Our Favorite Single-Variety Floral Centerpieces for Your Wedding

We love this less-is-more approach for wedding décor.

A white rose floral runner centerpiece at a coastal wedding.

Photo by Lucy Cuneo

Planning the floral centerpieces for your wedding day reception tables can feel overwhelming, as there are so many directions you can go in. Centerpiece design ideas can match any wedding style, from elegant, romantic tablescapes to colorful tropical themes or bold boho styles. And while floral designs full of variation certainly have their own appeal, some couples may be looking for an option that focuses on just one type of bloom. Enter: Single-variety floral centerpieces.

This intentionally simplistic look embraces a less-is-more approach, and depending on the type of flower, it may even help to lower your floral budget. A pared-down centerpiece that highlights one specific type of flower, you can choose to display these arrangements either in abundance, to make a statement, or by taking a more minimalistic approach with just a few stems.

Below, find 20 of our favorite single-variety floral centerpiece ideas to inspire the décor for your wedding.

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Choose Garden Roses

rose centerpiece

photo by Niki Marie Photography

Garden roses are a type of rose beaming with a romantic texture. These blooms can be found in a variety of hues to match any aesthetic. Bunch garden roses in a vase featuring one single color, or opt to utilize a few different colors for added interest.

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Highlight Hydrangeas

hydrangea centerpiece


Hydrangeas make a statement when they’re in bloom throughout spring and the beginning of summer. Let them command attention on your reception tables as well! Create a cluster with a candle in the middle, or choose to add multiple stems to beautiful vases.

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Go Glam

calla lily centerpiece

photo by Dennis Roy Coronel

Planning a modern-glam wedding? Not only do calla lilies have an incredible scent, but they can definitely hold their own as the only flower in a vase. Place a small bunch of stems in a clear vase for a lovely look.

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Pick Peonies

peony centerpiece


Peonies are one of the most popular wedding flowers for bouquets thanks to their romantic aesthetic and textured look. Why not choose to add peony-only centerpieces to your décor as well? Let these big blooms stand by themselves, or add in a few sprigs of greenery to finish the design.

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Opt for Anemones

anemone centerpiece


Make your tables pop with contrast. Anemones can easily stand on their own thanks to stunning white petals and a black center. Create low centerpieces with a big bunch of these interesting blooms.

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Look to Baby's Breath

baby's breath centerpiece


Baby’s breath is often seen as a filler flower, but it can definitely hold its own. For a romantic, minimal look, consider lining the length of your reception tables with this dainty flower. It’s the ultimate approach to less is more!

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Play With Potted Plants

chamomile centerpiece


Searching for a stunning garden-inspired option? Use pots as your vessel for a potted plant look. Then, add one type of flower such as chamomile for plenty of texture and interest.

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Go All in With Anthurium

anthurium centerpiece


This flowering plant immediately commands attention with its unique shape and vibrant hue. Use anthurium on its own, or add a few sprigs of greenery to complete the look.

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Showcase Sweet Peas

sweet pea centerpiece


Sweet peas start to make their appearance in late spring, and they're as charming as can be! Choose centerpieces featuring bundles of these blooms for a garden-inspired wedding. Select pink, purple, white, or yellow, or even put together centerpieces featuring multiple hues.

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Wow With a Floral Runner

rose floral runner

photo by Lucy Cuneo

A floral runner will immediately make a statement, no matter what flowers or greenery are incorporated. But to make an even bigger impact? Choose one type of flower like this display with white roses.

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Channel a Boho Vibe

white floral centerpiece

photo by Laurken Kendall

Planning a desert wedding? Embrace a boho theme, but don't skip on the flowers. For centerpieces, consider choosing one type of textured bloom and add in a few sprigs of dried grasses to complete the look.

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Make It Tall

tall baby's breath wedding centerpiece

photo by Eve Yarbrough

Baby's breath can certainly be used as runner, or it can be the star of the show for a tall centerpiece. Pair big bunches with a pillar structure to embrace this dainty bloom.

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Embrace Nature

natural centerpiece with yellow flowers

photo by Kurt Boomer Photography

Embracing a natural look? Whether you're planning a camp-style wedding or a woodland theme, this is the perfect fit. Select one type of vibrant blooms and pair several stems with a dried element such as ferns.

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Look to Tradition

lily of the valley centerpiece

Photo by Julie Dreelin

Lily of the Valley has been featured at countless royal weddings, and for good reason! It immediately evokes elegance. For a traditional or formal wedding, consider sophisticated silver vessels with blossoming stems featuring lush green leaves and tiny white flowers.

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Make It Pop

bright red floral centerpieces

photo by Magdalena Studios

Single-variety floral centerpieces don't have to be subtle. Don't be afraid to choose a bold color to make your tables pop. These red blooms with fluffy petals were beautifully displayed in various vases for a modern vibe.

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Feature White Roses

clusters of single roses

photo by Valorie Darling

White roses are an elegant, classic choice for wedding flowers. Why not highlight them in a stunning way? Choose large centerpieces made up of white roses, or display stems sans greenery, but put them together in an abundant display down the length of your table.

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Go Tropical

tropical orchid centerpiece


A tropical-themed wedding calls for centerpieces to match. Orchids are a beautiful fit to stand independently in a single variety floral centerpiece. Consider highlighting these intricate blooms amongst tropical fruits and greenery to take it even further.

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Make It Romantic

ranunculus centerpiece

photo by lisa poggi

Ranunculus are entirely romantic with so many intricate petals providing plenty of textured layers. Consider lining the full length of your reception tables with these special blooms, or display them in big bunches in pretty glassware.

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Go Big to Make a Statement

hydrangea centerpiece

Photo by kate headley

Hello, hydrangeas! If you can't get enough of these early summer blooms, don't be afraid to go big and go bold. Choose large, tall vases with giant clusters in white, or swap for other colors such as pink, purple, or even blue to fit your overall aesthetic.

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Add Blooms to Greenery

greenery table runner with white flowers

photo by phil chester

Love the idea of focusing on a single type of flower, but want a full display with plenty of greenery? Choose a table runner with textured greenery elements, and then dot it with garden roses to complete the look.

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