The 6 Best Color Palettes for a June Wedding

Use these hues as the central design component for your summer celebration.

Couple walking up their aisle with purple delphinium

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Tying the knot in June? You're not alone. June has long been considered one of the most desirable months for a wedding: The term "June bride" became popular thanks to the film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, reports, but couples have wanted to make it official during this month since the Roman times; after all, "Juno" is the Roman goddess of love and marriage, so exchanging vows during the month named in her honor has long been considered a harbinger of prosperity, good fortune, and happiness in a marriage. And June is a popular wedding month for many other practical reasons, too. The month marks the official start of the summer season, and with longer days, warmer weather, and more vibrant scenery. Plus, guests often have more flexible schedules and are ready to travel.

If you’re saying “I do” in June, there are so many beautiful colors and color combinations to use to bring your summer soirée to life. Many couples look to their wedding venues—especially the nearby flora and fauna if they're getting married outdoors—to inform their color palettes. For that reason, splashy shades, such as pink, blue, orange, yellow, and lavender, tend to win out, but timeless tones of white and green are always suitable for summery celebrations.

Looking for the right color palette for your upcoming nuptials? We called upon our rolodex of experts and asked them to share their favorite colors and color combinations for June weddings. Whether you’re trading vows in the mountains of Colorado or on a rooftop in New York City, these shades will complement every type of celebration. Ahead, the best color palettes for a June wedding.

Meet the Expert

  • Heather Dwight is the owner of Calluna Events, a wedding and events planning firm in Colorado that she launched in 2004. 
  • Kia Marie is an international wedding planner based in Chicago and the owner and creative director of Kia Marie Events. She’s been working in the wedding planning industry for 10 years.
  • Tara Guerard is a wedding planner and designer with 28 years of experience and the owner of Tara Guerard Soirée. She’s based in Charleston, South Carolina and New York City.
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Shades of Pink

Hilary and Drew's altar installation with pink pampas grass and palm leaves

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From dusty rose to punchy fuchsia, pink is a bright, energetic color that basically screams summer. There are so many fun ways to incorporate pops of pink into your wedding, whether it’s a ceremony arch composed of pink pampas grass and palm leaves or a wedding cake decorated with pink sugar flowers on a pink floral tablecloth. If you want to make this vibrant hue the focal point of your palette, pair it with neutral tones, such as white, acrylic, metallic, and wood. Planner Heather Dwight of Calluna Events suggests combining the color with yellow for an elevated twist.

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Blue and Lavender

sky-inspired ceremony decor overlooking New York City

 Photo by Bo Shim

Shades of blue and lavender produce a dreamy effect at any wedding, especially when you add white to the mix. Kia Marie, wedding planner and founder of Kia Marie Events, says she loves working hues into a day's florals, whether it’s in the aisle arrangements or the reception centerpieces. A border of lavender delphinium leading to overlapping arches of hydrangea in ombré tones of white and blue will add warmth to a city backdrop. You can also choose seasonal blooms in this soft palette to naturally suit your vow exchange in a garden.

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Orange, Lavender, Pink, and Yellow

White cake with colorful pressed flowers

Photo by Michelle Beller Photography

You certainly don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two colors for your special day. If you’re looking to incorporate a medley of vivid hues, consider orange, lavender, pink, and yellow. Whether you embrace a bold look or stick to an understated pop of color, these shades will add visual intrigue and nod to the local flowers growing around you. To highlight these hues, accentuate your palette with natural textures and organic tones. Consider an assortment of single-stem flowers in glass vases on a wood table or a multi-tiered cake engulfed in white fondant and covered in real blooms. “One trend we are loving is florals pressed onto the cake or growing out of the cake,” Dwight says. “We also love a cake table floral moment.”

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Blue, Apricot, Pink, and Yellow

Colorful floral centerpieces on a blue tablecloth

Photo by Jess Leigh Photographer

Another bold combination that will make a statement at your June wedding is a mix of blue, apricot, pink, and yellow. “This palette could be more pastel tones or could also be bright and vibrant,” Dwight notes. Since you’ll want these hues to stand out, host your event at a locale with a neutral or complimentary backdrop, such as an art museum, a courtyard, or your backyard. You can feature all of these shades in one single decoration, like a centerpiece with in-season buds, and highlight individual tones, such as a solid blue tablecloth and green napkins. 

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Pink, Blue, and Green

Maria and Giuseppe kissing in front of their colorful floral arch

Photo by Alice Vicente

While pink and blue feel perfectly apt for June all on their own, integrating green into the day's design will further enhance the look and feel of your wedding. According to wedding planner Tara Guerard, the best way to work green into your nuptials is through the stems and leaves of colorful flowers. This palette works well for any outdoor celebration, from a soirée in a Lisbon palace to a tented fête at your childhood home. If you want to infuse these shades into your outfit of the day, Guerard recommends donning a pale pink dress or wearing blue shoes for your “something blue.” For a winning combination, choose signature cocktails or wedding cake flavors in the trifecta of colors, the planner advises.

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Green and White

Brianne and Kirk's head table with baby's breath runner

Photo by Jana Williams

One of the most timeless color palettes for any type of wedding is green and white, and that’s certainly the case for celebrations taking place in June. White blooms and greenery is one of the most common ways to enact this duo at your wedding. “For June, you could choose more organic and late spring blooms to give a garden feel instead of a more traditionally composed arrangement,” Dwight suggests. Try an oversized runner of white baby’s breath to add depth and dimension to simple place settings and wooden chairs inside of a sailcloth tent. Another option? Exchange vows in front of a wooden arch adorned with orchids and anthurium in white and monstera and palm leaves at a seaside ceremony. Either way, the color combination is sure to wow.

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