The Best Terracotta Wedding Décor Ideas

Learn how to feature this stunning color throughout your wedding day.

A terracotta pot with a floral arrangement on a wedding reception table.


If you're in the midst of planning your wedding, you've likely heard about terracotta as a color scheme and as a way to integrate so much warmth into your big day. A stunning mix of orangey-red and dusty pink, terracotta is a rich, earthy tone that can be a terrific jumping-off point for those planning a wedding with warm, rich hues (think rust, burnt orange, browns, golds, reds, dusty pinks, and yellows). It's also the perfect compliment for desert weddings, earth-tone weddings, and fall weddings.

Since the color terracotta comes from earthenware and clay-based ceramics, these are terrific starting points for incorporating this beautiful hue into your wedding. Here, find our favorite ways to integrate terracotta decorations into your big day, from the invitation suite to stunning décor details, chic design elements, and even terracotta-themed cocktails and wedding cakes.

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Begin With a Terracotta Invitation Suite

invitation suite

Photo by Beatrice Howell

If you know you want to thread terracotta throughout the entire wedding day, start by featuring the color front and center in your wedding invitation suite.

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Use Terracotta Planting Pots

Terracotta pot with succulents at a wedding reception.


Terracotta clay plant pots are a wonderful way to bring the color—and literal terracotta—into your wedding day. Feel free to get creative with what you put in the pots, from cacti and succulents to lush floral centerpieces.

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Create a Terracotta Escort Card Wall

Spanish tile-inspired escort board

Photo by Beatrice Howell

We love the way this couple used an escort card wall, inspired by Spanish tiling, to include terracotta in a creative, subtle way (it also looks so beautiful with the pale-orange roses in front!).

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Use Terracotta Dinner Plates

Terracotta fall wedding reception table.

PHOTO BY KAMI OLAVARRIA; Planning and Design by Saguzo Eventos

We love the way that these terracotta dinner plates (accented with terracotta-hued glassware) warm up an entire wedding reception scene.

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Craft Terracotta-Colored Cocktails

A signature drink list with terracotta colored cocktails.

Photo by Beatrice Howell

A great way to subtly thread a specific color throughout your wedding day is to choose cocktails that reflect that color, as this couple did here with warm-hued cocktails, one of which looks like terracotta pottery.

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Feature Terracotta Throw Pillows

A cocktail hour lounge vignette with terracotta throw pillows.

Photo by Beatrice Howell

If you're using an open space for your cocktail hour, consider using terracotta-colored throw pillows on chairs and couches as a way to accent the space with this warm tone.

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Get Creative With Terracotta Pot Shapes

A floral wedding centerpiece in a low terracotta pot.

Photo by Anna Jones Photography

If you want to add lots of texture and shape to your reception table, consider using different sizes and shapes of terracotta flower pots, accented with warm-toned floral arrangements.

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Use Terracotta-Hued Floral Arrangements

peach flower centerpiece

Photo by Edeningle Photo

You can get so creative with terracotta as a color for flowers—we love the way that this stunning floral arrangement brings together lots of terracotta-adjacent colors, accented with greenery for an earth-tone vibe.

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Create Terracotta Place Cards

A wedding reception place card in terracotta.

Photo by Anna Jones Photography

This chic place setting with simple greenery looks so sweet with a pop of light terracotta peeking out from a linen napkin.

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Debut a Terracotta Cake

A pink-orange terracotta cake with floral accents.

Photo by Chantel Marie

This beautiful orangey-red wedding cake has major terracotta vibes, especially as it's accented with rust-hued flowers for an overall look reminiscent of terracotta clay pottery.

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Feature a Terracotta-Colored Rug

Desert-Inspired Wedding Ceremony Arch with a terracotta rug and pots.

Photo by Lucy Spartalis

If you're hosting an outdoor, bohemian, or desert wedding, using a terracotta-colored rug creates a beautiful contrast with the surrounding natural earth tones—and we love how this couple paired the look with cacti planted in small terracotta pots.

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Use Terracotta Glassware

tablescape with colored orange glassware

Photo by Brooke Miller Photography

If you want subtle terracotta accents at your reception tables, consider using colored glassware in varying shades of terracotta, burnt orange, deep red, or rich yellow.

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