14 Beautiful Hydrangea Centerpieces for Your Wedding Reception

Incorporate these big blooms in multiple ways!

White and pink hydrangea centerpiece

Photo by KT Merry

Planning the centerpieces for your wedding reception? Hydrangeas may be just the perfect fit! Hydrangeas are flowering plants that immediately give off a romantic, nostalgic look. According to Amanda Theodoropoulos, co-owner of Twisted Willow Flowers, incorporating hydrangeas into centerpieces may be the ideal flower for coastal or traditional weddings, or even for couples opting for a more simplistic aesthetic. The big blooms can be found in a wide variety of color options including white, purple, pink, green, and even blue.

Meet the Expert

Amanda Theodoropoulos is the co-owner of Twisted Willow Flowers, a mother-daughter owned flower company focused on garden-style design for weddings and events.

If you’re hoping to incorporate these stunning blossoms into your reception centerpieces, Theodoropoulos notes it’s important that they’re cared for and processed correctly. “Because they love water, proper care and processing are required for longevity. Hydrangeas do best directly in water, but if foam is necessary, place them in well-hydrated foam as close to the event as possible,” she says.

Hydrangeas can stand on their own in simple vase centerpieces, or they can be incorporated into beautiful arrangements with the addition of other flowers and greenery. “We find that using larger leaves pair well with the smaller petals of the hydrangea,” adds Theodoropoulos.

Below, find 14 hydrangea centerpiece ideas to consider for your own reception.

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Go for Rustic-Meets-Refined

hydrangea centerpiece with thistle

photo by Will Reid Photography

Hoping for a rustic-meets-refined look? Incorporate hydrangeas in a simple way. This potted centerpiece used a large stem of hydrangea paired with roses, thistle, and a few sprigs of greenery for plenty of texture and great interest.

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Pair Blooms and Candles

blue hydrangea centerpiece

Photo by Sarah Mattozzi Photography

Hydrangeas immediately evoke a classic, romantic look. Consider utilizing a mixture of white hydrangeas and blue hydrangeas paired with ferns to create a circular centerpiece. Place a white pillar candle in the middle to light just before dinner begins.

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Create a Bold Installation

low hydrangea centerpieces

photo by Roberta Facchini Photography

Because of their shape, hydrangeas are the perfect bloom to incorporate into your floral décor plans if you're hoping to make a bold statement. Consider placing low bunches of these textured blooms on your tables. Let them stand on their own, or pair them with tall floral installations.

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Embrace Classic Romance

blue and white hydrangea centerpiece

Photo by Laura Gordon Photography 

Pair classic touches such as blue and white china with romantic blooms. These centerpieces incorporated plenty of green and white floral and greenery elements, with pops of blue hydrangea to beautifully match a stunning tablescape design.

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Channel an Old-World Vibe

hydrangea centerpiece with fruit

photo by artiese studios

While utterly classic and beautifully traditional, hydrangeas do have the potential to be used for a rustic-inspired centerpiece. This centerpiece included strawberry and cream hydrangeas to match a muted color palette. Paired with stone fruit, it evokes an old-world vibe.

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Go for Green and White

white and greenery hydrangea centerpiece

photo by sylvie gil

Keep with tradition and opt for a full centerpiece featuring a color palette of white and green. This short centerpiece was made up of hydrangea and other white blooms, plus plenty of white astilbe for texture.

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Choose a Lush Table Runner

hydrangea floral runner

Photo by Aaron Delesie

Setting up one long reception table, or several long rectangular tables? Look to lush hydrangeas to line the entire length of the table. Their full shape fills space and adds great height and texture.

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Celebrate Spring

purple and white hydrangea centerpiece

photo by mary neumann photography

Hydrangeas scream spring, and they're the perfect pairing for other springtime blooms such as sweet peas, with baby's breath to fill in. Combine simple bunches of bright blooms and display them in clear vases for a vibrant, seasonal look.

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Keep It Traditional

tall hydrangea centerpiece

photo by kate headley

Going for traditional décor? Incorporate hydrangeas into your all-white tablescape. This reception space featured tall, clear vases absolutely packed with white hydrangeas to command attention. Circular installations of white hydrangeas were suspended from the ceiling to complete the look.

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Channel a Farmhouse Vibe

purple hydrangea centerpiece

photo by KT Merry

Planning a farmhouse-inspired wedding? Hydrangeas absolutely have a place at the table. Choose a muted-colored option and pair the single big bloom with greenery. Place each little bundle in a clay pot to complete the look.

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Make It Minimal

all-white hydrangea floral centerpiece

photo by Heather Jowett

Hydrangeas can still be incorporated into a centerpiece, even if you're looking for a minimalist aesthetic. This centerpiece combined hydrangeas, roses, and ranunculus for a simple, refined display.

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Opt for Ombré

pastel hydrangea centerpiece

photo by KT Merry

Planning for décor that's pretty in pastel? Definitely add hydrangeas to the mix. This ombré look featured plenty of textured blooms including roses, tweedia, and hydrangeas in multiple shades.

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Embrace Elegance

tall hydrangea centerpiece

photo by Christian Arevalo

Opting to go all out? This opulent centerpiece absolutely screamed elegance, with a tall gold candelabra as the base. A combination of white hydrangeas, roses, and lilies made for a stunning, full display.

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Make a Splash

pink hydrangea floral runner

Photo by James & Jess; Floral design by Ella & Louie

Hydrangeas certainly evoke a more romantic, classic look, but that doesn't mean that's all they can be used for! Incorporate an unexpected color of these incredible blooms to truly command attention. A vibrant pink is a perfect fit for a tropical celebration, and lining the length of a reception table paired with tropical leaves is sure to make a statement.

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