The 19 Best Wedding Photo Albums to Preserve Your Memories

Show off your favorite shots from the big day and beyond

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Best Wedding Photo Albums

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Capturing memories that you’ll cherish forever is an essential part of your wedding—and photos give you a way to relive your best day again and again. Long after the rings have been exchanged, the cake has been eaten, the music has ended, and the guests have left, it’s the images of your wedding that will bring back the joy of that special day. And without a doubt, you’ll definitely want a special place to store and revisit all of the moments you hold dear. So finding just the right wedding album is paramount!

When it comes to the look of your wedding album, the variety of materials and colors are seemingly endless. Leather (faux or natural) and linen are classic choices that will steal the show on your coffee table, while standing the test of time. Photographer Gianna Keiko recommends choosing darker hues for a wedding album cover because they're more forgiving as the years go by.

With so many options to choose from, securing the perfect keepsake for your photos can seem daunting—but, not to worry, there’s something out there for everyone! Whether you’re set on a traditional album with all of the bells and whistles or craving something unexpected, we’ve got you covered.

Meet the Expert

Gianna Keiko is a wedding and lifestyle photographer who splits her time between Atlanta, Georgia, and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Read on for the best wedding photo albums.

Artifact Uprising Wedding Layflat Photo Album

Artifact Uprising Layflat Photo Album

Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

Highly customizable, these elegant, foil-stamped photo albums from Artifact Uprising are a fan favorite. High in quality and easy to design, a simple step-by-step process guides you through all of the options to make them completely personal. Choose your size, fabric, foil color, design, and paper to create a unique, but elegant, album.

What our testers say

"I'm a loyal fan of Artifact Uprising, not only for their modern, clean aesthetic but for their customer service and easy-to-follow experience online (must-haves when you're curating a photo album). This book gets bonus points from me because you can customize the binding to match your wedding palette and/or home decor. I recommend personalizing it with your names and wedding date." —Anna Price Olson, Associate Editorial Director

Shutterfly Wedding Photo Books

Shutterfly Flush Mount Album

Courtesy of Shutterfly

With a variety of albums to choose from, Shutterfly is a one-stop shop for creating a completely customized book. Professional grade in quality, each album comes with the option to be laid out by an expert designer. Can’t wait to see your photo book? Fast turn around times and quick shipping make this a perfect choice for those who just can’t wait to relive their big day!

Mixbook Photo Co. Wedding Photo Books

Timeless Wedding

 Courtesy of Mixbook 

If you’re looking for a photo book with a delightful design to match the theme from your wedding, these books offer a range of great options. With everything from industrial chic to rustic, there’s a style for every wedding. And with a variety of options available in categories from paper finish to size and cover type, every aspect of the album is customizable to your liking.

Arcoalbum Wedding Album

Arcoalbum Wedding Album

 Courtesy of Etsy

With a selection of vibrant colors to choose from, this photo album may be simple, but it really stands out! Covered in rich Italian suede, the book is embossed with custom lettering. Choose from a range of sizes and various page colors to make an album that you’ll love just as much as the memories in it!

Zola Wedding Album

zola album

Courtesy of Zola

Zola is a one-stop-shop when it comes to weddings, offering everything from invites and wedding websites to all your registry needs. And now—a gorgeous range of albums. Available in five different sizes, with page counts up to 70, and over 14 cover options (leather, too!), these books are destined to become family heirlooms. Plus, you can register for a gift card for the book, so you'll be able to put it all together post-wedding.

Snapfish Hardcover Photo Book

Snapfish Hardcover Photo Book

 Courtesy of Snapfish

In this modern age, some of the images that best capture a wedding exist in the digital realm. And if you want to incorporate photos from Instagram and Facebook into your album, these books let you do that with ease.

There are also plenty of user-friendly design functions including various layouts, embellishments, fonts, and borders, so you can create an album that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also showcases all of your favorite photos!

PikPerfect Premium Flush Mount Wedding Albums

PikPerfect Premium Flush Mount Wedding Albums

 Courtesy of PikPerfect 

If you’re looking for a high-quality, handmade album to be laid out by design experts, look no further. These exquisite flush mount albums are printed on archival paper and come in a variety of sizes and cover options. With unlimited revisions available before it’s sent to the printer and everything from linen to animal-friendly leatherette to choose from, you’re sure to be happy with this one!

Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Uncommon Goods Create Your Own Reel Viewer

 Courtesy of Uncommon Goods 

Not your average album, this throw-back reel viewer is a fun and unconventional take on a more traditional way to store and view wedding photos. A cool addition to your formal wedding book, this viewer is sure to bring the memories into 3-D!

Mpix Glory Days Accordian Mini Album

MPix Glory Days Accordian Mini Album

 Courtesy of MPix 

As much as you’d like to share some special moments from your big day, carrying around your wedding album just isn’t that practical. Introducing the mini accordion album!

This pocket-sized photo book gives people a peek into the sweetest moments of your wedding or engagement photo session. Available in a range of designs, cover, and paper options, your one-of-a-kind book will be a small wonder!

Printique Leather Photo Album

Printique Leather Photo Album

 Courtesy of Printique

For the photo connoisseur, these albums don’t disappoint. With a range of paper stock options and high-quality prints for your most cherished memories, the photo nerd in you will be seriously satisfied! Whether you go with the Argentine cowhide or sustainable vegan leather covers, these handmade albums are totally luxe.

Blurb Our Daughters Wedding Day Book

Blurb Our Daughters Wedding Day

 Courtesy of Blurb

You’re not the only one who wants to relive your epic wedding! This album is for the parents who were such a vital part of the joy and support that made your big day special. Wonderful as a special gift or a token of your appreciation, this album is sure to touch their hearts.

What our testers say

"I used Blurb for my wedding album and loved the process of reliving every image while creating the perfect layouts. It gave me so much joy then—and does the same with every page flip for the last 10 years." –Leah Wyar, SVP and General Manager

Chatbooks Premium Layflat Book

Chatbooks Premium Layflat Book

 Courtesy of Chatbooks 

Without a doubt, some of the best images from your wedding were taken by guests on their smartphones. Wondering how you can make all of those stellar digital photos into an album?

This mobile app is just the thing! Fast, easy, and affordable, you can upload photos right from your phone to create a high-quality album. Plus, you can make a book filtered by hashtag— #soeasy.

Milk Books Classic 3-Piece Wedding Album Set

Milk Books, Premium 3 Piece Wedding Album Set

 Courtesy of Milk Books

Whether you’re looking to create volumes of albums filled with memories from your wedding, or wanting to gift duplicate copies to friends or family, this three-piece set is a versatile option.

These beautifully made layflat books are completely customizable to boot. So although there isn’t just one, they are still one of a kind.

Heirloom Bindery Heirloom Bindery Album

Heirloom Bindery Heirloom Bindery Album

 Courtesy of Heirloom Bindery 

If your wedding photos are practically works of art, here’s a museum-style photo album for you! Utilizing old-world bookbinding techniques, each book is hand-sewn with lay-flat pages. Photographs are printed on heavy-weight archival cotton paper and separated with vellum interleaving. An instant heirloom, this is a wedding album for the ages.

RECUTMS Photo Album

Amazon RECUTMS Photo Album

 Courtesy of Amazon

The professional photos from your wedding provide a beautiful remembrance of your big day. But the snapshots from friends and relatives tell a more intimate story of the fun that happens behind the scenes. This album is a perfect way to preserve the casual snapshots and outtakes from your wedding day so you can relive the celebration through the eyes of loved ones!

Be Golden Large Wedding Album with Bespoke Printing

Be Golden Beautiful Large Wedding Album with Bespoke Printing

 Courtesy of Be Golden

An exquisitely made album from across the pond, this bespoke book is hand-bound at a bookbindery in England. Available in a range of vibrant jewel tones, it’s covered in premium-quality book cloth and custom foil stamped with personalized lettering. Choose from a selection of colors and fonts for a perfectly personalized photo album.

Velvet Raptor Greek Key Velvet Album

Velvet Raptor Greek Key Velvet Album

 Courtesy of Velvet Raptor

Handsewn and de-bossed on a nineteenth-century press, these rich and romantic albums have an old-fashioned elegance. Assembled with paper that's made with wind-powered recycled materials, these bespoke books have a vintage air with modern ethics. They also come with an archival storage box so your most cherished memories will be preserved for generations to come.

Atlas and I Vintage Photo Printed Album

Not on the High Street Vintage Photo Printed Album

 Courtesy of Not on the High Street 

Practically a work of art, this hand-bound album is made of Italian sheepskin leather and high-quality Italian paper pages. The cover is printed with the photo of your choice and customized with a name and date. With blank pages, you can layout your photos and mementos and include handwritten memories. Plus, the photo book comes packaged in a smart gift box so it feels extra special.

Jorgensen Albums Mini Pocket Books

Jorgensen Albums Mini Pocket Books

 Courtesy of Jorgensen Albums

Sure you’ll want to show off your gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wedding album, but hauling around a full-sized book is a total drag. Thankfully, this mini brag book is not only the perfect size to tote around, it’s impeccably designed. Plus, it comes in a sweet pouch so that throwing it in your carry-all will be a no-brainer!

What to look for in a wedding photo book

An album is something you'll treasure and look at forever, so make sure it's something you'll want to keep on display. Even if you keep it on a shelf, a pretty binding and high-quality paper are a must-have for archival longevity. Choose natural, long-wearing materials like leather or linen for a keepsake you'll be flipping through for years to come.

  • What material is best for a wedding photo book?

    If you're planning to keep your book on the coffee table or other high-traffic areas, consider how much it will be handled. Real and faux leather are durable materials that will hold up (and sometimes even improve) with time, Linen and cotton covers are more susceptible to moisture and stains, but if cared for properly, are a long-lasting and more affordable option.

  • How do you put together a wedding photo album?

    Whether you're designing it all online or using printed photos, make sure to set aside several album-making sessions with your spouse in the first few months after the wedding. Turn it into an impromptu date night with wine and music to make it a fun experience reliving all your favorite wedding memories.

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