How to Tactfully Word Your Honeymoon Fund Registry Request for Wedding Guests

Find tips and examples for what to include in your invites and wedding website.

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Throughout the wedding planning process, your registry will likely be top of mind. For many couples, this means registering for cozy linens, small appliances, and dinnerware. But what if you don’t actually need any of that? A honeymoon fund is a perfect alternative. “Many couples already live together and already have everything they need for their home,” says Sara Margulis, CEO and co-founder of Honeyfund. “When guests are able to contribute to a travel experience like the couple's dream honeymoon, they feel connected in a way you can't replicate by giving a toaster.”

How do you break away from the traditional shopping wedding registry and ask your guests for something else? Below, we’re breaking down how to tactfully word your honeymoon fund request for both your invitations and your wedding website.

Meet the Expert

Sara Margulis is the CEO and co-founder of Honeyfund, a free honeymoon and registry website.

What Is a Honeymoon Fund?

A honeymoon fund is a great alternative to the traditional wedding registry for couples who don’t need physical items. Instead, it’s a request for guests to contribute money toward the couple’s travel plans for their honeymoon. While it can be treated similarly to a typical wedding registry, with details included on a wedding website or registry website, it’s helpful to include more specific wording to let guests know exactly what you’re requesting and how those generous funds are being used.

Wedding Invitations Honeymoon Fund Wording

Margulis says to treat your honeymoon fund request just like any wedding registry. “Standard etiquette says to direct your friends and family to your wedding website to learn more about the event and gift options,” she says. Keep the wording regarding gifts to a minimum on your wedding invitation, leaving room for the most pertinent details including time, place, and venue. Ultimately, it is best to include a separate insert card with your wedding website and wording specific to your registry wishes.

Honeymoon Fund Wording Suggestions for Wedding Invitations:

  • Please visit [insert wedding website link] for more information and registry details. 
  • For more information about our wedding and honeymoon fund registry, please visit [insert wedding website link].

Wedding Website Honeymoon Fund Wording

The ample space for text on your wedding website allows you to better explain your wishes in regard to a honeymoon fund. Once guests land on your homepage, you can share additional details with them. Where do you want to go? What activities are you planning? What's the plan for dinner or room service? Let them in on the planning details so they can help to make your honeymoon that much more special!

You can choose to keep your wording short and to the point, or add in a few extra details. Depending on how you set up your honeymoon fund, you may even have the opportunity to ask for funds related to specific tours and activities scheduled on your trip. Feel free to include specifics on why you're hoping to experience these individual activities or what the trip will mean to you and your partner. Ultimately, the goal is to be open and honest to share your wishes with your friends and family.

Honeymoon Fund Wording Suggestions for Wedding Websites:

  • In lieu of gifts, please consider making a contribution to our honeymoon fund.
  • We can’t wait to celebrate with you. Instead of gifts, we would appreciate a contribution to our honeymoon fund.
  • We would love to create lifelong memories, instead of receiving physical gifts. Please consider making a contribution to our honeymoon fund.
  • We can’t wait to begin our married life together and celebrate our bond on our honeymoon. In lieu of gifts, we would appreciate contributions toward our honeymoon fund.
  • We are fortunate enough to already have all the physical items we need for our home. Instead, please contribute to our honeymoon fund to help us experience the trip of a lifetime.
  • We’re planning an exciting adventure! Instead of physical gifts, please consider contributing to our honeymoon fund.

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