The Prettiest Orchid Centerpieces to Use at Your Wedding

Embrace this delicate bloom during your special day.

A white orchid and rose wedding centerpiece.

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photo / Floral Design by Wild Muse Floral 

With such striking features, orchids consistently rank among the most popular wedding flowers. These delicate, statement-making blooms are the perfect elegant-meets-modern addition to bouquets and centerpieces. The flowers symbolize both charm and refinement, making them a beautiful option for incorporating into a modern soiree or featuring throughout a tropical party.

While orchid bouquets often get all the attention, this fragrant bloom is just as lovely when incorporated into centerpieces. And with such a wide variety of colors and sizes, there’s a fit for any aesthetic or season.

Think orchid centerpieces are the perfect fit for your big day? Below, find inspiration from 14 ideas we love.

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Feature a Floral Bridge

tall white orchid centerpiece

Photo by Du Soleil Photographie; floral design by Carl Alan  

Tall floral centerpieces immediately make a big impact. But adding plenty of texture with cascading blooms such as orchids immediately makes them that much more interesting.

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Get Tropical

tropical orchid centerpiece

Photo by Adriana Rivera; floral design by Ati FioriPetal Productions

Planning a tropical wedding? This combination of green fruits and greenery, with pops of color from yellow and pink orchids, was the perfect fit for a Miami wedding.

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Scatter Flowers

scattered orchid centerpiece

Photo by Hugo Coelho; floral design by Kckliko

Incorporate orchids in an unexpected way. This design from a destination wedding embraced a modern-meets-royal aesthetic, with small floral centerpieces and scattered burgundy orchids incorporated both along the length of the table and at each place setting to pull it all together.

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Repurpose Your Bouquet

white orchid bouquet centerpiece

Photo by Ashlyn Cathey Photography; floral design by Luxe + Bloom

Planning to walk down the aisle with an orchid bouquet? Ask a family member to place it in in a vase before the dinner festivities kick-off to repurpose it for a sweetheart table centerpiece! We love this idea for a micro wedding with a smaller reception table as well.

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Pair Black and White

white orchid centerpiece

Photo by Jenny Quicksall Photography; floral design by Lilla Bello

Go modern with a black-and-white color scheme. This centerpiece made up of white orchids, hydrangea, and roses certainly popped against black-washed farm tables.

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Create a Floral Runner

floral runner centerpiece with orchids

Photo by Briana Mary; floral design by Best Day Ever Floral Design

A floral runner is such a stunning way to line a reception table with plenty of texture. This runner featured dried grasses and pops of white orchids for a gorgeous balance of fresh and preserved plants.

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Play With Height

boho orchid centerpieces

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photo; Floral Design by Wild Muse Floral 

Hanging installations command attention as unique centerpieces. Even better if they're paired with smaller centerpieces on the table to match! We love the addition of pastel pink orchids up top in this design, with white orchids incorporated below to tie the look together.

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Showcase Single Stems

single stem flower centerpieces

Photo by Amy Anaiz; floral design by Ines Naftali Events Design

Elegance meets tropical with this gorgeous display. Plenty of roses, white orchids, and other blooms placed in slim crystal vases made for the perfect addition to a luxe reception.

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Embrace Color and Texture

tall orchid centerpiece

Photo by Rafal Ostrowski; floral design by Sarcon Flower Couture 

Tons of color and tons of texture! Don't be afraid to make a splash at your wedding. This tall, intricate centerpiece featured plenty of dried elements plus roses and cascading pastel pink orchids for a stunning display.

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Choose White With Greenery

white and green orchid centerpiece

Photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas; floral design by Stefanotis Weddings

Orchids pair so well with other blooms, especially if you're going for an (almost) all-white aesthetic. This bright, beautiful centerpiece featured plenty of white orchids and hydrangea, with pops of yellow and a mossy base.

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Be Inspired by Ikebana

orchid ikebana

Photo by Sydney Noelle Photo; Floral Design by Wild Muse Floral 

The Japanese art of ikebana embraces the beauty of clean lines and simplicity when it comes to floral design. These small centerpieces highlighted a few pretty blooms, adding a stunning touch for a modern wedding embracing the natural beauty of the venue’s surroundings.

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Add an Installation

orchid hanging centerpiece

Photo by Dennis Roy Coronel; floral design by Ixora Floral Studio 

While centerpieces are most often placed on the table, an installation above your reception tables can make a big impact. This design screamed modern elegance, with a suspended installation of copper pipes with cascading orchids.

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Play With Purple

purple orchid centerpiece

Photo by lilly red creative

White orchids aren't the only color option! Orchids come in pink, purple, yellow, orange, and even green. This vibrant set up embraced plenty of pops of color, with a variety of orchids in purple hues paired with anthurium.

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Line the Table With Vases

single stem orchids

Photo by Ana Lui Photography; floral design by Il Profumo Dei Fiori

While this wedding was held at a coastal Italian villa, it featured a few tropical twists. The addition of single stems of king protea and white orchids in crystal cut vases made for a stunning surprise.

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