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Whether you’re looking for a perfume to wear on your wedding day or a new signature scent, the trial and error that usually comes with finding a new fragrance can take its toll. With the hefty price tags most bottles boast, the costs can add up—and that frankly stinks. Plus, there's, of course, the wastefulness of purchasing perfume you end up barely using.

Luckily, perfume subscription boxes are freshening up the fragrance landscape. Each month, these services deliver a new sampling of scents directly to you, cutting down the cost of testing new perfumes. Ready to spritz on something special? Here are the best perfume subscription boxes.

Best Perfume Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Overall: Scentbird



Why We Chose It: The combination of Scentbird’s wide selection and its tools to help you build your scent profile can’t be beat.

What We Like

  • A quiz, rating system, and monthly suggestions to make selecting the perfect perfume so much easier
  • A fragrance library of more than 500 scents
  • Sends an eco-friendly reusable atomizer with your first order (instead of a new one every month)

What We Don’t Like

  • No rewards program or discount for purchasing full-sized fragrances

Scentbird is practically synonymous with the fragrance subscription service—and, yes, the company lives up to the hype.

First, you can take a quiz to discover your personal scent profile and which of Scentbird’s most beloved perfumes fit your style. Upon activating your subscription, you’re free to browse its fragrance library of more than 500 designer fragrances (your favorite beauty supply or department store can’t certainly compete with that number!).

Select your fave from designers including Tom Ford, Prada, Acqua di Parma, and Tocca, and you'll receive it in an 8-milliliter vial along with a reusable atomizer. The vial gives you about a 30-day supply of fragrance, and you can choose a new one every month to load into your atomizer.

You can also rate your selected scents, allowing Scentbird to figure out exactly what strikes your fancy with monthly suggestions. Think of the company like your virtual assistant, here to help you along the journey of discovering your signature scent. 

Scentbird plans start at about $16 a month for one product per month.

Best Budget: Fragrance of the Month Fragrance of the Month Fragrance of the Month

Why We Chose It: With its ultra-light price tag, Fragrance of the Month makes trying luxury fragrances affordable and possible for just about any perfume junkie. 

What We Like

  • Budget-friendly
  • The advice of fragrance experts to help you make scent selections
  • Despite the low price, Fragrance of the Month still offers significantly sized atomizers

What We Don’t Like

  • Have to choose a gender-specific subscription when purchasing

If you really want to get the most beauty bang for your buck, look to’s Fragrance of the Month. The most cost-efficient subscription service on this list, Fragrance of the Month offers subscribers monthly fragrances from a catalog of more than 500 designer brands that include Givenchy, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and more.

Choose whichever suits you, or, if you can’t make up your mind, have one of’s fragrance experts choose for you. Every four weeks it’ll arrive in a handy travel atomizer for you to spritz away to your heart’s content. (With around 8 milliliters of product, each atomizer will provide about 120 sprays.) 

With both traditionally masculine and feminine scents available, you can begin a queue of perfumes, with one sent out to you each month. Switch up your choices or cancel at any time.’s Fragrance of the Month costs about $15 per month.

Best Selection: Scentbox



Why We Chose It: With the number of options offered, you can try as many high-end fragrances as your heart desires (sans the hefty price tag).

What We Like

  • A wide variety of fragrance options
  • The option to exchange if you don’t like your monthly fragrance

What We Don’t Like

  • You have to first purchase a subscription before you’re able to browse their fragrance library
  • Gives subscribers “Scentbucks,” which can take a while to add up as significant discounts

Who doesn’t love having options? Well, the options are seemingly endless at Scentbox. Scentbox offers more than 850 different fragrances with which you can fill up your subscription box.

First, sign up for either their standard or premium subscription; the premium option gives you access to luxury perfumes from designers that include Chloe, Balenciaga, and Bvlgari, as well as extra, sweet-smelling goodies like bath bombs. Then, take a scent profile quiz to tailor your recommendations. With its expert selects, there’s no real reason to sort through its wide array of perfumes—unless you want to, that is. 

Once a month, you can choose from any offerings in the fragrance library, and a 30-day supply will be sent to you in a refillable travel atomizer (which holds about 8 milliliters of product). No need to fear hating your selected scent: Scentbox offers free exchanges with their monthly subscription.

Scentbox’s standard subscription costs about $16 a month, while its premium subscription is roughly $21 a month. To really splurge, try the Platinum plan for about $30 a month.

Best for Clean Beauty: Skylar



Why We Chose It: You don’t have to compromise smelling great for being health-conscious, thanks to Skylar's clean, innovative fragrances.

What We Like

  • Conscious, clean ingredients
  • Fragrance formulas that are free of toxic chemicals
  • The 10-milliliter rollerball bottle is the largest offered on our list

What We Don’t Like

  • Can only choose from Skylar branded fragrances
  • Fewer options than those offered from other perfume subscriptions
  • Slightly more expensive

If you want your fragrances without a side of parabens, phthalates, or toxic chemicals, Skylar has you covered. This cosmetics company formulates all of its fragrances with botanical-based, vegan, and safe-synthetic ingredients for hypoallergenic and clean perfume scents. Even the packaging is thoughtfully and ethically made, with recyclable materials from eco-friendly suppliers.

While you can purchase fragrances (and body wash, lotion, and more) à la carte, Skylar’s perfume subscription is the highlight. After taking a short scent profile quiz, Skylar will recommend a perfume they think is suitable for you. And there are no sample spritzers here: Your selected perfume will come in a handy rollerball bottle.

Each month, you’ll receive a new fragrance suggestion, but if it doesn’t sound right for you, you can choose any other rollerball from Skylar’s extensive gallery of original scents. All are fresh, versatile, and can easily be layered, so you’re bound to love whichever arrives at your door. And if you really love it, the subscription comes with about 20% off all other Skylar purchases, so you can score a full-size bottle of your favorite fragrance at a discount.

Skylar Scent Club costs roughly $20 a month.

Best for Niche Fragrances: Olfactif



Why We Chose It: While niche, international fragrances can be difficult to find or procure, Olfactif brings them right to you. 

What We Like

  • Unique, international perfumes that go beyond mainstream scents
  • Opportunity to try new scents you may have never heard of before

What We Don’t Like

  • All subscribers receive the same fragrances every month
  • No way to tailor the selections to personal preferences
  • Samples are on the smaller end 
  • More expensive

Are the perfumes that litter the countertops of department stores too mainstream for your unique sense of style? Then consider Olfactif: This perfume subscription service offers up out-of-the-box niche fragrances that hail from perfumers across the globe. If you’re looking for a fragrance that’s unusual and nuanced—a scent that’s truly signature—you’ll likely find it here.

First, choose from a one-, three-, six-, or 12-month subscription and whether you’d like to receive women’s/unisex fragrances, traditionally masculine scents, or both. Then, on the first of every month, three new perfumes (that you probably have never heard of before) will be delivered to your door in 2-milliliter-sized vials. Think complex scent stories that feature possible notes of jasmine, orange blossom, suede, tolu balsam, fig, patchouli, blackcurrant buds, and black pepper. 

In case you fall in love with any of the included fragrances, your subscription includes roughly a 20% discount on full-sized featured bottles, as well as about 10% off all other full-sized bottles.

Olfactif is priced at about $20 a month, or roughly $58, $116, and $228 for three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions respectively. Its deluxe collection (which includes six vials in both feminine and masculine scents) is priced at around $38 a month, or approximately $111, $221, and $433 for three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions respectively.

Bottom Line

Perfume subscription boxes offer countless fragrances for a fraction of what you’d pay for department-store counterparts. Because of this, they’re often a stellar option for those looking to try something new or simply expand their fragrance wardrobe. With scents that you may already have lusted after to those you’ve never heard of before, these services are suitable for even the pickiest of noses.

Subscription services like’s Fragrance of the Month (and its $15 a month price tag) and Skylar’s 10-milliliter rollerball perfumes both nail it when it comes to value. The perfume subscriptions we choose also offer tons of options, like Scentbox, which has an extensive fragrance library to satisfy even the pickiest of perfume lovers.

What Are Perfume Subscription Boxes? 

If you’re addicted to testing out new fragrances or are still on the hunt for your signature scent, perfume subscription boxes should be on your radar. Each month, these services will send you sample- or rollerball-sized perfumes to try and experiment with.

How Much Do Perfume Subscription Boxes Cost? 

Perfume subscription boxes and services vary in cost. The scent services in our roundup range from about $15 to $20 per month, based on monthly subscriptions. It’s also worth noting that these prices can sometimes go down through the purchase of a longer subscription. For example, purchasing a six-month subscription with Olfactif will bring the cost of each box down to roughly $19, instead of the usual $20.

Generally speaking, though, subscription boxes cost just a fraction of what you’d pay for a full-size bottle of perfume and prove to be a more sustainable choice, too. They’re a win for both your wallet and the environment.

What’s Included in a Perfume Subscription Box?

Fragrance selections vary from company to company. Some scent subscription services, such as Skylar and Scentbox, include one featured perfume per monthly shipment. Others include more than one new perfume with every box, like Olfactif which packs their boxes with three deluxe samples. Your perfume subscription box may also include information about featured scents and fragrance houses.

How We Chose the Best Perfume Subscription Boxes

When choosing our favorite perfume subscription boxes, we mainly weighed two factors: value and range of selection, the two primary elements people look for in a subscription. Being able to try out a bunch of different fragrances at affordable prices is nothing to shake an atomizer at. Finally, in addition to our own spritizing and sniffing, we also poured over internet reviews of everyday customers, examined packaging, and atomizer sizes to ensure we’re bringing you the most supreme subscription services out there.

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