The 20 Best Gifts for Your Best Man

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Through rain or shine, your best friend has stood by your side. Not to mention, this is the guy who threw you a truly epic bachelor party before your big day. Without a doubt, you’ll not only want him standing by your side as you say "I do", but you’ll also want to thank him for being your ride-or-die guy. 

While the ladies tend to steal the spotlight when it comes to weddings, it’s important not to forget the men who play a major roll in making this occasion one to remember. From wrangling the groomsmen to giving a killer toast at the reception, the best man is an essential part of the big day.

Gift him something truly special to show your appreciation—there are so many unique, fun, and personal things that he'll be sure to love. Whether he has a penchant for whiskey or spends Sundays watching the big game, there's a gift out there for every guy.

Read on for our favorite Best Man Gifts.

Timeless Treasures USA Groomsman Gift Box

Timeless Treasures USA Groomsman Gift Box from Etsy

Courtesy of Etsy

Can’t decide what to get your best man? This gift has it all! A one-and-done gift box with all the accouterments, it comes complete with a flask, lighter, pocket knife, and bottle opener. Each item is personalized and neatly packaged in a custom engraved box, so he’s sure to have everything he needs on and beyond your big day.

Price at time of publish: $33 for box only

The Blue Agave Studio Gatsby Retro Personalized Cufflinks

The Blue Agave Studio Gatsby Retro Monogrammed Personalized Cufflinks from Etsy

Courtesy of Etsy

A classic shape with an art deco monogram, these retro-style cufflinks harken back to the glitz, glamour, and sophistication of the Jazz Age. With their vintage look, these polished cufflinks elevate any suit, and may just inspire your best guy to hit the dance floor for the Charleston!

Uncommon Goods MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Handle Openers

Uncommon Goods MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Handle Openers

Uncommon Goods 

For the baseball fan who loves to crack a cold one, this gift is a home run! The bottle openers are made from used game-day bats straight from one of the Major League Baseball teams. Each one is engraved and comes with a stand and a story about the game it was used in, giving your best guy a good tale to tell.

Price at time of publish: $330 for New York Mets

Mark & Graham Personalized Golf Ball Gift Set

Mark & Graham Personalized Golf Ball Gift Set

Mark & Graham

If spending the weekend hitting balls out on the golf course is his thing, then this gift is sure to come in handy. A set of twelve personalized golf balls, tees, and pencils come packaged in a handsome display case that is engraved with a monogram. For the avid golfer, this gift is a hole in one!

Price at time of publish: $99

The Original Craft Beer Club Prepaid Craft Beer Club Subscription

Craft Beer Club subscription

Craft Beer Club

If your best man is a beer snob, here is a gift for him. This monthly club features exceptional beers from small independent brewers across the country. Taste-tested and approved, each beer has been hand-selected before it arrives on your doorstep. With twelve craft beers a month delivered, three each of four different styles, this gift is a beer lover’s dream.

Price at time of publish: $48

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6


The perfect gift for the tech nerd friend, this sleek watch is about as close as it gets to having a personal assistant. With everything from news, information, fitness, music, and digital correspondence available right at his fingertips, not only will he be the best man, but he’ll also be the go-to-guy when it comes to info sharing.

Timex Waterbury 40 Watch

Timex Waterbury 40 Watch

 Courtesy of Timex 

This sleek and sophisticated watch is a modern take on a timeless design. It's fully customizable, allowing you to choose from a variety of watch straps and dials to match your best man’s style. Have it engraved with initials or a personal message to make it feel special.

Price at time of publish: $120

Ward Wallau Authentic Football Stadiums Relic Watches

Ward Wallau Authentic Football Stadiums Relic Watches

Uncommon Goods

Truly a time machine, this watch is made out of a little piece of history from some of football’s most legendary locales. With a wooden watch face that’s been salvaged and crafted from the seats of iconic football stadiums, this watch has time— and stories— to tell.

Price at time of publish: $475

Madera Supply Company Double Pour Over Coffee Stand

Madera Supply Company Double Pour Over Coffee Stand in Copper

 Courtesy of Etsy

For the guy who loves to get his buzz on, this handmade pour over coffee maker does just the trick. Made of copper piping and pine wood board, this gift is available in a range of materials and can be customized to match his aesthetic sense. Perfect for the coffee aficionado with an appreciation for DIY craftsmanship, this gift is as pretty on the eyes as it is pleasing on the taste buds.

W & P Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Food52 Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Courtesy of Food52 

Perfect for a destination wedding, this gift will keep the celebratory vibes alive even at thirty thousand feet! Choose from an assortment of classic cocktail options or go with the "full bar", and your best man will be flying high with this gift in hand.

GrowlerWerks uKeg 64-Ounce Carbonated Growler

GrowlerWerks uKeg 64-Ounce Carbonated Growler


Thanks to you, he’ll always have a cold glass of beer on deck once he receives this gift. This handsome stainless steel growler keeps beer fresh for weeks. It comes with a gauge, so it’s easy to see how much beer is left, and a dispenser tap, so the flow of beer will be endless and easy!

Price at time of publish: $178

The Man Registry Personalized Craft Beer Bottle Cooler

The Man Registry Personalized Craft Beer 12-Pack Bottle Cooler,

 Courtesy of The Man Registry

Taking a cold one— or twelve— to go will be a no brainer with this beer cooler. Whether he’s packing beers for the game or keeping them cold at the beach, this gift comes personalized, so he’ll always have a beer with his name on it.

Price at time of publish: $59

Warby Parker Duran Sunglasses

Warby Parker Duran Sunglasses

Courtesy of Warby Parker

It’s one of the laws of nature— sunglasses make everyone look cooler. Even your cooler-than-the- rest-of-them best man. And this pair of sunnies is no exception! These retro-meets-modern shades strike the perfect balance between round and square silhouettes, making them a win-win for most face shapes.

Price at time of publish: Starting at $95

Bevel Shave Kit

Shaving Kit for Men by Bevel


Send him a hint— you’ve got to shave for the wedding, man! Or maybe just send him a little bit of lavish self-care. This is a shaving kit that comes with all the fixings, so he'll definitely look fresh when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

Price at time of publish: $86

Lillie's of Charleston Hot Variety Gift Box

Lillie's of Charleston Hot Variety Gift Box

Courtesy of Amazon

As the family that makes these renowned Southern hot sauces would say, "may you never feel unwanted, unloved, or hungry". With this gift, he certainly won’t! Including a trio of spicy sauces that come straight from family recipes, this is a gift made for a dedicated hot sauce lover.

Price at time of publish: $29

Peace and Riot Roma Weekender Large Camel

Peace and Riot Roma Weekender Large Camel

Courtesy of Peace and Riot

For the best man who is always on the go, this dapper weekend bag is sure to be a hit. Handsome and functional, it's made from extremely lightweight and waterproof material. A perfect way to lighten the load, rain or shine, for the man at your side.

Groomsday Personalized Vegan Leather Dopp Kit

Groomsday Personalized Vegan Leather Dopp Kit

 Courtesy of Groomsday 

Whether he’s secretly a product junky or just a dude who needs a place to store his toothbrush and razor, a Dopp kit is a thoughtful gift. Made from vegan leather, the bag is available for personalization and comes with a convenient side handle that will make it easy for him to carry all of his travel essentials.

Tie Bar Monogram Navy Tie

Tie Bar Monogram Navy Tie

Courtesy of Tie Bar 

Not your classic necktie, this unique gift is a twist on the traditional. With a trick of the eye when viewed from afar, the monogram print on the tie reads as a geometric pattern. But upon closer inspection, the pattern gets up-close and personalized.

Price at time of publish: $25

Scandi Wood Bottle Opener

Tramake SCANDI Wood Bottle Opener

Courtesy of Tramake 

Bringing together form and function, this wood bottle opener is an ideal gift for a craft beer lover who also appreciates fine craftsmanship. Laser engraved with a striking geometric design, popping beers will become an art form.

Uncle Nearest 1956 Premium Aged Whiskey


 Courtesy of Caskers

Honoring the first African American master distiller, this award-winning whiskey is the perfect gift for the bourbon lover. Whether your guy takes it straight, on the rocks, or mixed in a cocktail, this is a gift that’s sure to go down smooth.

Price at time of publish: $63

What to look for in a gift for your best man

When you’re looking for a gift for your best man, the most important thing to consider is…well…your best man! Buying him something that’s aligned with his interests, style, or lifestyle shows that you get him—like really get him. And there’s nothing better than feeling seen! So if he’s a whiskey lover, gifting him that super special bottle of scotch is a great way to show him that you not only appreciate all he’s done for you, you also appreciate him.

"Classic and timeless is the way to go," says Blake Sams of Gregory Blake Sams Events. "I also think it’s important for a groom to gift something that he would want to have himself—not just for use on the wedding weekend but for years to come.

Another thing to look for is a gift that can be personalized. For example, adding a name or monogram to your gift elevates it from just another watch to a special keepsake. And since your gift is marking a pretty momentous occasion in your life and your friendship, a personalized touch will make it that much more memorable. 

Lastly, any gift that celebrates your friendship is going to be particularly meaningful. Whether it’s a custom portrait of the two of you together or tickets to the game of a team you’re both fans of, a gift that honors your bromance is a win. 

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Blake Sams is the founder and lead planner of Gregory Blake Sams Events, a Charleston, South Carolina-based event firm. With over ten years of experience, Blake has an inimitable talent for creating unforgettable gatherings. He uses his eye for beauty and unique interpretation of timeless traditions, combined with his attention to detail and proven understanding of event logistics, to ensure that each and every event is unforgettable.        

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