The 13 Best Seating Charts for the Design-Oriented Couple

Guide your guests to their seats in style with options from Etsy, Minted, and more

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Etsy table

 Courtesy of Etsy

Nothing says welcome like a beautiful display to help seat your guests in style. With seemingly endless decisions to make about wedding decor, whether you're inspired to tackle the decorations yourself or handing off it to a professional, it's easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing where to focus your energy and budget. One small-yet-important wedding detail that is guaranteed to be noticed by everyone? Your seating display! All of your guests will have to look at this in order to know where they are sitting—so take advantage of the opportunity to personalize it.

You want to choose a seating chart that matches your wedding theme and location, so choose the colors, font, and overall design wisely. You also want to be practical — look for fonts and color combinations that are easy to read. The material is also important to consider — wood and acrylic is fancier while paper is easy to reprint if you notice a typo.

While you figure out the seating arrangements , we researched the best seating charts for different venues, themes, and guest lists. These showcase your personality and passions, while still making it easy for your guests to pinpoint their seats. The Studio In Budapest Woodland Wedding Seating Chart is great for animal and nature lovers alike while the Shop Meraki Design Wedding Wine Bottle Seating Chart raises a glass to all your guests.

Whether you are looking for a modern statement piece, a botanical embellishment, or a unique display idea—we have you covered with some of the best options out there.

Here, are the best seating charts based on our research.

Kimberly FitzSimons Chic Gala Seating Chart

Chic Gala Seating Chart

 Courtesy of Minted

Everything about this design is on point—from the stylish typography to the simple border. Available in six different color combinations, this seating chart can easily be customized to fit your wedding color palette, whether you favor timeless neutrals or jewel tones. Our favorite colorway is the cotton candy option because it reminds us of the iconic Colony Hotel in Palm Beach—can you say classic?

The Confetti Home Acrylic Seating Chart

The Confetti Home Acrylic Seating Chart


Nothing beats the crisp, classic look of an acrylic seating chart. This one is laser engraved, so you don't have to worry about painting scratching off the surface. Select between three different sizes and whether you want to hang it by holes or on a stand.

Studio In Budapest Woodland Wedding Seating Chart

Woodland Wedding Seating Chart

 Courtesy of Etsy

This super chic take on natural curiosities is perfect for woodsy outdoor celebrations, or a sophisticated natural history museum affair. Matching table numbers featuring the stunning animal artwork can be purchased to go along with the chart, keeping your decor theme cohesive throughout the evening.

Woodland Custom Design Calligraphy Acrylic Sign

Calligraphy Acrylic Sign

 Courtesy of Etsy

These stunning signs are hand-lettered and beautifully formatted with horizontal and vertical text. Customization is the name of the game here. With twenty stunning shades of background colors and four different calligraphy script color, there are endless ways to make this seating chart your own.

Editable Wedding Monogram Seating Chart Template

Monogram Seating Chart Template

Courtesy of Etsy

The gold, laurel wreath monogram on this seating chart is the epitome of classic elegance. This template is easy to customize, and depending on your needs, it can be printed in four different sizes. Place this gorgeous seating chart in a frame, accented by ivory garden roses and greenery to elevate the presentation of this piece.

Georgia Blue Design Co. Seating Chart Cards

Seating Chart Cards

 Courtesy of Etsy

The delicate design of these individual seating cards is checking all of the style boxes on our list. This easily customizable template is affordable, and you can print the cards at home in either 4X6” or 5X7” sizes. To complement a boho wedding aesthetic, place them on a table with wildflowers, moss, and a velvet guest book for a chic display.

Unmeasured Event Priya Modern Chart Template

Priya Modern Chart Template

Courtesy of Etsy

Black is definitely trending as a modern wedding accent color, and this chart is the perfect way to incorporate it into your decor. The “Our Favorite People” title at the top is a fun twist on more traditional seating chart wording, setting the mood for a festive fete!

Shop Meraki Design Wedding Wine Bottle Seating Chart

Wedding Wine Bottle Seating Chart

Courtesy of Etsy

Cheers to the wine lovers out there! These downloadable 4x6” templates can be printed and affixed to a variety of your favorite bottles for a playful seating display. Put the stickers on the back of the wine bottles, so the label will still be visible once turned around; this allows you to repurpose the bottles to create a wine tasting of your favorite vino varietals during your reception!

No Ordinary Emporium Country Wedding Seating Chart

Country Wedding Seating Chart

 Courtesy of Etsy

This seating chart is perfect for the travel-loving couple, or a couple who has celebrated milestones together all over the world. This chart is a custom-designed digital file, that features states, countries, or islands that tell the story of your relationship. You can pick from a vast array of colors and fonts to match your overall decor.

Minted Kaydi Bishop Palm Seating Chart

Palm Seating Chart

 Courtesy of Minted

We love the tropical nod from the hand-painted palm leaf design on this seating chart from Minted. Available in two sizes, these signs come in three different colorways and can be formatted to fit over 100 names per sign. For a more cohesive look, you have the option to select a silhouette with rounded corners.

Make Me Digital Studio Moody Floral Wedding Seating Chart

Moody Floral Wedding Seating Chart

 Courtesy of Etsy

Rich, jewel-tone florals will always be in vogue when it comes to wedding style. They work especially well with fall wedding colors. Coupled with the modern typeface and creative spacing layout of this seating chart, this downloadable template is the perfect way to represent your inner flower child on your big day.

CardHunter Burgundy Floral Wedding Seating Chart

seating chart


With 21 different sizes and four paper options, this jewel-toned floral chart is super customizable. There's even an option to frame it! What's more, you can tailor your whole wedding paper collection to match the design if you like. Choose everything from wedding invitations and thank you cards to cute personalized stickers for decorating favors.

Linen and Copper Linen Seating Chart

Linen and Copper Linen Seating Chart


For those favoring a cozy, casual rustic wedding aesthetic, this linen seating chart embraces the down-to-earth vibe. It's handmade, meaning no stencils were used, so the lettering may vary but that's part of the charm. The high quality linen also has some light fraying on the sides for a natural touch. Because it's made from material rather than paper, you can save it as a memory from your special day.

What to Look for in a Seating Chart

Color and Theme

The perfect seating chart will seamlessly fit into your wedding aesthetic while also showing off your and your spouse's interests. Choose colors and themes that will complement what you've already planned, but don't be afraid to get creative. If you love to travel, find one that features maps, like the No Ordinary Emporium Country Wedding Seating Chart. Wine lovers can't go wrong with the Shop Meraki Design Wedding Wine Bottle Seating Chart. You can also add flowers, candles, and other decor to make it a stand out piece.


Find a font that goes with your theme but is also easy to read. Script fonts are great to use for headers, but you may want to choose a serif font for names. Also, consider the spacing. You don't want the names and sections to be too cramped together.


Your seating chart can be made from just about anything. From paper to acrylic to wood, there are plenty of ways to display your chart. Paper is a versatile choice, as you can always easily reprint your chart if you notice a typo before your big day. However wood and acrylic, like The Confetti Home Acrylic Seating Chart, are fancier options that look crisp and elegant. Alternatively, you can even use stickers to place your chart on wine bottles or other items that work with your theme.

  • How do I determine a seating chart?

    Planning the seating chart can be overwhelming, but our expert tips can make it easier.

    First you need to decide what shape and size of tables you'll use, as this will determine how many guests will seat at each table. Then think about they key people at your wedding—you can either have a head table with you and your wedding party or break it out to a sweetheart table with you and just your partner. If you go with the latter, you'll likely want the second table for your parents and the third for your wedding party. Once you have the main group accounted for, you can put your guests together by similar backgrounds, friend groups, and how you know them. If there will be kids at your wedding, consider a kid's table. But do skip the table of all singles, even if you want to play matchmaker. This can just make them feel awkward and singled out.

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