21 Old Hollywood Wedding Ideas for a Glamorous Affair

Lights, camera, action!

A couple pouring champagne on tower at wedding.

Photo by haley ryyn ringo

Looking for the perfect theme and décor ideas for your wedding? While an elegant garden party will never go out of style and a boho wedding will always make a statement, there are plenty of other options to consider. If you’re looking for an aesthetic that embraces a refined vintage-meets-glam vibe, we have the ideal fit—an Old Hollywood wedding.

Old Hollywood celebrates the style, music, and movies of several decades, ranging from the 1920s to the 1960s. It embodies icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Judy Garland, and Lucille Ball, as well as the air of sophistication these stars brought both on and off movie sets. It’s all about embracing polished glamour through beautiful textures and color palettes including black, white, gold, silver, and even a pop of red.

Below, find 21 of our favorite old Hollywood wedding ideas to transport you back in time in style.

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Theme Your Invitations

old hollywood wedding invitation

photo by Rachel Rodgers Photography

Don’t forget to set the tone right from the beginning! Theme your invitations to match your goal aesthetic. A simple black and white invitation is a great fit, or incorporate gilded details to add a bit of shimmer.

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Use a Vintage Bar Cart

vintage bar cart at wedding

photo by chellise michael

Bar carts immediately bring a glamorous vintage vibe to any setting, especially if they have stunning intricate details and are decked in gold! Set up a bar cart to display a guest book, or utilize it to offer self-serve drinks for a smaller wedding.

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Select the Perfect Venue

glamorous wedding venue reception space

photo by haley ryyn ringo

An Old Hollywood theme can fit in any venue, whether you’re booking an art museum or ballroom or hosting your reception outside. As you’re searching for the ideal place, consider looking for a space with built-in details such as chandeliers and ornate architecture to match the overall aesthetic.

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Glam Up Your Place Settings

black and gold reception place setting

photo by jessa schifilliti

It’s all in the small details! Set the table with place settings to match your theme. We love the idea of a matte black plate with gold detailing to bring the glamour.

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Theme the Bar

old hollywood themed wedding bar

photo by haley ryyn ringo

Planning to set up a bar in your venue? Don’t forget to decorate it in style! We love the idea of creating marquee signage in black and gold, with a few décor details such as flowers, candles, and a vintage lamp to dress it up.

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Stack a Champagne Tower

champagne tower

photo by jillian mitchell

Champagne towers can be put together in many shapes and styles, but to match a vintage-meets-glam vibe, coupes are the perfect fit. Stack glasses on a black tablecloth to command attention.

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Incorporate Draping

white draping wedding reception

Photo by ashlyn cathey

Whether you’re hosting your reception in a ballroom or a tent, draping fabrics from high up can immediately offer a glamorous look. Consider white draping from the ceiling, or even look to gold or black to bring the drama.

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Add a Pop of Red

red rose boutonnieres

photo by K.R Moreno Photography

While a color palette of black, white, and metallics such as gold and silver will be the perfect fit, don’t be afraid to add a pop of red. Similar to a bold red lip, a red rose boutonniere is a great way to complete an Old Hollywood outfit.

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Go for a Gilded Cake

gold and white wedding cake

photo by K.R. Moreno; cake by sweet heather anne

Choose a cake design to fit the theme! Consider an all-gold cake, or embrace an elegant design with gold detailing. We love the way this five-tiered sweet incorporated gold-painted leaves for a stunning, shimmery touch.  

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Wow With White Florals

white wedding floral centerpieces

photo by haley ryyn ringo

White florals are anything but boring! Embrace multiple types of blooms in varying vases and at different heights for plenty of texture for a refined look.

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Serve Cocktails in Coupes

champagne coupe

photo by Lindsey Shorter Photography

The coupe glass was incredibly popular post-prohibition, making a statement of elegance in the 1930s and on. Instead of rocks glasses or tall collins glasses, ask your bartender to serve up your signature cocktails and pours of champagne in coupes.

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Play With Pearls

pearl wedding details

photo by lucy cuneo

While diamonds certainly add glitz and glamour to an outfit, pearls bring a look of sophistication. There’s a reason so many stars donned pearls in 1950s movies! Incorporate this element with your accessories, or even add pearl detailing to your decor.

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Incorporate Feathers

wedding centerpiece with feathers

photo by pen carlson; floral design by lily and company

Feathers were worn by countless stars, making a stunning statement. Bring that same look into your reception décor by incorporating feathers in your table centerpieces. Mix up the flowers or the type and color of feathers. Either way, you’ll have beautifully textured designs to match your overall theme.

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Carry a Refined Bouquet

white wedding bouquet


An all-white bouquet is a perfect fit for an Old Hollywood wedding, bringing refinement and sophistication to the aisle. Consider a variety of white blooms with a few dried or hanging elements to add a touch of texture.

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Go for a Gold Escort Display

gold wedding escort display

photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas

Choose a gilded look for your escort display, like a gold vintage frame or mirror. Then, utilize gold wax seals to attach your guests’ names.

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Host a Cigar Bar

wedding cigar bar

photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas

Cigars immediately offer a nod to a vintage Hollywood style, and your guests will love to take part. Set up a cigar bar with cigars, a cigar cutter, and a lighter. Dress it up even further with a decanter for guests to enjoy a pour of whiskey.

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Use Gilded Plates

gold wedding reception place setting

photo by tec petaja

Make your place settings shine with the addition of a patterned plate. Pair China with gold detailing and gold flatware for an elegant look.

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Feature a Black Cake

black wedding cake


Planning bold, glamorous décor? Bring in a cake to match! A black cake will immediately add drama to a space, and florals in varying red hues on top will perfectly fit the theme.

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Try a Typewriter Guestbook

typewriter wedding guestbook

photo by unique lapin

Choose a guestbook with a vintage nod. Set up a typewriter for guests to type their well wishes and congratulations.

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Add Lighting

wedding reception with lighting

photo by pat furey

A reception space can be made that much better with interesting lighting. After all, Hollywood was all about lights, camera, action! Incorporate hanging lights or other bright features to make your reception space that much livelier.

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Book a Getaway Car

wedding getaway car

photo by Sotiris Tsakanikas

A getaway car is a great way to bring a beautiful vintage detail into your wedding day festivities. Book a white or black old-school car to match your Old Hollywood vibe.

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