The Best TV Wedding Episodes of All Time

Grab your tissues! These super sweet television nuptials make us cry every single time.

The Office Pam and Jim wedding

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When it comes to entertainment, it doesn’t get much better than a TV wedding. Whether producers are giving viewers a long-awaited reprieve after a drawn-out (and often obstacle-ridden) courtship, à la Jane and Rafael on Jane the Virgin, or it’s born out of necessity (see: Bridgerton), these epic affairs never fail to please. They’re moving, they provide inspiration galore, and they serve up some serious fashion (we’re still recovering from Christine Quinn’s all-black Galia Lahav masterpiece). As such, we’re tipping our hats to the best TV wedding episodes of all time, from the simple and sweet to the extravagantly shocking. Check them all out below.

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Friends wedding Chandler and Monica

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Season 7, Episode 23: “The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding”

Despite a bit of cold feet from the groom, Monica and Chandler finally said their “I do's” in season 7. The bride was timeless in a classic A-line House of Bianchi gown, the ceremony was intimate, with pal Joey serving as the pair’s officiant, and the rich red and gold hues made for a lasting impression that’s stuck with us for more than 20 years.  

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"The Office"

The Office wedding with Pam and Jim

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Season 6, Episode 4: “Niagara”

Jim and Pam’s “The Office” wedding was so iconic, it got two episodes—the obvious marker of a show’s signature event. And, what an event it was! Featuring not one, but two ceremonies, the first of which occurred near Niagara Falls on the Maid of the Mist. The second was marked by an impromptu dance down the aisle from the cast that was a surprise to even actress Jenna Fishcher (“I was actually crying during the first rehearsal,” she later told Complex). It perfectly embodied the show and its leading loving characters.

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"Selling Sunset"

Christine Quinn waves to wedding guests


Season 3, Episode 8: “A Not So White Wedding”

Everything about Christine Quinn is over-the-top, and the Selling Sunset star’s ultra-extra wedding to retired tech tycoon, Christian Richard, did not fall short of the bride's persona. There were live swans. There was a gothic horse and carriage. And, right at the moment she began walking down the aisle in her black princess Galia Lahav gown (complete with a nearly 23-foot veil!), snow began falling from the sky inside her L.A. venue. All in all, the affair was rumored to cost the couple around $1 million—and we’d expect nothing less.

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"Grey's Anatomy"

Grey's Anatomy Maggie and Winston's beach setup

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Season 17, Episode 17: “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”

After being forced to postpone their wedding due to COVID-19, like many real-life couples amid the pandemic, Maggie and Winston finally got the beach wedding of their dreams in season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy with a visually stunning ceremony shot on Bowen Island in British Columbia, Canada. With the water shimmering behind them and the sun shining overhead, the bride and groom both said their vows in white, jumping the broom for luck after pledging to love each other—for better or worse.

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"New Girl"

New Girl couple holds hands after jai mala

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Season 5, Episode 22: “Landing Gear”

In classic dramatic sitcom fashion, Schmidt actually misses his nuptials after taking a last-minute flight to Portland, Oregon, to convince Cece’s mom to attend them—only to find out she’s already there while he's stuck facing travel delays. Rather than let the snag ruin their big day, however, Schmidt gets his flightmates on board for an impromptu Facetime celebration until he can finally get back home. Upon his arrival, his pals have prepared a far smaller ceremony that incorporates both the bride and groom's Indian and Jewish heritages. After jai mala, or the exchange of flower garlands that symbolize an unbroken circle of eternal union, Schmidt breaks a glass and partakes in the celebratory hora dance with Cece, paying homage to both of their roots.

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"Jane the Virgin"

Jane the Virgin Jane and Rafael are married

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Season 5, Episode 19: “Chapter One Hundred”

Jane has not one, but two incredible TV weddings to swoon over throughout the series. But, it's the second ceremony that ultimately helps her find wedded bliss. Each one is also incredibly different, as are Jane's relationships with Michael and Rafael. While her first wedding takes place in a church, with Alba and Xiomara walking her down the aisle, the second is outdoors and sees the young mother doing the honors herself. Her hair, which was previously swept back in a veil, is down and relaxed, and the couple's children play a huge part in the ceremony—just as producer Jennie Snyder Urman intended. “I also wanted it to look different,” she told Variety. “I wanted it to have more of the kids because they have a bigger family now. The wedding to Michael was beautiful, but it’s a different kind of wedding: It’s the family’s wedding, in a way.”

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"One Tree Hill"

One Tree Hill purple-themed wedding

Courtesy of The WB

Season 3, Episode 22: “The Show Must Go On”

Talk about a fairytale wedding! After eloping on the beach their junior year of high school, Haley and Nathan Scott have a recommitment ceremony for the ages complete with a horse-drawn carriage, a live piano performance by Michelle Featherstone, and some of the most gorgeous floral arrangements we’ve ever seen. It's arguably one of the prettiest TV weddings in history, and it’s nearly impossible not to get at least a little choked up as the pair renews their super sweet vows. All in all, it's definitely one of our faves.

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"Schitt's Creek"

David and Patrick are married by Moira Rose.

Courtesy of CBC Television

Season 6, Episode 14: “Happy Ending”

How many weddings do you get to witness where one of the grooms bursts into song (Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby,” no less), the officiant dresses up like a vicar, the maid of honor wears a white dress, and the other groom makes a serious style statement in shorts? Only on Schitt’s Creek—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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"Gossip Girl"

Blair and Chuck are married in Central Park

Courtesy of The CW

Season 6, Episode 10: “New York, I Love You, XOXO”

The series finale of the long-running show not only revealed the identity of Gossip Girl (we’ll never tell), it gave us two weddings for the ages—that of Dan and Serena and Chuck and Blair. While we gotta’ hand it to Serena as far as gowns go (that Georges Chakra dress was a to die for!), B had what may have been the most dramatic wedding of all time. Amid the picturesque Bethesda Terrance and Fountain in Central Park, she and Chuck share a speedy ceremony (and an ultra-steamy kiss) before the groom is hauled away in handcuffs for the potential murder of his father, Bart Bass. Luckily for the pair, their marriage takes him out of the suspect pool, saving the day—and their romance.

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Simon and Daphne share an intimate moment at their wedding ceremony

Courtesy of Netflix

 Season 1, Episode 5: “The Duke and I”

Bridgerton was a feast for the eyes in many respects, from the lavish sets to the opulent parties, but Daphne Bridgerton’s small church wedding to the Duke of Hastings was decidedly low-key—and for good reason. “I think the thing about it is they didn’t want to make a big statement,” production designer William Hughes-Jones told Brides in January 2021. “[Showrunner Chris Van Dusen] was very keen that it should feel like that.” The result? It made for “a much more intimate moment,” Hughes-Jones said. Taking place in St. Mary’s church in Twickenham, London, with delicate white flowers draped over the pews and balconies, the pair’s nuptials were important, as they marked the deepening of a shift in their relationship from a platonic one to a romantic one. You can practically feel the heat from the screen as Simon removes Daphne’s white gloves to place her wedding ring on her finger—excuse us while we grab some water.

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"Modern Family"

Modern Family wedding

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Season 5, Episode 23: “The Wedding”

The episode where Cam and Mitch finally tie the knot has everything old-school-sitcom wedding specials have come to be known for, including two parts and plenty of calamity. Before they make it down the aisle, the grooms have to figure out how to free a tux from a closed dry cleaners, their officiant goes into labor, and a rapidly approaching wildfire forces them to vacate their venue. Meanwhile, father of the groom Jay, who has long grappled with his son’s sexual identity, saves the day by getting his country club to host the wedding at the last minute. It’s cute, it’s corny, and it’s the long-overdue LGBTQ+ sitcom wedding the '90s never gave us.

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"Full House"

Full House Uncle Jesse sings to Becky

Courtesy of ABC

Season 4, Episode 19: “The Wedding Part 2.”

Who wouldn’t swoon if their husband was serenading them on their big day? Despite getting off to a bit of a rocky start with an arrest early on in the show’s two-part special, Uncle Jesse comes through for his bride in a big way when he teams up with a choir to sing a song about their love before the whole congregation. Other highlights? Beck’s gorgeous puff-sleeve gown, and the cutest little flower girls of all time: Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen.

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"This Is Us"

This Is Us Beth and Randall are married in an outdoor ceremony

Courtesy of NBC

Season 3, Episode 17: “R&B”

Considering that Beth and Randall Pearson are one of our favorite TV couples, well, ever, it’s should come as no surprise that their wedding made our list. The ultimate husband-and-wife team, the duo co-write their vows standing back-to-back (so as not to see each other and break tradition) in a bathroom before their gorgeous outdoor ceremony. This super endearing moment is just as pure as we ever could’ve hoped for these two. Their nuptials also showcased a well-known Black wedding tradition—jumping the broom—to ward off any evil that may come their way.

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Diana Trout walks down the aisle on "Younger"

Courtesy of Hulu

Season 6, Episode 12: “Forever”

Younger reminded us all that not only can a 40-something woman find love and marriage later on in life, she can do so with a wedding that’s absolutely fabulous, à la Diana Trout. “She’s in her late 40s and she is still an incredibly interesting, complicated woman who has a love life,” actress Miriam Shor, who plays the part of Diana, told Parade in September 2019. “Diana was like, 'Yeah, let’s blow it out. I’m going to have a party for myself. This is right.’ So, I really like that she gets into the spirit of it.” Between her opulent statement necklace (a gift from her hubby-to-be), her gorgeous strapless dress and a groom that's just right for her, it's precisely the happy ending fans had been wanting for Diana for so long.

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"The Bold Type"

Younger Sutton and Richard join hands in triumph after tying the knot

Courtesy of Freeform

Season 4, Episode 10: “Some Kind of Wonderful”

Sutton and Richard made our hearts skip a beat when they tied the knot near the end of season 4, but the pair’s wedding almost didn’t happen. Following Sutton’s decision to remain in New York to follow her dreams of becoming a stylist even as her husband-to-be plans to depart for San Francisco for his own business ventures, Richard is forced to take a hard look at his future. In the end, however, he decides that he loves Sutton enough to try to make the marriage work—even if it means doing it long-distance. So, we’re treated to a delightfully charming, if non-traditional, wedding in a small, intimate venue officiated by Sutton’s boss, Oliver. The vows are tailor-made for the pair (“Richard Hunter, you’re my basket of breadsticks”)—and all of it fits the kooky couple perfectly.

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"The Big Bang Theory"

Big Bang Theory Newlyweds Bernadette and Howard stand inside a heart-shaped decoration

Courtesy of CBS

Season 5, Episode 24: “The Countdown Reflection”

Bernadette and Howard’s out-of-this-world wedding takes place in a manner that only the couple’s could—on the rooftop of their closest pals’ apartment building while standing inside a makeshift heart that can be seen from a Google satellite. Leonard, Raj, Sheldon, Amy, and Penny serve as co-ministers, and the groom is launched into space shortly after, making their planetary-themed nuptials all the more special.

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"The O.C."

The O.C. Summer Roberts walks down the aisle to her groom

Courtesy of Fox

Season 4, Episode 16: “The End’s Not Near, It’s Here”

For four seasons, we watched Seth Cohen pine over Summer Roberts, and in the series finale, the on-again, off-again twosome finally tie the knot. While it happens in the blink of an eye, those precious few moments are certainly ones worth watching, assuring us that all is right in Orange County. Summer is radiant in her full-skirted gown with a plunging bodice and Ryan serves as the best man. The bride and groom exchange a sweetly quirky moment as she sticks out her tongue at him and he lovingly rolls his eyes in return. Our cups runneth over!

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"Modern Family"

Modern Family The Dunphy family gathers in the living room for Haley's wedding

Courtesy of ABC

Season 10, Episode 20: “Can’t Elope”

Haley and Dylan singlehandedly proved that you don’t need a big, ornate ceremony to make a wedding special. The lovebirds’ nuptials were about as pared down as it gets, with their family members gathered in the Dunphy living room with only candlelight as decoration. Phil even served as their officiant in his robe! And just felt right.

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"Sex and the City"

Sex and the City Steve and Miranda's wedding

Courtesy of HBO

Season 6, Episode 14: “The Ick Factor”

Miranda Hobbs is about as non-traditional as a bride can get, even taking it upon herself to propose to her groom. So, it should come as no surprise that when she actually ties the knot, it's on her terms. The ceremony is minimalistic, taking place in a courtyard. The fictional lawyer even sports a velvet burgundy gown (no white here!). Following the ceremony, where the love between Miranda and Steve is palpable, there's a restaurant reception featuring plenty of food, but none of the usual fanfare—just how Miranda likes it.

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"Vanderpump Rules"

Vamderpump Rules Brittany reads her vows in front of a gorgeous flower wall

Courtesy of Bravo

Season 8, Episode 11: “Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Cauchi”

Jax may not have always behaved like a prince, even when it comes to his now-wife Brittany, but the pair had a storybook wedding nonetheless in the show’s eighth season. It was a moment the bride had long been envisioning, telling the cameras, “'I've always dreamed of the perfect wedding even since I was a little girl. These are memories that we will never be able to take back, so I just want to look good and feel good. And it's going to be the most perfect day.” Set against the backdrop of an actual castle in Kentucky, the $100,000 ceremony was full of white roses, celebrity guests (Lance Bass acted as the couple’s officiant), and a gorgeous three-tier cake, so it certainly looked like she got her wish!

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"Sex and the City"

Sex and the City Charlotte Harry wedding

Courtesy of HBO

Season 6, Episode 8: “The Catch”

Charlotte’s wedding to Harry Goldenblatt wasn’t exactly the stuff dreams are made of—at least not on the surface. He accidentally walks in on her in her wedding dress. The wine blessing goes awry, with some of it spilling on Charlotte's stark white dress. Samantha’s beaded bracelet breaks all over the floor, which causes the bride to nearly bite it, while Carrie has a back spasm. Harry can’t even break the glass—an important tradition in a Jewish ceremony that represents the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem—while Miranda’s toast literally catches on fire. At the end of the day, however, Carrie reminds her pal that it’s better to have the perfect marriage for a lifetime than a perfect wedding for a day.

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"Shahs of Sunset"

Mercedes Javid walks down the aisle

Courtesy of Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Season 7, Episode 13: “A Very MJ Wedding”

Mercedes Javid’s wedding to Tommy Feight wasn’t exactly what one might call traditional. The bride more or less ad-libbed her vows, stopped to chat with her guests on the way down the aisle, and shared a smooch with the groom before they were even announced as husband and wife. But at the end of the day, it was a reflection of the twosome’s perfectly imperfect love. “This wedding is so us. We're two clumsy people," MJ later said.

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