5 Best Online Yoga Classes

Alo Moves is our top pick for online yoga classes

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We’re sure we don’t need to wax poetic about the benefits of yoga, but it’s so hard not to be excited about all its physical and emotional perks. From increasing flexibility and toning muscle to relieving stress (ahem, wedding planning stress), yoga can do it all. And, thanks to online yoga classes, you can reap all those benefits right from your living room. With options to both stream sessions live and watch pre-recorded videos hosted by professional instructors, online yoga classes bring the flow to you.

To make sense of all the virtual studios and different flows out there, we rolled up our sleeves to find you the top online yoga sessions. With live streams, on-demand videos, and both beginner and more advanced flows, here are our favorite online yoga classes.

5 Best Online Yoga Classes of 2023

Best Overall : Alo Moves

Alo Moves in black font on white background

 Alo Moves

Why We Chose It: Besides killer content, the Alo Moves’ videos are beautifully produced and thoughtfully organized. Plus, there are so many of them that you’ll be treated to tons of variety and opportunity to switch up your sessions from day to day.

What We Like

  • Over 1,000 yoga classes available
  • Variety of courses
  • Organized filtering
  • Well-shot videos

What We Don’t Like

  • No live classes available

You may be already familiar with Alo for its super-luxe athleticwear. But in addition to killer clothes, it also offers online yoga classes that, in our opinion, are the best in the market.

Alo Moves offers over 1,000 (over three thousand if you count their other fitness courses, too) instructive yoga videos that are all stunningly produced. Everything from the lighting to the settings (clean, minimalist studios and fresh, greenery-filled spaces) is inviting and invokes a feeling of calm right off the bat. The content is just as impressive, with masterful instructors leading courses that include Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Ashtanga, and sessions specifically for prenatal, restoration, toning, evenings, mornings, meditation, and more. With the number of choices offered, you’ll never get bored.

We love you you can also download videos to view them offline through Alo's mobile app, making it possible to do a sunrise salutation in your backyard or park. Also worthy of a shoutout is the intuitive interface that allows subscribers to find classes with filters like difficulty, intensity, style, and length, so you can easily and quickly find a session perfect for your level and schedule.

Alo Moves is regularly priced at around $200 for an annual membership or $20 per month for a monthly membership.

Best Budget : Yoga With Adriene

Yoga With Adriene in black font on white background

 Yoga With Adriene

Why We Chose It: Everyone should have access to the practice of yoga despite any financial constraints. Yoga with Adriene makes that possible without skimping on video quality, quantity, content, or instruction.    

What We Like

  • All videos are free
  • Offers sessions created for specific communities and individuals
  • Has videos suitable for all levels

What We Don’t Like

  • Videos may play unskippable ads
  • YouTube interface doesn’t offer many options for filtering 
  • No variety of instructors

If you want to commit to daily yoga sessions without a monthly or yearly subscription, head on over to Yoga With Adriene’s YouTube channel—you just may never leave. On a mission to “connect as many as people as possible,” international yoga teacher Adriene Mishler created a library of no-cost, high-quality yoga videos, making the practice accessible to the masses (with 12 million subscribers, to be more exact). 

Despite the $0 price tag, Adriene’s yoga classes are just as impressive as those offered with paid subscriptions. Her teaching style is welcoming and approachable: She clearly and thoroughly explains each pose, breaking it down for beginners—so there’s no chance of you calling it quits halfway through.

The collection of classes is extensive, with videos for all levels and ages, and even includes thoughtful flows designed for specific communities and individuals, such as chefs, equestrians, and those suffering from both physical and mental illness, such as lower back pain, PTSD, and depression.

There’s even a specific series geared towards remote learners and teachers. Unfortunately, while divided into specific playlists on YouTube, the platform doesn’t allow you to narrowly filter hundreds of options to find what you’re specifically looking for.

Best Live Classes : Sky Ting TV

Sky Ting TV in black font on white background

 Sky Ting TV

Why We Chose It: We love that Sky Ting has live offerings, as well as a large library of videos.

What We Like

  • Live classes offered
  • Sprawling collection of pre-recorded classes

What We Don’t Like

  • Highest annual price on this list

If you miss the intimate, organic feel of your regular in-person yoga classes, check out Sky Ting TV. The New York City-based studio offers live classes to subscribers for that in-person vibe without actually being in-person. But don’t worry if your schedule is too crazy to fit in one of their live classes: Sky Ting TV also offers a full library of pre-recorded yoga courses so you can practice any time of day. 

Even better? The on-demand classes are diverse in style, length, and difficulty level. There are options for beginner and more advanced flows, helpful for core and arm strengthening, as well as deep stretching and lengthening.

Sky Ting TV's starting price is roughly $200 annually or about $20 per month. The company also offers subscriptions on a sliding scale as part of their Pay it Forward plan, where subscriptions range from $20 to $30 a month.

Best Music : Y7 Online

Y7 Studio in black font on white background

 Y7 Online

Why We Chose It: While the active flows may be intimidating to beginners, the instructors’ guidance is always clear. Plus, the music-driven practice is totally unique.

What We Like: 

  • Unique playlists

What We Don’t Like:

  • Fast-paced flow takes a little getting used to
  • If you’re familiar with Y7’s in-person classes, you might miss the steamy, candlelit studio

If your party playlists are the stuff of legends, your yoga practice deserves more than just your average chimes and chants. Luckily for you, Y7 delivers all the sick beats you crave alongside the yoga instruction your body needs.

With studios based in Los Angeles and New York City, Y7 is known for its immersive, heated studios (they’re warmed to about 80 to 90 degrees for an especially sweaty workout that stimulates circulation and flexibility). Studios are illuminated by candlelight and feature playlists featuring a mix of music genres. 

Its digital classes feature those same unique playlists, paired with fast-paced Vinyasa yoga flows that are timed to the tracks. Subscribers receive full, unlimited access to Y7’s library of videos that include both their signature hour-long, sweat-dripping structure, as well as shorter, half-hour, and 15-minute flows.

New classes are added consistently. Y7 Online is priced at $20 per month.

Best Workout : CorePower Yoga On Demand

CorePower Yoga in black and orange font on white background

 CorePower Yoga On Demand

Why We Chose It: CorePower Yoga’s workouts are uniquely challenging and fitness-focused, while still being suitable for any experience level. 

What We Like

  • Easy-to-filter interface
  • Both live and pre-recorded classes available 
  • A library of hundreds of videos

What We Don’t Like

  • Fitness-focused flows and sculpting classes may not be for everyone

While your average yoga flow is great for toning, stretching, and meditating, if a truly intense workout is what you’re after, CorePower Yoga On Demand should definitely be on your radar. 

Combining sweat-producing, strengthening moves with traditional flows and mindfulness, CorePower Yoga On Demand offers fitness-focused yoga that’s deliciously challenging. With workouts that target every muscle group, this is an intensely physical (and mood-boosting) experience. Now, this is what moving meditation is all about.

Don’t let all that scare you though: CorePower Yoga On Demand is suitable for yogis of all experience levels. Its online collection of hundreds of classes range from beginner-friendly flows to more advanced, high-intensity Vinyasa with challenging postures and inversions. There are also sculpting-specific courses that utilize weights and strength-training moves, meditation sessions, and videos that breakdown poses in a simple step-by-step format.

In addition to these on-demand offerings, CorePower Yoga On Demand also streams live sessions, and the interface is easy to navigate: With filters for class length and format, you’ll be able to pinpoint your perfect flow.

CorePower Yoga On Demand offers disounts and is regularly priced at $49.

Final Verdict

The best online yoga class depends on your skill level and preferred intensity. There are classes suitable for both beginners and more advanced yogis, as well as those that are more meditative and others that are more fitness-focused for a sculpting, sweaty workout.

We recommend options like CorePower Yoga for those looking to break a sweat and for classes catered to a variety of skill levels. The uniqueness of Y7’s hip-hop-paired poses and Yoga by Adriene’s classes geared to specific needs stood out to us.

All of our favorites, though, provide clear, thorough instruction to help you deepen your knowledge and practice. No matter which you choose from this list, you’re sure to reap the physical and mental benefits yoga provides. And the fact that you don’t even need to leave your home to hit that Shavasana is a major plus.  

What Are Online Yoga Classes?

Online yoga classes are guided flows of poses, movements, and breathwork that are offered virtually, either as pre-recorded videos or as live streams. Courses can range in length from just a few minutes to well over an hour, so whether you just have 15 minutes to spare during a lunch break or want to devote a large chunk of time to deep meditation, you’ll likely be able to find an online yoga session that meets your needs and schedule. Online yoga classes also feature a range of styles, such as Vinyasa and Ashtanga, as well as flows suitable for a range of experience levels.

What Should I Look for in an Online Yoga Class?

As classes range from beginner flows to those that use more advanced techniques, look for one that matches your particular skill level when choosing an online yoga course. If you’re a true beginner, try a free lesson to get started. You should also select a session suitable for your individual needs, such as a prenatal yoga class or one for people suffering from back pain. Courses may also require specific workout equipment like blocks and straps, so make sure you’re choosing one you’re prepared for. 

How Much Do Online Yoga Classes Cost? 

Online yoga classes vary in cost. There are free options (which can often be found on YouTube), as well as those that cost a monthly or yearly subscription fee. The online yoga classes in our roundup specifically cost about $20 a month (or up to roughly $200 annually). It’s also worth noting that these subscription fees are oftentimes less than what you’d pay for one, in-person class. For example, you can access unlimited online yoga classes with Y7 for $20 a month, while its in-person sessions start at $29.

How We Chose the Best Online Yoga Classes

When selecting the best online yoga classes, we included a combination of free options that are readily available on no-cost platforms like YouTube, as well as subscription-based classes and those that can be streamed live for an in-person experience at-home. In addition to referring to our own yoga practice and experience, we also poured over countless internet reviews from other discerning yogis to guarantee we’re bringing you the best of the best.

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