The 24 Best Housewarming Gifts for Their New Home Sweet Home

Celebrate this milestone with a special present.

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When it comes to milestones, moving into a new home is a big one—and a reason to celebrate with a special gift! Whether a couple has just purchased their dream home or moved into their first apartment together, a thoughtful housewarming present is something that they'll be sure to appreciate.

In the search for the best gift to welcome them into their new home, you’ll probably want it to hit all the marks—something thoughtful, personal, practical, and aligned with their style. With so many things to keep in mind, choosing something just right can be tricky. But lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!

With everything from essential items to help them fill out their kitchen, to that gorgeous glass pitcher they never knew they needed, we’ve rounded up a selection of stellar gifts to bring a little warmth where it’s needed. After all, housewarming gifts will help a new house feel like a home.

Casa Bella Portraits Custom House Portrait

Casa Bella Portraits Custom House Portrait

 Courtesy of Etsy

Looking for something special they can hang on their new walls? A custom house portrait should do the trick! Made to order with their names and an address, this watercolor is available in a range of sizes and printed formats. Personal and touching, this stand-out gift is one they’ll cherish forever.

Homesick New Home Candle

Homesick New Home Candle

 Courtesy of Homesick 

Nothing can truly evoke the sense of home, but this candle comes close. Hand-poured into a simple glass vessel, this soy-wax candle gives off heady notes of jasmine, cedar, and musk. Plus, it comes sweetly packaged in a cute and colorful box that says it all—"New Home".

Perspective Antiques Custom Coir Door Mat

Etsy Custom Cursive Entry Way Coir Door Mat

 Courtesy of Etsy

Here’s a housewarming gift that ensures a warm welcome to visitors and dwellers alike. This custom doormat is made of coir, a natural coconut fiber material. Personalize with their last name written in bold script, leaving no doubt as to whose happy new home it belongs to.

Mark & Graham Whale Silhouette Serving Set

Mark & Graham Silhouette Serving Set, Whale

Courtesy of Mark & Graham

Serving utensils are a classic gift that everyone can use and appreciate. And when they’re whale-shaped—well, they really make a splash! Hand-crafted from natural acacia wood, this set comes engraved with a name or initials. It's a practical gift that offers up a little bit of whimsy.

Anthropologie Herbiflora Cheese Knives

Anthropologie Herbiflora Cheese Knives, Set of 3

 Courtesy of Anthropologie

This pretty knife set is the perfect gift for cheese lovers everywhere. The decorative botanical handles add a charming touch to any cheese plate—bundle with a cheese subscription service for an extra-special gift!

Terrain Etched Maple Serving Board

Terrain Etched Maple Serving Board

 Courtesy of Terrain

Handcrafted in Brooklyn from American maple, this stunning serving board is intricately etched with a wildflower motif. Perfect for everyday use or for entertaining guests, this is a gift that they’ll be sure to use for years to come.

Partake All the Cookies!

Partake All the Cookies! Family Pack of 8

 Courtesy of Partake

Cookies are always a hit, and especially these cookies. The Family Pack comes with a variety of eight different boxes of flavors to savor, from Double Chocolate Chip to Gingersnap. Bonus: these delicious treats gluten-free, vegan, and food allergy-friendly! So you can indulge—and share— with peace of mind.

Blue Bamboo Embroidery Monogrammed Linen Napkins

monogrammed napkins

Courtesy of Etsy

No matter their style, this is a gift they’ll be delighted to have. Made of high-quality linen, these handmade napkins are available in a range of colors and styles. Choose from cocktail or dinner sizes and customize with an embroidered monogram in your choice of font and color.

Domain by Laura Hodges Studio Organic Cotton Knit Throw Blanket

Domain by Laura Hodges Studio Organic Cotton Knit Throw Blanket

 Courtesy of Domain by Laura Hodges Studio

There’s no better way to send your warm wishes for a new home than by gifting a cozy throw! This heavy knit blanket is luxurious, soft, and made of 100% organic cotton. Classic and versatile, it has a subtle pattern and charming tassels, making it a lovely gift that will work with any decor.

Paper Source Homestead Custom Stamp

Paper Source Homestead Custom Stamp

 Courtesy of Paper Source

One thing’s for sure— if they just moved into a new home, they definitely have a new address! Which means they’ll love receiving this custom return address stamp. This is a gift that says it’s official!

Linoto House Helper Treeless Linen Towels

Linoto House Helper Treeless Linen Towels

 Courtesy of Linoto

Looking for something that’s pretty, saves money, and is environmentally friendly? These multi-use towels are made from premium-quality, biodegradable linen scraps and can be used as dinner napkins, dish towels, or even handkerchiefs.

Andrew Pierce Live Edge Bowl in Cherry Wood

Jung Lee Live Edge Bowl in Cherry Wood

 Courtesy of Jung Lee

A gracefully thin live edge rim follows the natural curves and grain patterns on this hand-turned cherry wood bowl. Elegant and modern, it’s perfect as a fruit bowl, for serving salads, or just as a stunning stand-alone decorative element in their new abode.

Goodee SITTI 3 Soap Gift Set

Goodee 3 Soap Gift Set by SITTI

 Courtesy of Goodee 

Beautiful soaps are a simple luxury that everyone can appreciate, and this set is particularly lovely. Crafted with locally sourced ingredients and using ancestral techniques, each soap is hand made by Palestinian refugee women in Jordan. Each set of three gives back to the artisans and their families.

Hawkins New York Simple Wood Candle Holders

Hawkins New York Simple Wood Candle Holders

 Courtesy of Hawkins New York

Although candle holders may seem like a somewhat expected gift, they’re a must-have in any home. And these hand-turned solid ash wooden candle holders are anything but standard! With their simple, modern silhouette, they come in a variety of soft shades (as well as brass) and are just plain pretty.

Ichendorf Milano Caipirinha Jug

Mociun Handblown Glass Pitcher

 Courtesy of Mociun

With sleek, modern lines and chic color blocking, this hand-blown glass pitcher is both artful and practical. Whether it’s displayed on a shelf, filled with flowers, or used to serve a drink, it’s a lovely gift for those with a penchant for beautiful design.

Words Work Prints Personalized Home Map

Words Work Prints Personalized Home Map

 Courtesy of Etsy

What better way to commemorate their home than with a custom map! This keepsake print features a detailed rendering of the area they live in. It’s creatively displayed in the shape of a house and comes inscribed with names, coordinates, and a personalized quote. They’ll love putting this up on one of their new walls!

Michelle Quan Indigo Protective Eye Wall Hanging

Dina Varano Indigo Protective Eye Wall Hanging

 Courtesy of Dina Varano

Looking for a symbolic present for their new home? This striking ceramic piece by artist Michelle Quan depicts the protective eye—an ancient symbol that wards off evil and bad luck. Made by hand, this modern talisman blends age-old traditions with contemporary design and adds an element of artful decor to their home.

Areaware Black/ Beige Table Tiles Coasters

Wayfair Black/ Beige Table Tiles Coasters from Areaware

 Courtesy of Wayfair

If they’ve just moved into their new home, they may not have had a chance to tackle all the details just yet—like protecting their new furniture from those dreaded rings with coasters! So, this is a gift they’ll really appreciate. These chic, design-forward coasters are both decorative and useful.

Bumblebee Linens Monogrammed White Linen Hand Towel

Bumblebee Linens Monogrammed White Linen Hand Towel with Single Font X

 Courtesy of Bumblebee Linens

When it comes to housewarming gifts, you can’t go wrong with a classic hand towel—especially one with a monogram! This high-quality linen has a pretty hemstitch border and is custom embroidered in the color of your choice. No matter their style, this gift is one they’ll be happy to have in their new home!

"Wine Simple" by Aldo Sohm

Amazon Wine Simple: A Totally Approachable Guide from a World-Class Sommelier

 Courtesy of Amazon

Whether they’re wine aficionados, love to entertain, or enjoy the occasional bottle of vino every now and then, this gift is a must-have addition to every kitchen.

Written by Aldo Sohm, one of the most widely-lauded sommeliers in the world, the book is educational, accessible, lively, and fun. It's a great entree into the world of wines!

Sonos Move Smart Speaker

sonos move

 Courtesy of Sonos

Bringing music into a home is a sure-fire way to warm up the mood. And this gift definitely brings the tunes— along with having some additional tricks up its sleeve!

This sleek wireless speaker indoors and outdoors and comes with Alexa built right in. This means that in addition to playing music, you can check the news, ask questions, set alarms, and so much more.

GrowlerWerks Keep-It-Carbonated Growler

Food52 Keep-It-Carbonated Growler by GrowlerWerks

 Courtesy of Food52 

Whether they love beer, soda, kombucha, or just plain ole’ carbonated water, this gift will keep their spirits bubbly. This pressurized growler allows beverages to stay carbonated for up to two weeks.

It comes in a range of sleek finishes and (bonus!) it’s portable! So although it’s a housewarming gift, it will be a warmly-welcomed addition to future outdoor parties and picnics.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Shopping Bag

Drizly Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Shopping Bag

 Courtesy of Drizly

Bubbly and delightful, champagne is a perfect gift to celebrate a new home and its happy inhabitants! This classic bottle is the signature champagne from the iconic brand, Veuve Clicquot.

This set comes in a festive isothermic bag that keeps the bottle chilled for up to two hours and is ideal for gifting. It's also reusable, which ensures that this bottle will be the first of many.

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Gift Card

Sun Basket Meal Delivery Gift Card

 Courtesy of Sun Basket

Let’s face it— if they just moved, they're probably exhausted, the kitchen has yet to be unpacked, and they aren’t in the mood to cook big meals. Which means they’ll really appreciate having meals delivered to them.

This service has a range of healthy, organic options suitable to almost any diet. Plus, it offers a selection of pre-prepped recipes, with all of the ingredients chopped and ready to cook. They will definitely thank you for this one! 

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