a Bride and Groom in a White Convertible

Photos by Anée Atelier

Anée Atelier

Anée Atelier is a New York City- and Los Angeles-based photography duo, led by best friends Gina Esposito and Sheena Meekins. Gina is an award-winning photographer with over 20 years experience and 1,200 events captured across the globe. Likewise, Sheena is a seasoned creative who co-founded Anée Atelier following an esteemed career in fashion publishing; bringing a refined, editorial eye to a team widely known for their warm, evocative images, as well as their rhyming names.

Together, the duo’s creative signature is a sense of artistry, chemistry, culture, and style that’s as diverse as the couples they capture. Their aim: effortless collaboration, personalized experience, and images worthy of real estate as the latest piece of art within our clients’ homes.

The Photography Style: "As hybrid photographers, we utilize both medium format film and digital cameras to create images that have a sense of place, romance, composition, and a balance of light and gravity. We lead with an elevated, yet adventurous eye and look to capture a wedding weekend in a cohesive story that weaves between natural, photojournalistic moments and chic, cover-worthy portraits.

I Work in Weddings Because: "We see each wedding as a unique opportunity to create art out of an incredibly intimate and authentic experience—it’s not just about capturing the major milestone, but also the subtle moments and sub-stories that give texture to those memories."

Headshot of Charla Storey and Portrait of Two Grooms Touching Heads

Photos by Charla Storey Photography

Charla Storey Photography

Charla Storey Photography is a Dallas-based studio specializing in elevated wedding and fashion photography worldwide. Embracing color and depth, she create images that are as artful as they are engaging. Guiding her clients, providing direction and the confidence to feel comfortable in front of the camera, Storey and her team capture their subjects as they naturally are and not overly posed mannequins. Storey has turned this skill into an art by utilizing a relaxed and intuitive style to produce photographs that will still look "damn good" 50 years down the road.

The Photography Style: "Effortlessly editorial. I love combining film and digital to capture images that are fine art with all the feels. It’s not as much about the camera as it is anticipating the moments that matter."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I love documenting one of the most important days of someone’s life, and seeing so many people celebrating with such joy and love. It’s truly an honor to tell a beautiful story through my lens. Short answer? The joy of it all."

Headshot of Chi-Chi Ari and Black-and-White Photo of Bride and Groom with Confetti Flying Around Them

Photo by Lisa Hibbert; Photo by Chi-Chi Ari

Chi-Chi Ari

Chi-Chi Onungwa is a Brooklyn-based photographer and founder of Chi-Chi Ari. She moved to New York over a decade ago to pursue a career in fashion. After years working as a womenswear fashion designer, she decided to pursue a full-time career in photography. Having worked in the wedding industry since 2015, Onungwa has developed a style that she describes as natural, honest, and unassuming. She documents the unique mood of each wedding in a heartfelt and poetic manner to create images that are timeless and impactful.

The Photography Style: "My photography style is editorial, natural, and personalized. I shoot mostly digital with a bit of film. My approach is collaborative. I work closely with each couple to ensure their images are an authentic representation of themselves."

I Work in Weddings Because: "It is an absolute honor to document a moment in history that will be passed down to multiple generations. Wedding photography is a personal and historical piece of art that ties people together like no other medium."

Headshot of Clark Brewer Behind the Camera and Portrait of a Bride Kneeling with Her Flower Girl

Photo by Darius Fitzgerald; Photo by Clark Brewer Photography

Clark Brewer

Documenting marriage is like telling a good story; with any good story, the elements that tell it must be believable. Clark Brewer approaches weddings, not as photoshoots, but as a guest with a camera, capturing timeless and authentic moments that his client's kids and grandkids will treasure one day. He strives to create imagery that transcends the literal, taps into a fleeting memory and reveals so much more than what can be seen. Brewer works with people who trust his creative process, allow him to document moments as they occur, and welcome him to join the party.

The Photography Style: "I fell in love with documenting weddings using medium format and 35mm film. I enjoy how much more present and creative I can be with my subject when I shoot film. I have to wait to see the photos I create until a few weeks after receiving them from my lab in L.A., so I have to trust my preparation and experience to get the shot. What is captured in these analog images is content that I could never have possibly created in Photoshop."

"The photos I capture on film have so much character, beauty, and life to them that sometimes it isn't fair to take full credit as their creator. They have an entire life of their own. Because of this, I will always lead with film, but I also use digital. Each has its place; they are tools I use to tell the story. More important than the medium I choose is my ability to set my clients at ease—never posing but allowing them to be themselves in front of my lens fully. My favorite captures are those found in the in-between—the moments that can't be planned or orchestrated and the ones that encapsulate the essence of a moment in time. They are often unposed and slightly imperfect, giving them a quality that feels authentic and genuinely human."

I Work in Weddings Because: "Each weekend I work, I am invited to document two people who are fully known by each other, and yet they choose to fully love each other regardless of their faults. This kind of love is all the reason to celebrate, and I consider myself fortunate to be the one that is trusted to tell their story."

Headshot of Corbin Gurkin and Portrait of Bride in a Low-Back Wedding Dress Kissing a Groom

Photos by Corbin Gurkin

Corbin Gurkin

Corbin Gurkin is an artist photographing life's sweetest celebrations, adding her own vision and inspiration to the imagery. She takes a loosely styled approach, bringing a subject into the best light or setting. Comfort and authenticity when capturing a couple's legacy is essential to her process. The final set of photographs is a blending of spontaneous moments with lifestyle editorial compositions.

The Photography Style: "Deeply romantic, Old World imagery that's timeless in sensibility and style. Rich textures, natural light reminiscent of an Italian Renaissance painting, and bold botanical fashions all inform my signature aesthetic. I am a primarily digital photographer with a film sensibility—but more important than the tool being used or the setting I find myself in is the light that I'm always drawn to. It comes up in beautiful and unexpected ways in each wedding I photograph. I feel I'm always searching for that."

I Work in Weddings Because: "After over 20 years, I still get a feeling in my chest when I'm capturing their beauty. I love everything about them. They are a perfect blend of fashion, reportage, and, most thrillingly, a day that feels like the start of something for a couple. I love being there for that moment."

Headshot of David Bastianoni and Portrait of Bride and Groom Laughing as They Walk Up Grassy Aisle

Photos by David Bastianoni Studio

David Bastianoni Studio

David Bastianoni was born in Florence, training in the linear perspective of the Renaissance and the endless search for the aesthetics of beauty, distinguishing a style based on the elegance of
form and light. He is able to transform situations into breathtaking images, with the ability to make each person feel charming and comfortable in front of the camera. Traveling among the most exclusive stories in the world, through style and editorial care, his studio grows with the desire to share these experiences. The team is a cohesive group of expert photographers, who have been working together for many years, with extreme passions and the same objectives.

The Photography Style: "I love the line, the perspective. Also, I love the elegance of the details, the finesse of the bride, the class, and the good taste. I love to capture the most exceptional moments and subjects in their most honest side. Our photography wants to offer perspectives always elegant and authentic, in an editorial and timeless way. Portraits and group images are my favorite cause we believe that these images will be framed and stay in their house forever celebrating their story. I shoot in digital and am a Sony ambassador."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I discovered what photography truly is to me by shooting weddings. They are unique stories full of beauty, which make me feel like a privileged observer to experience the evolution of fashion and costume, surrounded by true and increasingly authentic emotions. I spent years telling the best day in the life of others, and this has filled my life with beautiful memories.

Headshot of Du Soleil Photographie and Portrait of Bride Looking Back at Camera While Holding a Large White Bouquet

Photos by Du Soleil Photographie

Du Soleil Photographie

Du Soleil Photographie's Minh Cao believes photography is a complex and multidimensional language. A photograph is a text that evokes different interpretations and feelings from different eyes and hearts. She creates not just a beautiful photographic document, but also a unique expression of who her clients are in a way that can’t be translated by words.

The Photography Style: "When I'm behind the camera, in the forefront of my mind is time. Time at a wedding may be felt through the patience of looking forward to particular moments in the day and the abruptness of its conclusion when you look back. I'm drawn to scenes and moments that transcend the visuals: the quivering anticipation, the imminent tears, the delirious adrenaline. I’m very interested in using motion to evoke nostalgic reminiscence: how the energy of the day has danced away right before our eyes and burnt itself out only a bit more slowly than the sparklers of the night’s end."

"Every year, I ask myself for an evolution in how to capture weddings so as to avoid stagnating in an echo chamber of ritual shots. Every season of photographing weddings and visualizing feelings is an opportunity to explore more dimensions of expressions. The direction of my images is always a result of building new experiences and perspectives."

I Work in Weddings Because: "One must look not only with eyes but with heart. The task of the wedding day is to avoid being distracted by schedule and logistics and distill it into thought and feeling. My hope is that the couple may be moved and have access through my photos to the sense of going through one of the greatest moments of life. Pursuing this has required me to be a better observer in my work, which helps my observations outside it—to look past the surface and understand the unspoken."

Elizabeth Austin Headshot and Photo of Couple Holding Hands During Ceremony with Colorful Flowers Above and Below Them

Photos by Elizabeth Austin Photography

Elizabeth Austin Photography

Elizabeth Davis is a Northern girl with a Southern heart. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she began her career in high school taking graduation photos of her classmates. While in Alabama pursuing her undergraduate degree at Tuskegee University in Business, she continued to follow her passion of photography, and in 2015, was able to successfully launching her company Elizabeth Austin Photography. Her ability to artistically translate her couples love through images has been a catalyst in developing her unique style.

The Photography Style: "I am a film and digital shooter that specializes in telling couples stories in a timeless romantic way. My style is a hybrid of documentary and editorial. What makes me different is I have a really great way of making my couples feel comfortable and also capturing their type of love on film. I hate getting my picture taken so I know that there's a lot of anxiety that goes into this process for some people. Every couple is different and I truly understand that not everyone kisses in public while others love PDA. I really trying to figure out where my couples fall on that spectrum and it allows me to capture them in a way that will stand the test of time."

I Work in Weddings Because: "It's simple. I really believe in the power of love and the importance of family. My experience as a wedding photographer has allowed me to enter rooms with people I would not come across in my day-to-day life. I've had the honor to learn about and document different religious ceremonies and cultures."

Headshot of Erich McVey and Photo of Couple Holding Hands in a Sunny Field

Photos by Erich McVey

Erich McVey Photography

From Bali to New Zealand, Norway to Colombia, and everywhere in between, Erich McVey has photographed weddings all over the world during his 14 years of experience. Using an approach that combines documentary and fine art styles, McVey strives to capture beautiful, honest, and timeless images for his clients that showcase the impeccably planned and curated details as well as the real, joyful and unexpected moments of the day. McVey is based in Oregon, where he lives with his wife and daughter.

The Photography Style: "I strive to create beautiful, honest, and timeless images, and deliver a mix of finely curated details, as well as real, joyful, and unexpected moments. I want my clients to look back on their photos 50 years from now and be able to transport themselves back in time. What may differentiate me in the market is my ability to work in any environment and location. In my 10-year career, I've shot around the world in just about every setting—from an outdoor wedding in a sudden thunderstorm to the top of a snowy mountain, a romantic sunset in a dark forest, and everything in between."

I Work in Weddings Because: "Each wedding day is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create timeless family heirlooms for my clients. What a gift to witness two people coming together and committing their lives to one another while creating beautiful images to celebrate their love."

Headshot of Bryan from For the Love of It Photographers and Close Photo of Bride in Strapless Wedding Dress Holding a Lush Bouquet

Photos by For the Love of It

For the Love of It

Bryan of For The Love of It doesn't follow arbitrary wedding rules. Instead, using a raw and intuitive approach, he reinvents himself from wedding to wedding so each couple receives unexpected, messy, and beautiful images uniquely created for them.

The Photography Style: "I view my role as a translator, using whatever camera format is best to communicate the feeling of each specific moment into a photograph. I value taste over technique and my only barometer for whether an image is good or not is if it makes me feel something in my chest."

I Work in Weddings Because: "As an artist, I am fascinated by the beauty, love, and humanity that come alive at weddings. I'm honored and inspired to use my talent and perspective to uniquely capture that on one of the most important days and milestones of someone's life."

Headshot of Gaby Jeter and Portrait of Couple Kissing in a Convertible

Photos by Gaby J Photography

Gaby J Photography

Gaby J is a lifestyle and wedding photographer in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her approach to weddings and elopements is a mix of photojournalism and editorial, all while seizing opportunities to capture candid and intimate moments in a flash.

The Photography Style: "I love to shoot on 35mm film and instant cameras, and offer Polaroid add-ons to all my wedding and elopement packages. I've been booked for entirely film and Polaroid coverage. My newest endeavor is boudoir on Polaroid, offering brides or not-yet-brides intimate photo sessions with take-home instant film photos that can be used as wedding gifts, for other special occasions, or just to look and feel sexy!"

I Work in Weddings Because: "I love to deliver meaningful, long-lasting memories in physical form to my clients and share in their most memorable moments."

Headshot of Jeremy Harwell and Close Shot Photo of Bride and Groom Kissing Under a Veil

Photos by Harwell Photography

Harwell Photography

Jeremy Harwell is a is a classically trained photographer with over 20 years of experience. He is passionate about providing all couples with timeless imagery and a compassionate partnership on the wedding day. As a father and husband, he delights in the way the couple and their families come together to celebrate their beautiful story, and loves joining them in the origins of a new family love story.

Photography Style: "Timeless editorial imagery."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I am an emotional junkie who loves love and family!"

Headshot of Jacqui Cole and Portrait of Bride and Groom Kissing on a Mountain

Photos by Jacqui Cole

Jacqui Cole

London native Jacqui Cole now calls Florida home and has been traveling the world for the past 12 years capturing the finest memories for her clients. Cole specializes in destination weddings which require a discrete, authentic confidence to shoot. Her team delivers this exceptional experience while blending a relaxed yet attentive approach, never missing an unscripted moment. Cole prides herself on being able to effectively read a room and create relaxed windows of opportunity for her clients’ memories to naturally be told. She wants her clients to look back on their photos and see an honest narrative of their weekend, showcasing their understated elegance with an editorial flare.

The Photography Style: "Above everything else, my style is grounded in connections with people. By facilitating a calm atmosphere, I am able to capture their authentic emotions. We keep the clients’ vision in mind to document honest moments with a refined, soft beauty. This results in genuine representations of their unique celebration."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I can’t imagine doing anything else—I simply love documenting the start of my clients’ legacy. Each wedding is so unique, with variables and emotions out of our control as artists. Though preparation is integral to a seamlessly executed day, I thrive on the unscripted, spontaneous and fast paced nature of a wedding. This is where we are able to effortlessly capture the essence of our clients unique story."

Headshot of Jenny Quicksall and Portrait of Bride and Groom in Flower-Filled Field

Photos by Jenny Quicksall Photography

Jenny Quicksall Photography

Jenny Quicksall has been documenting weddings since 2016. Originally from Indonesia and now based in Southern California, Quicksall’s love of travel and culture have led her to photograph destination weddings around the world. Her eye for detail, connection with her couples, and seamless creation of natural moments allow her to create impactful images.

The Photography Style: "I work with both film and digital mediums: Contax 645 and GFX 100. My favorite combo is my GFX with 80mm lens. My photography style is centered around capturing connections and emotions. My ability to read the room, knowing when to step in and create the moments or allowing things to naturally unfold allow my couples to let go and be present."

"Most importantly, my preparation for a wedding extends beyond photography. Working to my strength of styling, I closely work with the design and planning team to ensure that I am prepared to capture the details and design as intended and to ensure that the flow of the day is optimal."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I work in weddings because of the connections I make with my couples. We’re the storytellers of their day, so we become close with them, their friends, and their families. I find fulfillment in positively impacting their wedding day experience and giving them tangible memories of such a special moment in their lives."

Jose Villa Headshot and Portrait of Ivy Getty in Silver Wedding Dress

Photos by Jose Villa

Jose Villa Photography

Jose Villa is known for his editorial and fine art photography and works with high net worth clients and celebrities including Hailey and Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Nick Jonas and Prianka Chopra, Ivy Getty, and more. Villa has spent the last 20 years building his studio and team out of California. Together with his team, he shoots approximately 20 events per year all over the world.

The Photography Style: "I shoot in both film and digital. When shooting in digital, we only apply the Jose Villa Presets."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I'm passionate about capturing photos as unique at the people in them."

Kaley Kocinski Headshot and Portrait of Bride Holding Bouquet and Groom in Sunglasses Looking Directly at Camera

Photos by Kaley From Kansas

Kaley from Kansas

Kaley from Kansas has a way of blending her documentary, cinematic approach with her editorial eye to create a timeless and stylized take on a wedding day. She considers light and feeling to be her guides in telling an honest story of a couples day. Although photographer Kaley Kocinski is based in Kansas, she shoots weddings all over the world and has been for over a decade.

The Photography Style: "I'd consider my photography style to be documentary, editorial, and timeless. Lately, I have been adding a couple of 35mm point and shoot cameras in addition to my digital set up, which includes my Canon 5D Mark IV's. My technique is unique because of the way I play with light, the way I notice nuanced details, and the way I frame my subjects. My photos stand out for the way they make people feel, the light, composition, and storytelling."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I want to honor legacy."

Headshot of Kate Headley and Photo of Bride and Groom Dancing on Black-and-White Dance Floor

Photos by Kate Headley

Kate Headley

Trained as a museum curator, Kate Headley is most known for capturing the in-between moments alongside the milestones at the most unique of weddings. Her work is inspired by the individual client. A long-time resident of Washington, D.C., Kate recently opened a second location in Harbor Springs, a coastal town on Lake Michigan.

The Photography Style: "Clean, iconic, artful, everlasting images, paired with black and white film. I grew up reading magazines and that classic, editorial look still influences my style. Shooting film gives me a challenge and a surprise that I still need as an evolving artist."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I am honored to collect the memories for my clients that form the bond for a new family."

Headshot of Kiyah Crittendon and Sunset Portrait of Bride and Groom on Grass

Photo by Sarah Allen; Photo by Kiyah C Photography

Kiyah C Photography

Inspired by truth, captivated by beauty, and passionate about people, Kiyah Crittendon is a wedding photographer devoted to creatively reflecting the world and moments that surround her. Kiyah C Photography is based in both Atlanta and Washington, D.C., and travels throughout the U.S. and the world documenting weddings and couples on digital and film cameras. She approaches weddings from a heart of nostalgia and always aims to photograph the day with honesty, artistry, and in a way that honors the couple and the unique love they share.

The Photography Style: "My photography style is a seamless combination of candid photojournalism and magazine-worthy editorial work with an emphasis on telling the truth, highlighting beauty, and honoring people. I work with both digital and film cameras (sometimes up to five cameras at once!) because I aim to capture whatever is in front of me with an honest yet unique eye and both mediums help me to do that. My images stand out because they portray a calming, joyful spirit, and tell a genuine story of the couple's love and connection."

I Work in Weddings Because: "Because of the joy I'm invited to witness and document on such an unrepeatable day."

Headshot of Kaylea Moreno and Portrait of Bride and Groom Kissing on Pathway with Mountains Around Them

Photo by Alyssa Luzaich; Photo by K.R. Moreno

K.R. Moreno Photography

Kaylea Moreno began her career in weddings in Portugal and has since transitioned into capturing unique events for couples all over the world. She approaches every component of preserving her client's memories with the same end goal: timeless imagery that catches the heart and soul behind each celebration. K.R. Moreno Photography deeply values culture, people, and celebrating life's most cherished moments.

The Photography Style: "I mix mediums with an emphasis on film photography. I believe my couples are drawn to my work for the ethereal quality, the romanticism, and the editorial aesthetic of the images."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I am tremendously fulfilled capturing the beginning of legacy."

Headshot of KT Merry and Portrait of Bride in Off-the-Shoulder Floral Gown Against a Seamless Backdrop

Photos by KT Merry

KT Merry

KT Merry shoots exclusive destination weddings, editorials, and bridal campaigns across the globe for designers, publications, and celebrity wedding clients. In addition to being consistently recognized as a top wedding photographer, KT Merry is also celebrated for her fine art photography.

The Photography Style: "Natural, ethereal, painterly portraits and capturing fleeting moments that seem to freeze both time and emotion."

I Work in Weddings Because: "Witnessing joy and beauty is the essence of life. Capturing it is even better."

Headshot of Kyle Wheeler and Photo of Couple Kissing on Cobblestone Street with Architectural Building Behind Them

Photos by Kyle John

Kyle John

Kyle John Wheeler currently resides in Chicago with his wife and three children. He takes limited bookings each year, typically around 12 weddings annually. He prides himself on his laid-back approach, calm energy, and client relationships.

The Photography Style: "I firmly believe that the relationships I build with my clients facilitates the most authentic version of themselves in front of the lens—a safe space to let loose, to be present, and live in the moment."

I Work in Weddings Because: "The joy felt on a wedding day is immeasurable and I am fortunate enough to be a small part of it."

Headshot of Larissa Cleveland and Portrait of Couple in Field at Sunset Holding Hands

Photo by Tim Koenig; Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Larissa Cleveland

Larissa Cleveland first took up the camera at age 13, and has been working on her ability to capture the world around her in an honest and artful light ever since. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography from Kendall College of Art and Design, as well as a Masters in Photographic Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, where she was classically trained in both film and digital mediums. Her greatest passions live in photographing people. She considers it a privilege to document and create joyful, vibrant, thoughtful, and emotive memories for her clients.

The Photography Style: "My style is a unique blend of photojournalism, effortless portraiture and editorial style resulting in images that are timeless and modern in the same breath. My goal is to deliver authentic, meaningful photography—pictures that evoke emotion and tell a story. With a mind to the future, I work in a true-to-life color palette, creating lasting portfolios that will withstand the test of time."

I Work in Weddings Because: "When all is said and done, you have your memories and your photographs. One will fade; the other will last forever. It's a joy to help couples capture the love and happiness they experience in a tangible way."

Portrait of Laura Gordon and Photo of Bride and Groom with a Flower-Filled Backdrop

Photos by Laura Gordon Photography

Laura Gordon Photography

Through careful observation and great attention to detail, Laura Gordon is able to create a beautiful and poetic narrative. Her at-ease approach, paired with her ability to truly see and feel emotion, have been the fundamental elements in developing her distinctive style.

The Photography Style: "Beautifully authentic. I am devoted to preserving feelings and emotions felt throughout a wedding. My perspective blends natural portraiture and candid moments, with an editorial flair. I want my couples to walk away with a collection of images that tell their story in the most elegant way possible."

I Work in Weddings Because: "There is no greater honor than to document some of the most important moments in someone's life."

Headshot of Laura Murray and Overhead Portrait of Two Brides in Wedding Dresses Twirling on a Checkered Floor

Photo by Callie Hobbs; Photo by Laura Murray

Laura Murray Photography

Laura Murray embraces the unexpected. With a degree in Theoretical Mathematics and a few years of corporate experience under her belt, Murray pivoted her career to photography after discovering her love for the art form while planning her own wedding—and she has never looked back. Full-time since 2010, the photographer aims to preserve the happiest moments in her clients' lives. “A photograph can allow you to relive a moment again and again, long after it's gone,” explains Murray. That commitment to memory-making is what makes her work so special. She embraces serendipity and joy, and her favorite photos often capture an unplanned moment.

The Photography Style: "My approach to weddings is very client-centric. Everyone has a different story to tell and it’s my job to look at each celebration with fresh eyes. I am constantly seeking a balance of art and emotion in my imagery with a focus on what makes my clients unique. This allows for a poignant gallery of images."

"My technique is a blend of photojournalistic and editorial approaches. I always love the balance of two extremes. To me, photojournalism is raw, imperfect, and sometimes messy. The editorial style is a contrast to that. It is filled with drama as well as a fine art feel. I am most interested in where these two opposites merge."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I’ve always been mesmerized by the power of photographs. I want my images to be a vehicle that transports my clients back to their happiest days. A photograph can allow you to relive a moment again and again, long after it's gone. That’s one of the things that I love most about wedding photography."

Headshot of Lauren Fair and Portrait of Bride and Groom in Burgundy Suit with Pink Wedding Venue Behind Them

Photos by Lauren Fair Photography

Lauren Fair Photography

Lauren Fair's photography focuses on joyful, iconic, editorial, and stylish images full of beautiful light and natural emotion. Her weddings span the globe from Europe to California to Hawaii to (occasionally) her hometown of the Philadelphia suburbs. Specializing in luxurious outdoor, waterfront, and estate celebrations, her work encapsulates some of the loveliest places in the world to get married.

The Photography Style: "I like to describe my photography style as 'effortless editorial.' My clients love the natural, effortless posing style and stunning backdrops included in their wedding photos! I shoot on both film and digital, and have a knack for showcasing the most beautiful and iconic parts of their wedding venue. I have a friendly, conversational, and laid-back approach to working with my couples that results in relaxed images."

I Work in Weddings Because: "They're full of emotion, fashion, family, and incredible destinations. They are fast paced, joyous, and challenging."

Headshot of Liz Banfield and Portrait of Bride and Groom on Top of a Mountain with White Flowers Behind Them

Photo by Studio 306 Photography / Photo by Liz Banfield; Wedding Planning by Soirée Telluride

Liz Banfield

Liz Banfield shot her first weddings in the late 1990s for stylish clients who were seeking a photojournalistic approach, an aesthetic she pioneered. Since then, Banfield has been sought after for her cinematic style, mastery of light, and an instinct for connecting with her subjects.

The Photography Style: "Full of life and always authentic."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I'm drawn to the importance of the moment and the idea of archiving it for generations to come."

Headshot of Logan Cole and Photo of Bride and Groom Under Colorful Floral Arch

Photo by Tiarra Sorte; Photo by Logan Cole Weddings

Logan Cole Weddings

Logan Cole has been an accomplished photographer for over 10 years. Over that time, he’s explored many different avenues of photography, but his main love has always been weddings. Cole strives to be a storyteller with his images. His goal is always to make fine art out of real and authentic moments.

The Photography Style: "Overall, I would describe my style as elevated photojournalism. I want my clients to look back at their wedding photos and almost feel like they are pantings, but full of genuine moments and emotions. I would also say my style is classy with a fun or sexy twist."

I Work in Wedding Because: "Couples and families really value and cherish my work for years and years. Weddings have taken me all around the globe while allowing me to experience all different types of cultures, lifestyles, and religions."

Headshot of Lucy Cuneo and Portrait of Bride and Groom Holding a Baby Who Is Looking at a Bouquet

Photos by Lucy Cuneo

Lucy Cuneo

Lucy Cuneo takes a “family friend” approach to wedding photography, treating every client like someone she’s known for years. This gives her work a personal feel, captured from the perspective of an insider who knows the couple intimately.

The Photography Style: "Dreamy! Our images should be a reflection of your memories rather than a literal interpretation of what happened. I work on Leica and Canon."

I Work in Weddings Because: "It's a pleasure to capture and to create family memories!"

Headshot of Lynn Dunston and Photo of Bride in Flowing Dress Kissing Flower Girl

Photos by Lynn Dunston Photography

Lynn Dunston Photography

Adapting to each couple’s style and vision is key to Lynn Dunston’s approach to photographing a wedding day. Some couples may prefer an editorial style while others may prefer a candid perspective, so it’s important to understand each couple’s preference and vision ahead of the wedding day. Her photo style—which she describes as “classic with a modern twist”—reflects her love for creating timeless images with editorial compositions.

The Photography Style: "I shoot both film and digital. I love creating clean and true to tone images with depth."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I’m a storyteller at heart and enjoy documenting the love, creativity, and soul that's unique to every wedding."

Headshot of Matoli Keely and Black-and-White Portrait of Bride and Groom Looking at One Another

Photos by Matoli Keely

Matoli Keely

Matoli Keely is an editorial and wedding photographer based in Southern California, creating captivating imagery showcasing beautiful love stories around the world. Keely’s approach to weddings is based on the foundation of documentary storytelling, capturing the intimate and unique moments that each couple brings to their day, yet enhanced with an editorial flare. She strives to provide images that timeless and can be cherished for generations to come.

The Photography Style: "I shoot both film and digital. But, regardless of the medium I use, I strive to have images that stand the test of time—a combination of classic, documentary, and some playful images that truly capture the essence of each couple. No two weddings are the same and I love giving each couple images that represent their unique love story."

I Work in Weddings Because: "There is nothing better than celebrating and being part of one of the most significant days in someone’s life and having the honor of documenting the once in a lifetime emotions associated with the day. It’s an absolutely thrilling experience being a wedding photographer and the reward of seeing clients happy to relive their day over and over in images I have created is just icing on the cake."

Headshot of Mo Davis and Black-and-White Photo of Couple Walking Toward One Another in a Field

Photos by Mo Davis

Mo Davis Photography

Mo Davis is a storyteller, documenting and preserving moments with authenticity. There is a personal and professional approach to her weddings. There is an intimate bond that is created throughout the process that allows her couples to fully trust that she will deliver a timeless album.

The Photography Style: "I would describe my photography as authentic. There are so many real and raw moments throughout the day. It's my job to recognize and capture those moments. I have several film cameras and each one merits a different emotion. The excitement that I feel from hearing the sound of a shutter is incredible. My photography stands out because I love having a camera in my hands. I love hearing the sound of my cameras. Fall in love with the craft and everything else follows."

I Work in Wedding Because: "I work in weddings because it's the absolute best day of someone's life! There are so many emotions that we experience throughout our lives, but love is the most important. Wedding days are an overload of every emotion but love always the center. It's such a rewarding feeling to know that I'm actually present to witness such an occasion."

Headshot of Shannen Norman and Emily Blake Alongside Photo of Bride in Floral Wedding Dress with Puff Sleeves

Photos by Norman & Blake

Norman & Blake

Norman & Blake is a photography duo composed of Shannen Norman and Emily Blake who, after photographing several events together, realized the value of having two unique sets of experienced eyes covering the day. The resulting images proved to be rich and complementary. They decided to combine their skillsets by forming a partnership in early 2017, and now run Norman & Blake from their studio in Los Angeles.

The Photography Style: "We like to describe our work as both candid and editorial, and shoot a hybrid of film and digital throughout the day and night."

We Work in Weddings Because: "The unique experiences, people, and places we get to engage with through our work."

Headshot of Olivia Leigh and Black-and-White Photo of Groom Crowdsurfing During Reception

Photo by Olivia Leigh Photographie

Olivia Leigh Photographie

Olivia Leigh is a Chicago-based photographer who has been capturing weddings anywhere clients will take her for over 15 years. Known for her intuitive, authentic approach, she is sought out for her ability to capture the real personalities of couples and their guests via a natural, unobtrusive style. Clients often remark on the depth and breadth of her coverage of not only the couple, but their family and guests, and places as much emphasis on capturing the "big" moments of the wedding day as well as the small moments that truly showcase the relationships between couples and their loved ones.

The Photography Style: "My style is warm, natural, joyful, and overwhelmingly people-focused. I shoot mostly digital with a bit of film and strive to approach the day with a thoughtful and empathetic approach that results in a timeless collection of photos that truly allows couples to remember their day. I'm known for approaching the day with an especially calm energy that I find really puts couples at ease and allows them to focus on what really matters on the wedding day (their union and the people celebrating with them)."

I Work in Weddings Because: "Over the years, I have experienced grief and loss in my own life, and this really drives my work. Wedding photos can seem trivial, but I truly believe they are vital pieces of a family’s legacy. Being able to document a couple and their loved ones in such an intimate and authentic way is really a privilege."

Headshot of Olivia Rae James and Black-and-White Portrait of Couple Smiling

Photos by Olivia Rae James

Olivia Rae James

Olivia Rae James began taking photos as a college student in Charleston, starry-eyed and inspired in her new city. Eager to share her new routines with family back home, she fell in love with photography as a way of archiving personal moments. After years of focusing on lifestyle and editorial photography she fell into weddings, which allowed her to document the innate beauty of the day without overthinking it. She approaches wedding days free of expectations, inspired by natural light and real moments. She lives in Charleston with her husband and daughter—her two favorite muses.

The Photography Style: "I take a calm and relaxed approach, embracing the unknowns of the day and helping people feel comfortable enough to forget there’s a camera on them—yielding warm, soulful images that feel timeless."

I Work in Weddings Because: "Getting to be a fly on the wall at such a momentous occasion—and witnessing the energy and excitement and beauty and stress and everything in between—is magic! I love getting to observe and preserve the range of emotions, and can't help but think about the future generations who will study these photos the way I study my own family’s wedding albums. I’m in it for the in-between moments—when the bride's veil gets tangled in the wind, the flower girl melts down, or the couple is en route to the 'perfect' portrait spot but the light is already hitting them just right and they’re gazing at each other adoringly. All things that can’t be planned."

Headshot of Perry Vaile and Portrait of Bride and Groom Standing Beside Taxi Outside Wedding Venue

Photos by Perry Vaile

Perry Vaile Photography

With the heart of a reverent witness, and the eye of an art director, Perry Vaile has been blending truth and beauty since she began shooting in 2011. Before that, she was a professional historian—a background that continues to influence her work today as she seeks to capture the beginning of each family’s history. From unscripted light-soaked moments to intentional portraits intended to be revered for generations, Perry brings a wildly friendly personality to every wedding day, setting her clients at ease while she captures photographs that make their jaws drop through a “swirl of delight and direction.” Vaile is based in the Carolinas, with extensive national and international travel for events from Montana to Ireland, and from Vermont to the Bahamas.

The Photography Style: "For over a decade, I have been a connoisseur of color in the wedding photography world through both film and digital work. Even as the industry has ebbed and flowed through experiments with desaturation, unnatural accents, or the lack of color entirely, I have found absolute delight through my color imagery in true-to-life vibrancy, rich contrast, and natural tones. It is certainly a perfected skill and one of the things I’m most proud of in my work."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I love being a witness to all of the delights of the human experience. At weddings I get to see every age coming together in celebration, and it brings a certain energy—it’s a thrill that other days don’t seem to have. Weddings also require a certain level of creative gymnastics when it comes to problem solving weather, timing, light, and personalities. It’s always so satisfying to find ways to work through it all. I think all of the best wedding photographers love this sort of beautiful chaos and thrive on it."

Headshot of Peyton Byford and Portrait of Bride in Long Sleeve Dress Hugging Groom in the Woods

Photos by Peyton Byford Photography

Peyton Rainey Photography

Peyton Byford is a traveling wedding photographer of over seven years currently living in Boise, Idaho, where she works alongside her videographer husband documenting love stories across the Pacific Northwest, U.S., and abroad. Her approach to weddings is a very laid-back documentary style in order to always help her couples preserve the moments of their day to the fullest. This in turn creates beautiful and genuine imagery that is unique in perspective, but still withstands trends. She enjoys being a part of a couple's entire wedding weekend of events in order to really spend more quality time with them while getting to know their relationship more as well as their favorite people.

The Photography Style: "I'd describe my style as a mix of timeless, editorial, and artistic. I like to be that really perfect blend between looks without every leaning too far in a certain direction. My photos tend to stand out for being true to color, but with bold tones that draw you in."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I get to capture and help preserve the happiest most monumental life memories for my couples!"

Headshot of Rebecca Yale and Portrait of Bride in a Feathered Wedding Dress Looking Back at Camera

Photos by Rebecca Yale Photography

Rebecca Yale Photography

Rebecca Yale is a destination wedding photographer based in California. She has a B.A. from NYU, where she studied Photography, Art History, and Aesthetic Philosophy. Rebecca combines her background in photojournalism and fashion photography to create a portfolio of images that capture her clients spirit, suspended in time.

The Photography Style: "When documenting a wedding, my goal is to capture the ephemeral essence of the day so when my clients look back at their images, they remember not just what the day looked like, but truly what it felt like. I combine a mixture of documentary moments with stylized portraits and immaculate attention to detail to create a holistic and well-rounded approach that will unlock all my clients memories while simultaneously feeling ripped from the pages of a magazine."

"My intention is to create portraits that feel as if someone pressed pause at the perfect moment and the image could spring to life any second. I create my portraits with subtle guidance, imbuing my clients with confidence, making them feel like the best version of themselves while mindfully keeping them present in the moment."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I love stepping into the microcosm that my clients create and getting to tell their story."

Headshot of Ryan Ray and Portrait of Bride and Groom in White Convertible Waving at Guests

Photo by Will Reid Photo; Photo by Ryan Ray

Ryan Ray Photography

With a mix of beautiful portraiture and candid moments, Ryan Ray strives to create natural and timeless images with an editorial feel that can be relived and enjoyed for years to come. From the second he picks up his camera, his goal is to make people feel beautiful and comfortable. He brings encouragement and positivity that help settle the butterflies, direction when needed, subtlety when a moment unexpectedly unfolds, and a good time when the music starts.

The Photography Style: "I really love a mix of timeless, classic portraiture, and candid, authentic moments. It is probably the number one thing my clients mention when booking me. I also love to look for and capture joy on a wedding day. It is rooted deep in people and doesn't always look like over the top happiness, but can be felt when seen."

I Work in Weddings Because: "It brings me so much joy to capture the essence of love and joy between a couple and those they love."

Headshot of Sally Pinera and Photo of Bride and Groom with Children

Photos by Sally Pinera

Sally Pinera

Sally Pinera is an internationally acclaimed, luxury wedding photographer who creates romantic images for sophisticated couples around the world. Her work is instantly recognizable to be chic, timelessly modern, and editorial. Sally is drawn to high fashion, storytelling, and, most of all, photographing the sentimental moments between lovers, families and friends, and creating visible representation of people's style, love, and value.

The Photography Style: "Beyond whatever gear is used, at the end of the day the investment is in the artist's eye, perspective, storytelling, styling, directing, and editing—not the camera. My style of shooting is a blend of editorial and documentary. I am both vocal, directive, and observant in my approach—a sort of dance if you will. What makes me stand out is my presence on the day of. My easy and outgoing personality allows for others to feel taken care of, comfortable, and at ease. Another strength would be an innate sensibility of style and collaborative nature."

I Work in Weddings Because: "It is an absolute privilege to be invited into people's world, and create lasting visual collections they will treasure for a lifetime."

Sarah Falugo Headshot and Photo of Grooms Kissing on a Boat

Photos by Sarah Falugo

Sarah Falugo Weddings

Sarah Falugo favors a bespoke approach to capturing weddings, but one word she always anchors back to is "iconic." Sarah is British and returns for shoots in Europe several times per season. She is currently based in Portland, Oregon. Sarah works worldwide, accepting a very limited number of luxury weddings and private photo shoots per year.

The Photography Style: "Think timeless Hollywood meets pure photojournalism with a huge generous splash of fashion editorial and light-heartedness. It's about responding to the individual environment and conditions, rather than having a formula I play on repeat."

I Work in Weddings Because: "They are iconic."

Headshot of Sasithon Pooviriyakul and Photo of Bride and Groom in Yellow Wedding Attire with Rainbow Behind Them

Photo by Heidi Browne; Photo by Sasithon Photography

Sasithon Photography

Ever since her very first images, Sasithon (Sas) Pooviriyakul has been merging her documentary style of street photography into event and lifestyle work that foregoes pomp and circumstance in favor of intimate, unexpected moments of joy and charm. After studying Photography at NYU, Pooviriyakul entered the world of advertising, where she spent over a decade working with some of the best directors and photographers in the industry to produce campaigns for Procter & Gamble, General Motors, and then-presidential candidate Barack Obama, among others.

Yearning to forge a different career path, Sas shifted gears to her first love—documentary photography—where she traveled extensively, capturing her experiences around the world to define her creative voice. Inspired by creative spirits and offbeat places, Sas is constantly in search of spontaneous moments that only the universe could orchestrate.

The Photography Style: "As a wedding photographer, you have to be well-versed in various types of photography (still life, portraits, documentary) to tell a cohesive story. But, the heart of my work has always been about capturing the charming, unexpected, and whimsical moments. When couples look back on their images, I want them to feel what their day was like and I think these images best illustrate this."

I Work in Weddings Because: "They’re a collage of humanity, joy, and whimsy, all of which fuel my creativity and afford me endless opportunity to capture unique and thoughtful images. It’s a chance to create something that will be cherished for generations, by the couple and their families alike."

Headshot of Tec Petaja and Photo of Bride and Groom Getting Married at the Top of a Mountain with a Rainbow Behind Them

Photos by Tec Petaja; Wedding Planning by Soirée Telluride

Tec Petaja

As a globally celebrated wedding photographer with nearly two decades of experience, Tec Petaja brings an innate knowledge of composition, mood, and light to every moment he captures. Named a top wedding photographer by multiple publications, Tec Petaja is among the most highly sought-after in today’s industry. When not on location, you’ll find Tec at home in Nashville, Tennessee, with his lovely wife and two children.

The Photography Style: "I describe my style as timeless and effortless. I strive to deliver images that evoke the same feeling they did when viewed for the first time—whether it be three or 30 years later. Until a couple years ago, I was shooting all film. However, since partnering with REFINED Co. to create my own line of Kodak presets, I've been shooting entirely digital and haven't looked back. The improved workflow, quick turnaround, and gorgeous results made this an easy switch for me to make."

I Work in Weddings Because: "The people. Whether it be the relationship I build with the couple and their families, or the planners and other industry vendors, I'm lucky enough to constantly be engaging with kind, thoughtful, excited people."

Headshot of Terri Baskin and Portrait of Bride and Groom Walking Across Grassy Field

Photo by Christian Nwosu; Photo by Terri Baskin Photography

Terri Baskin Photography

Terri Baskin documents love stories in a way that allows couples to be their authentic selves. To her, telling a couple’s love story means getting to know them on a personal level, such as hearing how they met, fell in love, and their plans for their celebration. She considers herself a curator of timeless, romantic, and fun love stories.

The Photography Style: "My style is to always create images that are unique to the couple and the location of the wedding, some parts of the day are documentary and other parts are directed. Ultimately, my goal is for anyone not in attendance at the wedding feel like they were there just by viewing the photos. I use my energetic personality to my advantage and aim to capture real emotion and connection between couples. I currently use a Nikon D780. The technology with this camera allows me to work quickly, when needed, while creating quality images."

I Work in Weddings Because: "For me, it’s been one of the happiest moments celebrated by two families joining together. I have documented the laughter, tears, nerves, and beautifully curated decor with clients who feel like my own family."

Headshot of Trent and Dara Cobb and Photo of Bride in Floral Embroidered Wedding Dress and Gloves Holding Groom's Hand

Photos by Trent Bailey Studio

Trent Bailey Studio

Over the last 13 years, couples have sought out Trent Bailey Studio for their honest approach to capturing soulful moments, images that endure, and captivating candids. Trent Cobb and Dara Kent-Cobb strive to create captivating and joyful photographs, while also providing a calm and relaxing presence on your wedding day. They believe in capturing images that feel classic and timeless, that will instantly transport you back to the way you felt on your wedding day. Preserving your wedding day experience, along with your guest's experience, is their top commitment while also ensuring that the unforgettable moments of your day are captured in an honest yet artful approach.

The Photography Style: "We shoot on a mix of Medium Format film, 35mm film, Super 8 motion picture film, and digital formats. Our deep devotion to making authentic yet evocative images along with composed and candid moments, paired with our intuitive ability to anticipate a couple’s needs, is something clients continually tell us is a distinctive characteristic they seek out."

We Work in Weddings Because: "We love telling stories. It’s truly an honor to document such an important day in two lives. To capture meaningful and memorable moments that the couple might one day show future generations, or to look back on several decades from now in adoration and reflect on the joy of that day, is really why we do this."

Headshot of Valorie Darling and Photo of Bride and Groom in Green Field with Kids

Photo by Brandon Kidd; Photo by Valorie Darling

Valorie Darling

Valorie Darling is a celebrated wedding photographer who stands out as much for her art as the way she is loved by clients, coordinators, and publications alike. With nearly a decade of experience and accolades, she is passionate about her couples “truly enjoying the wedding journey and capturing all the real, intimate moments of connection and poetry that unfold.” Her editorial eye and elevated style attract discerning, fashion-forward couples who bring to life ceremonies that are as unique as they are.

The Photography Style: "I would describe my work as natural, genuine, and timeless with a contemporary edge. I want my couples to love their images now and have them still feel current in 50 years. I primarily shoot digital to keep up with the speed of the day and layer in both fine art and 35mm film to create really dynamic galleries that hit all the notes. I love the texture and dimension that the mix of formats provide - from the fine art soft and pretty to the raw, playful, and nostalgic of 35mm. What makes my photography stand out is the relationship I develop with my couples and their families, a trust and comfort where all the magic blooms."

I Work in Weddings Because: "I love weddings. They fill my life with joy, love, and celebration. I find fulfillment in knowing that my art becomes family heirlooms that they will cherish and return to for inspiration and pass forward for generations."

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