The 20 Best Wedding Guest Books of 2022

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The guests that come to celebrate you and your partner on your wedding day are a huge part of what makes it so special. That’s why it’s important to pick the right guestbook, but we know there’s so much to think about. 

For instance, wedding planner and writer Jason Kahn prefers guest books that give your loved ones the “freedom to be creative with what they want to write rather than ones formatted as a ledger.” He suggests that “when choosing a guest book, the couples should consider how it will look in their home.”

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There’s also the question of whether or not you want to keep things traditional. A ledger-style guest book can be classy and elegant. On the other hand, you might, like Kahn, prefer a sign-in method that’s a little out-of-the-ordinary, such as “a piece of art that is significant to the couple’s story…be it a globe if they like to travel or a wine barrel or case from their favorite varietal.”   

Given that this decision can be a difficult one, we’ve researched the best options available—from traditional guest books to sign-in décor and out-of-the-box alternatives that will thrill your guests. For something classic and elegant, we recommend the Nostalgic Imprints Custom Marble Guestbook and the Paper Peach Shop Dusty Blue Guestbook. Looking for something fun and unique? We love the Back40life Wedding Reception Mailbox Vinyl Decal.

Read on for the best wedding guest books.

Artifact Uprising Photo Album Guest Book

Artifact Uprising Photo Album Guest Book

Courtesy of Artifact Uprising

With this guestbook, you can give your loved ones something gorgeous to look at while they sign in. Inside, ultra-thick pages full of your best photos together are arranged in signature-friendly layouts. Plus, fabric binding, foil stamped text, and lay-flat pages ensure that this high-quality guestbook will last until death do you part, no matter how many times you take it out.

Paper Peach Shop Dusty Blue Guestbook

dusty blue wedding guest book

Courtesy of Etsy

If you’re renting a photo booth for your wedding day, this guestbook is picture-perfect for the big moment. The simple yet stunning dusty blue cover features metallic foil printing, and the choice of blank pages offer your guests plenty of space to paste goofy photos of themselves.

Catch This Moment Personalized Instax Photo Guest Book

Polaroid Guestbook and Instax Camera

Courtesy of Etsy

Reading that your guests are ecstatic for you is wonderful, but so is seeing it. With this beautiful polaroid photo guest book, you can have the best of both worlds. The Instax has a dedicated selfie mode which makes it easy for your guests to take and print photos of themselves. Then, they just attach their photo with this guest book’s built-in adhesive strips and write a little note on the lines provided.

Zazzle Elegant Photo Wedding Guest Book

Zazzle Guest Book with Custom Photo Cover

Courtesy of Zazzle

Want a guest book so stunning you’ll want to leave it out on the coffee table for all to see? This book’s front cover features a photograph of the two of you, printed on silver halide photo paper and laminated with a glossy finish. You can add photos to the back cover as well (also laminated) and the book has 122 pages, each of which has two lined columns labeled “Names” and “Message” to keep everything neat and organized.

Nostalgic Imprints Custom Marble Guestbook

NostalgicImprints Custom Marble Guestbook

Courtesy of Etsy

This book’s shimmering, marbled blush cover makes it a wonderful option for a swoon-worthy romantic wedding. The product is also highly customizable. Your names and wedding date appear on the front, and the text of your choice appears on the spine: “Happily Ever After,” “Our Guestbook” etc.

Hazel Rue Co Twisted Olive Thumbprint Guest Book

18thAvenueDesigns Personalized Thumbprint Guestbook

Courtesy of Etsy

As you prepare to plant some roots and celebrate your big day with those you consider family, this sign-in poster will perfectly symbolize the season ahead. It features a hand-drawn tree which your names and wedding date will appear on. And your guests will have a ball adding their thumbprints to the branches.

Selah Grace Designs Custom Calligraphy Wedding Guestbook Globe

globe wedding guestbook

Courtesy of Etsy

You’re each other’s world, so celebrate that fact by having your guests sign in on this elegant globe. You can personalize both sides with the text of your choice, and at an 8-inch diameter, there’s plenty of space for messages and signatures. The globe’s lovely gold stand and accents make it an excellent decorative piece for your home too!

EvermoreSigns Wedding Guest Book Portrait


Courtesy of Etsy

If you’ve ever wanted a custom portrait of the two of you, now’s your chance! This sign-in canvas features a digital illustration of you in your wedding attire along with your names and wedding date. Your guests will sign the blank space around your portrait, and you’ll have a meaningful reminder of your big day to hang on your wall.

Back40life Wedding Reception Mailbox Vinyl Decal

wedding mailbox

Courtesy of Etsy

Let everyone say just how hard they ship you by leaving fan mail at the sign-in table. This custom mailbox decal is terribly cute, and if you put it on a USPS-approved mailbox, you can keep it outside your home later. If you go with plain postcards, your guests will have plenty of space to write and/or paste pictures, but you can also look for some new or vintage postcards that complement the theme of your wedding.

Koyal Wholesale Woodland Mountains Custom Canvas Guestbook

Koyal Wholesale Woodland Mountains Custom Canvas Guestbook

Courtesy of Wayfair

If you’re having a mountain wedding or simply love a good hike, this sign-in canvas is what you’ve been looking for. It features a mountain range outlined in black with your names and wedding date below. It’s also made of archival quality medium weight canvas and pre-mounted on a wooden frame, so it’s ready to hang as soon as your guests are finished leaving their names and messages on it.

Our Love Was Born Night Sky Guest Book Poster

OurLoveWasBorn Night Sky Guest Book Poster

Courtesy of Etsy

This sign-in poster is perfect for the couple whose love was written in the stars. In the center is an image of the night sky as it appeared on a particular day—the day you met or got engaged or, perhaps, your wedding day itself—from a specific location. After your guests sign it, you’ll have a lovely keepsake to display in your home. No star-crossed lovers here!

Papier Green Foliage Guest Book

Papier Green Foliage Design Guestbook

Courtesy of Papier

This lovely, minimalistic guest book is ideal for nature-lovers--particularly those hosting spring and summer weddings. Its crisp, white cover features only your names and wedding date, encircled by an elegant wreath of green foliage. And inside are 96 thick, textured pages, along with a gray ribbon page marker. So sweet and simple!

Paper Source Gold Art Deco Guest Book

Paper Source Gold Art Deco Guestbook

Courtesy of Paper Source

If you share a love of Frank Lloyd Wright, geometric designs, or shiny things, this guest book has your names written all over it. The intricate, gold art deco design on the cover is nothing short of glamorous, and the book contains 128 lined pages and a gold bookmark. Your guests are going to feel like they’ve just walked into The Great Gatsby as they enter your reception.

Ginger Ray Envelope Wedding Guestbook

Ginger Ray Envelope Wedding Guestbook

Courtesy of Ginger Ray

Is there anyone who doesn’t love tiny envelopes? We think not. There are four small envelopes attached to each page of this book, and each one contains a paper card that your guests will fill out and slip back in. Loved ones can get as personal as they want, since no one but you will see what they have to say, and you’ll have so much fun opening each envelope to read their messages.

Pottery Barn Leather-Bound Guest Book

Pottery Barn Italian Leather Guestbook

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Looking for something simple and sophisticated? This Italian leather-bound guestbook is exactly that. It contains 160 pages of premium, ivory writing paper, and its cover simply reads “Guests” in gold. The book comes in gray, white, and blush, all of which complement practically every wedding color palette. Get your hands on it, pronto!

Generic Bordered Elegant Tree Puzzle Guest Book

Havoly Tree Puzzle

Courtesy of Amazon

This tree-shaped puzzle is just the thing for a couple who fits together perfectly. Have each of your guests sign a piece and then have fun reading their well-wishes as you assemble it. Use an adhesive to secure the pieces within the maple border provided and use the attached hangers to display your unique “guest book.”

WoodenCustomGift Heart Drop Wedding Guestbook

WoodenCustomGift Heart Drop Personalized Wedding Guestbook


This heart-shaped display is unbelievably cute–it features a carved wooden frame with an acrylic glass cover. Guests can write short messages on small wooden hearts and drop them through a slot at the top of the frame, where they fall between the wooden back and its glass covering. You can also display the dropbox using the stand included or hang it on the wall so you can glance at your guests’ heartfelt messages whenever you pass by.

Bliss Collections Wedding Mad Lib Cards

Bliss Collections Mad Lib Cards

Courtesy of Amazon

This mad-lib-style advice and wishes cards are great for those who need a little help expressing themselves. They come with five prompts which guests can provide serious or not-so-serious responses to, and there’s a signature line so everyone will remember to add their names. You’re sure to get some good advice and some good laughs out of these.

Ginger Ray Peg and String Wedding Sign-in Frame

Ginger Ray Peg and String Wedding Sign-in Frame

Courtesy of Ginger Ray

There’s no better sign-in method for a rustic wedding than this clothesline-style frame. Strings of twine are attached to the interior edges of the frame, and guests use the tiny clothespins and craft paper tags provided to hang notes on them. Friends and family members can also attach photos, flowers, and whatever else they see fit. After the frame is filled, it will make a charming addition to any home. 

What To Look For in a Wedding Guest Book


Consider how many people are attending your wedding. You'll want to remember everyone who came to celebrate, so make sure your wedding guest book has enough space for everyone to write their name, personalized messages, or even paste pictures. For larger events, we love the NostalgicImprints Custom Wedding Guestbook as it offers plenty of free space for guests to include their messages.


A wedding guest book can be more than a bounded book. Consider the theme of your wedding, your and your partner's individual personalities, and how you'd like to save it after the big day. Leather-bound books—such as the Pottery Barn Leather-Bound Guest Book—are great for elegant and sophisticated weddings and are ideal for displaying in your home. However, you could opt for a more creative option like a painted canvas, date jars, or even a plant pot.

  • Is guest book at wedding necessary?

    A wedding guestbook certainly isn't necessary, but it is a nice and meaningful touch to your big day. Not only does it give your guests a chance to share their best wishes and advice, but it will give you and your partner something to cherish forever. You'll be able to flip through the pages and reminisce on this special moment in your lives, including everyone who came to celebrate you, for years to come.

  • What can I use instead of a wedding guest book?

    If you want to get creative and go with something other than a traditional guest book, there are plenty of other options to choose from. For instance, you might opt for a custom globe, advice cards, a custom poster, or a puzzle (to name a few). We love the Selah Grace Designs Custom Calligraphy Wedding and the Bliss Collections Wedding Mad Libs Cards.

  • How many pages should my guest book be?

    That depends on the number of guests attending the wedding, as well as the style of guestbook you decide to go with. Generally, it's a good idea to have about 10 pages per 50 guests. If you include photos in your guest book, you may want to opt for some extra pages so there's plenty of space for everyone to add their pictures and signatures.

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Preserving good memories is important to Mckenzie Eggers. On birthdays, she demands cards from everyone and saves them all to read again later. She loves looking through pictures of good times and putting them together in scrapbooks. Mckenzie knows you want to do everything you can to remember the details of your big day, and she’s carefully selected guestbooks and guestbook alternatives that will help you do just that.

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