The 24 Best Gifts for Your Groomsmen That They'll Actually Enjoy

Show your appreciation to your favorite guys.

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From the initial proposal to the moment you say “I do,” and even beyond that, there’s one group of people that will be by your side throughout your whole journey into marriage: the people who are in your wedding party.

When it comes to the guys, groomsmen are key figures in the process from the engagement party all the way to the altar. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not there just for the bachelor party (but they’ll definitely make sure you have a great time). Whether they’re your family, college friends, or lifelong pals, your groomsmen are a surprisingly underrated key in making your wedding day that more special—so why not show them that you’re thankful for all that they do?

Giving your groomsmen the perfect gift can get tricky. Yes, a tie is always a safe choice, but there’s a way (quite a few ways, actually) to gift your group of guys something they’ll cherish for the long term while reminding them of that special day in both your and their lives.

Read on for the best gifts for groomsmen.

Bobbleheads Etsy Shop Custom Bobbleheads


 Courtesy of Etsy

This is the perfect gag gift to add to your groomsmens’ goodie bags. These customizable bobbleheads are sure to surprise them, and who wouldn’t want a little replica of themselves to place on their desk?

It’s a great gift to get your fellow pranksters and former class clowns. Or, if you’d rather not get them shrunken versions of themselves, you can easily get them bobblehead versions of their favorite athletes, celebrities, or more — the choice is truly yours.

YETI Rambler Stackable Mug

YETI Rambler Stackable Mug

 Courtesy of YETI

Avid coffee drinkers? Then this mug is a must-have: it’s coated with top-to-bottom insulation to keep your coffee hot from start to finish. Plus, these mugs are stackable to save some space in your kitchen cupboards.

They’re also extremely sturdy for any adventure you find yourself on, and you can grab different sizes. Plus, this travel mug comes in a variety of colors, so each of you can get something entirely different.

Cufflinks Galore Silver Engraved Cufflinks

Silver Engraved Cufflinks

 Courtesy of Etsy

If your groomsmen are in need of a style upgrade, then these silver cufflinks are a step in the right direction. These small square cufflinks have a neutral silver hue that complements any attire. Plus, they’re engraved so each and every pair of them are as unique as your groomsmen are.

Each of these pairs of cufflinks comes in a stylish black faux leather box, but if you’d like to take your customization game to the next level you can opt for an engraved chrome box. You and your crew can wear them on the big day for some subtle coordination.

Forever Wedding Crafts Engraved Pocket Knife

Engraved Pocket Knife

 Courtesy of Etsy

If you’re all more of the camping crowd, then why not grab these rustic pocket knives? Each of them are handmade, and come in different wood and metal finishes so you can customize each one to their liking.

Plus, you can get them engraved so they’ll never lose it. It’s a great option for men who tend to be in the wilderness, making their nomadic lifestyle just a little bit easier.

Yours Personalized Leather Wallet

Personalized Leather Wallet

 Courtesy of Etsy

Let’s be honest for a moment: how many times have you and your best buds gone out for a night that’s a little too wild, and one of you ended up losing your wallet? If this is an often occurrence, make finding your mate’s essential a little easier by getting them a monogrammed wallet.

This lather one is a stylish option that they’re sure to keep an eye on, no matter where they go or what they’re doing. Plus, you can get the outside and interior engraved, so you can leave a personal message that they’ll get to see every time they reach for their necessities.

Mark & Graham Etched Windowpane Decanter

Etched Windowpane Decanter

 Courtesy of Mark and Graham

If you and your groomsmen are whiskey connoisseurs, then may we suggest this elegant decanter. It’s sturdy enough to hold a full bottle of your favorite liquor, plus it has a sophisticated etched windowpane design that also acts as a great home decor piece.

Plus, you can get this timeless piece engraved for an added touch of personalization for each and every man on your groom’s team.

Backyard Sawdust Mach 3 Razor with Personalized Option

Mach 3 Razor with Personalized Option

 Courtesy of Etsy

Every man appreciates the art of shaving in some form, so why not get them a gift they’ll actually put into good use? This set of razors is fully customizable, with three different wood finish choices to choose from, plus the option to get the handles engraved. These handmade razors are trimmed with chrome and fit perfectly with Mach 3 razors.

Personalized Memento Customizable Cheese Board

Personalized Cheese Board

 Courtesy of Etsy

Let’s get one thing straight: wine and cheese nights are for all to enjoy. So, if you’re friends are more of the classic dinner night crowd, or just want to give Sunday night football a more elevated approach from nacho cheese, this cheese board is a great starting point.

Not only is this pick customizable and engravable, but it also comes with all of the essentials you need for a great charcuterie board: not only is the cheeseboard made of a sturdy wooden frame, but it also includes a secret compartment that holds four stainless steel wooden-handled cheese tools with stainless steel blades for cutting and serving.

Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

 Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Tell us, what’s your poison of choice? Chances are, you and your groomsmen are fans of darker alcohols. Then why not take your love of whiskey and rum to the next level by brewing it yourself? No, you and your boys don’t need to open up a distillery: you can easily DIY your own batch in the comfort of your own homes, thanks to this nifty spirits set.

This barrel isn’t just a statement piece for your home; it’s also a device to age your whiskey and rum to its peak flavor like a true mixologist. Now you can create a full-bodied Kentucky bourbon, no matter when you and your boys are located.

Kingsley Leather Personalized Cufflinks

kingsley leather cufflinks

 Courtesy of Etsy

These custom cufflinks are the perfect marriage of rustic meets modern design. Your guys will love the hand-punched antique leather and stainless steel combo and the personalized touch will make them treasure these even more.

Mark & Graham Basketball Leather Catchall Tray

Basketball Leather Catchall Tray

 Courtesy of Mark and Graham

If one (or a few) of your groomsmen could use a little more organization in their life, this catchall tray is exactly what they need. It’s a great addition into their house for them to leave their essentials all in one place, so they won’t be late to yet another gathering because they were looking for their phone/keys/wallet.

Plus, it’s made with a textured basketball leather, giving it a stylish touch that’s a perfect piece of home decor. Plus, it’s also a great travel accessory: just lay it flat, and you have all of your travel essentials sorted out and ready to go.

Garmin Instinct Outdoor Watch

Is your group a pack of nomadic travelers, campers, or just fans of the gorpcore aesthetic? Then this watch is a must-have on their list: it’s constructed to military standard for supreme thermal, shock, and water resistance, has a built-in 3 axis compass and barometric altimeter and includes multiple global navigation satellite systems, so you never get lost on your travel journeys.

But, the power of this watch doesn’t stop there: it can also monitor your heart rate, stress levels, and activity throughout the day, and keeps you connected with smart notifications. Plus, if you’ve traveled a little too far from home, you can use the Tracback feature to get back to your starting point when you plan your trip in advance on the Garmin app.

Mark & Graham Nomad Wireless Charging Pad

Nomad Wireless Charging Pad

 Courtesy of Mark and Graham

Not only is this groomsmen’s gift reliable, but it’s also a great stylish addition to any office desk. This charging ad is made out of a high quality solid walnut wood with a padded leather surface, so your phone can sit without slipping or sliding off.

This wireless charging pad can charge up to two devices at the same time, and has a no-slip bottom so it sits securely on any flat surface. You can also get this tech gift monogrammed to give it a personalized, one-of-a-kind feel. It’s a great gift for any techie or phone-obsessed person in your life.

Mouth Build Your Own Food Box Subscription Set

Mouth Build Your Own Food Box Subscription Set

 Courtesy of Mouth

Are you guys all foodies? Whether you consider yourself kitchen masters or snacking maestros, this gift box set is sure to impress everyone on your groomsmen team. You can customize it with an array of cheeses, meats, sauces, and more, plus you can set it up to your budget so you can keep your friends’ stomachs full, without breaking the bank. This is the perfect gift for literally anyone, because who doesn’t enjoy a box of free food?

Amazon Echo Dot

Are any of your guys major techies, or just in serious need of a new gadget? This compact little device is more than your average smart speaker gizmo: not only does it have a rich, loud and crystal-clear sound, but you can voice control all of your music (regardless if your a Spotify or Apple Music lover).

Plus, if you have two of these fun gadgets, you can wirelessly connect them to have a full-on stereo sound experience. If you’re not in the mood for music, no worries—you can ask Alexa to answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more. Also, if your phone is too far away (or you’re just feeling a bit lazy, we’ve all been there), you can use your Echo Dot to call anyone hands-free.

Peg and Awl Reclaimed Walnut Knife Grabber

Peg and Awl Reclaimed Walnut Knife Grabber

 Courtesy of Food52

So, maybe one (or quite a few) of your best men are secretly master chefs in the kitchen. Then give them something they’ll truly get good use out of with this knife grabber. Not only will it give any kitchen a more stylish approach, but it’s a nifty tool to keep their kitchen just a bit more organized.

It’s handmade out of reclaimed walnut wood for a vintage feel and finish, and comes in two sizes (6 knives or 8 knives) to fit any kitchen space. And don’t fret about falling knives, because this rack uses rare earth magnets to keep even the largest of knives in place.

Thrive Natural VIP Men's Skin Care Set

Want your men to look their best on your big day (and beyond)? Then this VIP skincare set is exactly what you and your groomsmen need. It includes four high-quality skincare products to wash, exfoliate, shave, and soothe skin, and they’re all full-sized products so everyone can enjoy them for a while. What makes this gift set stand out from the rest is its all-natural formula, so you’re giving your group of guys the purest of ingredients without any fear of irritation.

Plus, this investment will not only make you and your guys look good, but you can feel good knowing that your money is going to a good cause—this brand sources all of their ingredients from rural Puerto Rican farmers and supports their efforts to restore the degraded soil on their land and to improve their livelihood. The gift of great skin, while giving back good karma? We’ll sign up for that.

Timex Marlin Automatic 40MM Leather Strap Watch

Timex Marlin Automatic 40MM Leather Strap Watch

 Courtesy of Todd Snyder 

This classic watch is another timeless, signature gift if you want to get your best man something a little extra. This iconic watch comes with a classic navy leather strap, accompanied by the sleek design of the black minimalist face.

It also features a stainless steel case with gold-tone accents and navy dial, staying on aesthetic for any outfit your best man may wear. Pro tip: get the back of the watch engraved for a more meaningful touch that will always remind your best man of that big day.

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition

So, you and your friends are extreme gamers? Then instead of getting them gaming consoles they probably have already, bring it back to the basics with this retro-style gaming system. This vintage Nintendo gaming system is a playful gift that you and your buddies can enjoy for years to come.

It features all of your retro arcade-style favorites (think: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and more), so you and your boys can feel the same joy you first felt that made you all so obsessed with video games in the first place. It’s the greatest gift for gamer guys, retro-obsessives, or anyone who’s into a good throwback (so really, anyone).

Shinola Passport Wallet

Shinola Passport Holder

 Courtesy of Shinola

Want to get a simple gift that the travelers in your life will truly enjoy? Enter: this sleek and stylish passport holder. Crafted in durable, genuine leather, it will upgrade the look of your average passport, plus it has five card pockets to place all of your essentials in one easy place. You can also get this gift monogrammed, so it feels truly special for you groomsmen.

Larq Bottle Self Sanitizing Water Bottle

Whether your groomsmen are the athletic type, or just love to carry around good ol’ H2O at all points of the day, this water bottle is a must-have. Toted as “the cleanest water bottle on the market,” this water bottle is designed with a unique UV-C LED purification system that cleans nearly all of the bacteria (over 99 percent) in as little as 60 seconds. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps cool liquids cold for 24 hours and hot liquids warm for 12 hours, so you can store both your cold water or your piping hot teas in this nifty bottle with ease.

Plus, you’ll always be guaranteed a clean sip every time: this bottle automatically purifies your bottle six times a day, or whenever you press the top button. Plus, if you’re an adventurer, this water bottle’s battery lasts one full month with each full charge, so you won’t have to worry about it dying anytime soon.

Happy Socks Hotdog Socks

Happy Socks

 Courtesy of Happy Socks

Be honest, who doesn’t appreciate a good pair of socks? Instead of getting them another pair of boring black ones, spice up your groomsmen’s gifts with a cool and wacky design.

These comfy socks come in a variety of eclectic colors, styles, and patterns to choose from. Plus, you can also grab a pair of boxers to make your groomsmen’s entire undergarment wardrobe a little bit cooler.

The Criterion Channel Subscription Movie Service

The Criterion Channel Subscription Movie Service

 Courtesy of Criterion Channel

Are you and your groomsmen fellow movie buffs? Then upgrade their cinematic catalog with this amazing streaming service. It's essential for all film fanatics, as it’s jam-packed with thousands of modern and timeless classics to choose from.

There’s signature blockbusters from all around the world on this streaming service, so you and your friends can increase your film knowledge right at your fingertips.

Bevel Shave Kit

bevel shave kit

 Courtesy of Bevel

Gift your favorite guys a luxurious shaving experience with this comprehensive set. in addition to a sleek, modern razor, the kit includes everything he needs to prep, nourish and heal his skin—and get a perfect shave every time.

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