10 Fun Spring Wedding Dessert Ideas That Aren’t Cake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these unique alternatives.

Bride and groom holding ice cream sundaes

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After you and your wedding guests have polished off a mouthwatering reception meal, everyone is going to be looking for something sweet as their final course. Traditionally, a wedding cake is the go-to dessert for most couples, but there are so many delicious and beautiful options for a spring wedding. Whether you and your new spouse don't love cake or simply want to provide your guests with a few different options, there's no reason why you can't change things up for dessert. And with an abundance of produce in season during the spring months, this time of the year presents countless opportunities for desserts that are bursting with flavor—from slices of key lime pie to strawberry shortcake bars.

Since temperatures start to increase in the spring, you can also use your desserts as a way to keep guests cool; an ice cream sundae bar where friends and family can add their own toppings is the perfect way to help everyone cool off between dance sets. This season also produces vibrant gardens in full bloom, so you can use lush flora and fauna as inspiration to up the ante with your presentation, such as topping your treats with flower petals or selecting spring-inspired colorways

Whether you want to serve a dessert bar in lieu of the classic wedding cake or supplement your confection with additional sweets for some variety, these picks from the experts will be a huge hit. Ahead, the best dessert ideas for spring weddings that aren't tiered cakes.

Meet the Expert

  • Esther James is the lead cake designer of With Love by Esther James based in Barbados. She’s been working in the wedding industry since 2016.
  • Michelle Kucuk is the manager at New York City-based Creative Foods Catering. She has 12 years of experience catering weddings and events.

Strawberry Shortcake Bars

Since strawberries are at their peak during the spring, cake designer Esther James suggests serving strawberry shortcake bars in glass dishes. While the flavor combination is light and refreshing, the single-serve option makes it a practical choice. “Mini acrylic-stemmed glasses are super convenient for the guests who want to hit the dance floor but not miss out on the dessert,” James explains. For another nod to the season, top off each sweet with sliced strawberries and a mound of whipped cream.

Key Lime Pie

According to Michelle Kucuk, manager of Creative Foods Catering, key lime pie is “a fruity dessert that reminds you that summer is around the corner.” The filling is sweet, rich, and tangy, and a graham cracker crust will add a contrasting taste and a crunch. To make an even greater statement with your dessert, garnish each bite with lime zest and a dollop of whipped cream. If this is your primary dessert, you can even have the ceremonial “cake” cutting. We especially love this option for a Florida wedding by the water.

Raspberry Biscoff Parfaits

Using ripe raspberries in your dessert of choice will evoke a lot of flavor and color at your spring wedding reception. The combination of juicy berries and cookie crumble is guaranteed to melt in your mouth. For a two-in-one deal, James suggests layering the raspberry biscoff with lemon mascarpone and adorning it with edible florals as a tribute to spring. If you’re hosting an outdoor reception, the cake designer advises taking the necessary precautions to maintain its freshness. “The parfaits can be made to order or can be served on a bed of smoking dried ice for a definite wow factor,” she says. 

Assorted Macarons

Spring is a vibrant time of the year, so channel the season by incorporating colorful hues into your post-dinner treat. Kucuk recommends assorted macarons in shades that match your palette and the season. By displaying these bite-sized sandwich cookies in a tower, your dessert will resemble the shape and size of a wedding cake but make an even bigger impression. Incorporate fresh blooms into the design for a garden-inspired look. 

Ice Cream Sundaes

For a seasonally appropriate option with a hint of nostalgia, present a make-your-own sundae bar for guests to visit at your spring reception. “Ice creams and sorbets provide a refreshing, colorful option that offers an interactive element at the wedding for guests to have fun building their own unique creations with flavors and toppings,” James notes. In addition to crowd-pleasing favorites, like chocolate and vanilla, James proposes including technicolor options, such as pistachio, mango sorbet, and strawberry cheesecake. Load up your stand with sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and fresh fruit for toppings, and serve the scoops in waffle cone cups.

Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon meringue pie is a classic choice that’s perfect for warm weather. Not only is the citrus fruit in season, but the cheery hue will help create the ambiance and bring the energy. With a pastry base, a lemon curd filling, and a layer of meringue, this dessert is light and airy, so you won’t feel weighed down while hitting the dance floor. “For a wow factor, the meringues can be torched upon collection and garnished with a fresh edible flower,” James mentions. 

Blueberry Tarts

Another refreshing dessert that Kucuk loves to whip up for her clients in the spring are mini berry tarts. With fresh blueberries as the main filling, these tartlets are a healthier alternative to more sugary treats. As a bonus, they’re easy to eat and create an aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Passion Fruit Curd

If you want your friends and family to experience something unexpected, consider a passion fruit-based dessert. This exotic fruit makes a creamy, sweet, and tart curd that you can eat on its own or use as a base for macarons. Combine the curd with fresh berries for more flavor, according to James. This option is best for beachside nuptials or tropical aesthetics. 

Chocolate Mousse Shooters

Although fruity desserts are synonymous with this time of the year, you don’t have to shy away from chocolate. For chocolate aficionados or those who prefer a rich after-dinner treat, Kucuk says chocolate mousse shooters are ideal. Presented in mini shot glasses, you’ll get your chocolate fix without overdoing it. To honor the spring, decorate your dessert table with tulips, peonies, sweet peas, or other seasonal blooms

Churro Station

Both sweet and sugary, churros represent everything we love about a dessert. For a spring-inspired take on the treat, serve these fried pastries with ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. We love the idea of placing them in branded sleeves or bags for guests to enjoy as a grab-and-go option.

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