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Honky Tonk Party Express is the best overall party bus rental.

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Looking to get your party started? If you want to book a party bus for your wedding or bachelorette party, there’s a seemingly endless list of options depending on what you’re looking for. And, for weddings, there are elegant buses that allow you to play music and videos while keeping it low-key. If you want to upgrade your bachelorette party, there are bright pink buses or options with poles. 

Here, we’ve rounded up the best party bus rentals by city to make it easy for you to book, no matter what vibe you're looking for. 

Best Party Bus Rentals of 2022

Best Overall: Honky Tonk Party Express

Honky Tonk Party Express

Honky Tonk Party Express

Why We Chose It: The Honky Tonk Express is Nashville’s most famous party bus, and it’s roofless, leading to the best possible Instagram pictures. 


  • Roofless, so you can take in the best views and get great pictures 
  • A strong Instagram presence so you know what you’re getting into 


  • You can use this one for bachelorettes instead of wedding parties

Honky Tonk Express is "Nashville’s favorite party bus," which means the open-air vehicle has been used for quite a few bachelorette parties and weddings.

With two locations in Nashville and Chattanooga, it offers different types of wedding experiences, no matter what kind of party you’re hosting. The three different types include a wedding shuttle service for up to 30 guests, the mobile bar rental complete with a custom-built bar, and then the wedding cruise, with transportation through downtown Nashville complete with a bartender, music, and LED lights for peak Instagram opportunities. 

The company launched in 2016 with only one bus, a school bus without a top, and with a bartender, sound system, and Instagram-worthy lights. There’s even a bench for those who enjoy dancing on elevated surfaces. Since then, the company has expanded and now offers about 25 vehicles. The owners wanted to cater to the bachelorette parties in Nashville by offering them a VIP experience that was different from the popular pedal bikes. The tagline is “Be The Party” to encourage everyone to enjoy the bus and the sights of Nashville. 

The prices start around $500 for a private tour or at about $50 for a public tour and the company operates every day. They’re the number one ranked party bus in the country on TripAdvisor and Yelp (as of January 2023).

Most Unique: The Detroit Bus Company

The Detroit Bus Company

The Detroit Bus Company

Why We Chose It: Detroit Bus is completely unique, as the company renovates vintage buses and re-does them with hand-painted murals created by local artists.

What We Like:

  • Renovated vintage buses with hand-painted murals
  • Murals created by local artists 
  • Runs buses on renewable American-made biodiesel fuel produced from soy
  • Snazzy Instagram page to keep up with its happenings 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Might be better for city tours than as a wedding or bachelorette party rental

Detroit Bus is truly one of a kind. The business doesn’t provide the typical magenta party bus; instead, the buses are vintage, renovated with hand-painted murals created by local artists.

The service focuses on its drivers, highlighting them on its website. Detroit Bus is also an environmentally friendly option, running vehicles on renewable, American-made biodiesel fuel produced from soy. 

Even better? This bus gives back. Every ride bought gives a free ride to a local kid in Detroit. The bus is available for rent, as well as city tours. Detroit Bus offers hourly rentals, and the price includes all fees and fuel. Inquire on the website for a quote.

Best for Nightclub Energy: Miami Limo Coach

Miami Limo Coach

Miami Limo Coach

Why We Chose It: Miami Limo Coach is perfect for a wild South Beach bachelorette party, complete with lasers, a pole, and a video screen wall. 


  • Perfect for large bachelorette parties
  • Video screen, pole, smoke machine, and laser lights for partying 


  • Better suited for bachelorette parties than as wedding transportation 

Miami Limo Coach is pure luxury, perfect for a bachelorette party spent at South Beach nightclubs. The party bus has laser light shows, a pole, a DJ, a sound system, lights, and a video screen wall. It even comes with smoke machines, granite bars, and champagne buckets.

This is ideal for a big party: It seats 32 comfortably and up to a maximum of 50 people. Hosts and DJs are also available for booking. You can also upgrade to the VIP package, which gives guests velvet rope access at the hottest club as well as table service.

You can request a quote via the website.

Best for Bachelorette Parties: Brooke’s Bubble Bus

Brooke’s Bubble Bus

Brooke’s Bubble Bus

Why We Chose It: Brooke’s Bubble Bus is a hot pink party bus in Texas that stands out because of its fun glitter vibes. 


  • The girliest option, complete with pink everything 
  • Adorable and active Instagram page so you can follow along
  • Offers wine tastings by bus 


  • Located in Fredericksburg, Texas, so it’s not as popular of a location 

Founded by a 24-year-old University of Texas grad who grew up watching wineries pop up in Fredericksburg, she decided to make her own party bus venture. Her entrepreneurial spirit shines through her brand, right down to the pink glitter.

Brooke’s Party Bus in Fredericksburg, Texas, is available for a minimum of four hours, starting at about $125 an hour. The pink bus offers a wine tour, night tour, or brewery tour. This is ideal for bachelorette parties, as it’s just about as girly as it gets. You’ll get pink party bags, dress-up boxes with wigs, wine tastings, and more.

Most Laid Back: Chucktown Graffiti Limo

Chucktown Graffiti Limo

Chucktown Graffiti Limo

Why We Chose It: Chucktown Graffiti calls itself the “most ridiculous business” in Charleston, a bachelorette party hub. 


  • This party bus doesn’t take itself too seriously 
  • Party bus lives up to its name and is painted with fun graffiti 
  • Charleston is the perfect location for a bachelorette party 


  • It’s a no-frills experience, so don’t expect the light show that others offer  
  • Fits a smaller group than others 

Chucktown Graffiti bills itself as the “most ridiculous business in Charleston SC, America, and the USA,” making it a unique experience. With this service, you can rent the bus for a day or night, or you can use it for a brewery tour. Most groups will enjoy a round trip jaunt, going through downtown Charleston and then back to their bachelorette vacation rental.

The hourly rate is about $180 with a three-hour minimum rental period. Buses fit up to 15 people, so it's ideal for smaller parties. Prices can vary based on pickup location and destinations, so it's best to give the company a call or send an email.

Best for Weddings: The New York Trolley Company

The New York Trolley Company

The New York Trolley Company

Why We Chose It: The New York Trolley Company is a fun and unique way to get around in Manhattan, especially for weddings. 

What We Like:

  • Fun trolley wedding pictures 
  • Unique vintage vibes 
  • Guarantees your wedding guests ride in style 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Less party-focused than other options 

The New York Trolley Company provides the perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures that are just a little bit different: It’s ideal for weddings since it’s far more luxurious than the typical school bus and more unique than a white limo. Even better? You can bring your own drinks, food, and decorations. 

The vintage trolleys, nicknamed Ollie and Dolly, are fully renovated. And while they're perfect for weddings, they're also available for all occasions, like birthdays, pub crawls, bachelorette parties, and more. The best part? You can decorate the way you want and bring your own playlist. 

The company charges by the hour with a two-hour minimum, with the exception of a three-hour minimum on Friday and Saturday afternoons. You can also rent the trolley for the whole day if needed. The trolleys seat 34 people and can travel throughout New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Contact the New York Trolley Company for a quote.

Final Verdict 

A party bus is the best way to upgrade your special day, whether it’s your birthday, bachelorette party, or wedding. We wanted to feature a wide variety of party buses, offering everything from a true nightclub experience to an elegant one perfect for wedding pictures. 

The Honky Tonk Party Express is your best bet if you’re looking for a true Southern good time. The Nashville-based bus caters to bachelorette parties and is something different in the city, as people usually get around by bicycle tour there. The Detroit Bus Company is a unique experience and has a philanthropic angle if that's appealing.

Miami Limo Coach is ideal if you want a nightclub experience while onboard. Guests can even opt for the VIP version, which guarantees that you’ll get into exclusive South Beach nightclubs without a problem and with bottle service. 

Brooke’s Bubble Bus is in Texas, but it has high energy for a bachelorette party, complete with a costume box onboard full of wigs and pink party favors. Chucktown Graffiti is perfect if you want a laid-back way to enjoy Charleston. The New York Trolley Company is an elegant option if you want to transport wedding guests in the Northeast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Party Bus?

A party bus is a unique way to get to locations and they vary greatly. Some are refurbished school buses, others are vintage trolleys, and some are typical luxury buses with upgrades like sound systems. Party buses provide fun ways to travel, carpool together to a location, and drink or eat onboard.

Where Are Party Buses Located?

There are party buses all throughout the U.S., and each one is different. The majority of party buses are located in populated areas, and since they’re popular for weddings and bachelorette parties, many are in hubs for both. They’re also an enjoyable way to visit wineries and breweries. 

How Much Do Party Buses Cost? 

Party bus prices vary. Usually, you'll have to contact the company for an estimate since they vary based on the number of people aboard and how long you’ll need transportation. Prices tend to start around $100 and go up from there. It should cost a few hundred dollars to rent a bus for a few hours. 


First, we asked people in the bridal community about their experiences on party buses to find reliable ones that consistently provide a fun time. Then, we looked for party buses in major bachelorette party and wedding hubs around the country. We examined a wide variety for different needs, such as planning a birthday, bachelorette party, or wedding. Lastly, we assessed reviews, testimonials, and social media content to make sure each company provides an enjoyable experience.

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