The 18 Best Gifts For Your Husband

These unique presents will up your guy-gifting game.

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Okay, it may be somewhat of a gender stereotype to say that men are harder to shop for than women…but we’re willing to bet that 99 percent of women would also agree that it’s true. So when his birthday, an anniversary, or the holidays roll around, sure, you could opt for one of the tried-and-true gifting staples. (Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a great pair of socks, it’s a practical present.)

But if you want to break out of a rut and really make his day with a super cool, unique gift, keep reading. We rounded up some of our favorite gifts for guys out there, with options for all preferences (and budgets).

Check out the best gifts for your husband, below.

Theragun Mini

Theragun Mini

 Courtesy of Theragun

A must-have recovery item for avid gym-goers, this the latest version of the cult-classic Theragun. It offers the same type of percussive therapy (essentially “massaging” muscles to help flush out lactic acid and reduce soreness), now with a new technology that keeps it nice and quiet.

You can even pair it with an app that will guide you through a guided treatment. Basically, if your husband is always asking you for back massages, this is the gift for him

California Cowboy Men’s High Water Shirt

California Cowboy Men’s High Water Shirt

Courtesy of California Cowboy

This brand set out to revamp the Hawaiian shirt and in our opinion, the mission was successful. Like the classic, these fun shirts are choice for the beach-loving, pool-party going set.

Choose from an array of bold solids or whimsical prints on the outside, all of which have an absorbent terry-cloth lining on the inside. There are even special pockets for his phone AND a cold beverage. Brilliant.

Mack Weldon Radius Pant

Mack Weldon Radius Pant

 Courtesy of Mack Weldon

These pants combine the comfort of his favorite around-the-house sweats with the aesthetic of a ready-for-work chino. The tech fabric is water-, wind-, and stain-resistant, and has stretch to it to keep it extra comfortable. Whether for work, travel, or golf, he’s sure to get plenty of use out of these.

Bearaby Cotton Napper

Bearby Cotton Blanket

 Courtesy of Bearby

The perfect accessory to add to his favorite recliner or spot on the couch, this weighted blanket is the ultimate in coziness. Made with organic cotton, it offers all the benefits of a weighted blanket (i.e. major relaxation) but is still totally breathable so he won’t overheat. Plus, it’s big enough for both of you to snuggle under.

Breville The Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser

Breville The Smoking Gun Wood Smoke Infuser

Courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

Consider this the accessory your grill-master husband never knew he needed. The portable, battery-operated smoker almost instantly infuses a rich, smoky flavor to anything from meats to cheeses, and allows you to customize just how much smokiness you get. The cool factor can’t be beaten.

Kingsley Leather Dark Brown Leather Card Holder

Kingsley Leather Dark Brown Leather Card Holder

 Courtesy of Etsy

Equal parts fashionable and functional, you can’t go wrong with this beautiful cardholder. Handcrafted in England from high-quality full-grain leather, it’s slim enough to fit in either his front or back pocket (though still has plenty of space to hold cash, credit cards, you name it.)

Saddle stitching around the edges adds a nice touch, and you can also choose which color thread you’d like.

Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey

skrewball whiskey

 Courtesy of Drizly

We’re willing to bet he’s never had peanut butter whiskey before, which is why this makes a great unexpected gift for any whiskey lover. The first whiskey of its kind, it uses a unique process to extract rich, nuanced flavor from peanuts. Mix it up in a cocktail or sip solo—it's the perfect addition to his bar.

Geologie Personalized Skincare

Geologie Personalized Skincare

Courtesy of Geologie

True to the name, this brand has made personalized skin care easier than ever for guys. How it works: He takes a quick diagnostic quiz (or you can take it on his behalf) that features some questions about his skin concerns.

Then, he gets a simple yet complete regimen of four products tailored to meet his specific skincare needs sent right to him. It’s simple, straightforward, and totally effective.

Sonos Beam

sonos boom

Courtesy of Best Buy

Completely upgrade his speaker system in one fell swoop. This single soundbar produces enough volume in even a huge room, no matter whether you’re pairing it with a TV or using it to play music. (Though it’s especially great for TV purposes, given that it was specially tuned to emphasize the sound of the human voice and make dialogue extra clear.)

Also nice: It comes with built-in voice control that can be used with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

All Mies Bauhaus 41MM BWTL Watch

Believe it, you can find a sophisticated, stylish watch for a great budget price. Here’s proof positive. Simple yet elegant, this design boasts a surgical-grade, stainless steel watch face paired with a sleek, water-resistant strap.

Hexclad Hybrid Pan

If your husband loves to cook, make sure to mention that even Michelin-star chefs are fans of this pan. A totally new kind of hybrid cookware, it features a unique design that layers aluminum between two coats of stainless steel, laser etching the surface to combine the benefits of a nonstick pan with the durability of a stainless steel option.

And since it’s free of the many potentially toxic chemicals found in other non-stick pans, it’s safe to use even with metal cooking utensils. Plus, you can throw it in the dishwasher, a major win for whoever ends up on clean-up duty.

Dogwood Hill Gentleman Note Cards

Dogwood Hill Gentleman Note Cards

Courtesy of Dogwood Hill 

Personalized stationery is one of those things every guy can (and will) use, but, at least in our experience, will never buy for himself. These cool notecards come in a variety of different options, with designs ranging from simple, solid borders to unique monogrammed crests.

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack

Ogio Pace 25 Backpack

 Courtesy of Ogio

No matter whether he’s using it for work, play, or travel, this backpack is a must. Made of ballistic nylon, it’s ultra-durable, though also comes with a lifetime warranty.

There are all kinds of compartments on pockets on both the exterior and interior, including a special sleeve for a tablet or laptop and an RIFD-blocking pocket for the ultimate in security (it blocks against a type of electronic pick-pocketing).

The IceMule Traveler

The IceMule Traveler

 Courtesy of IceMule

This innovative cooler meets all of the most important cooler criteria. One, it keeps beverages extra cold, thanks to a special kind of insulation that delivers up to 48 hours of ice retention.

The zippered-top opens wide and stays open making loading and unloading super easy, it’s lightweight, waterproof, and even floats, and there’s a detachable back butterfly strap to make carrying it less taxing than ever. It’s all pretty darn cool, pun intended.

Oral-B Guide Electric Toothbrush

We know what you’re thinking—a toothbrush as a gift? But hear us out, because this is equally as much a high-end piece of technology as it as a daily necessity. It’s the first voice-activated toothbrush of its kind and has Alexa built into the charging base.

So, basically, you can have your toothbrush play the news, music, or even reorder new brush heads. It also syncs up to an app, providing real-time feedback on your technique as you brush, and also tracking things like brushing frequency, duration, and coverage to ensure you’re actually brushing properly.

Radio Easy Now Relax CBD Tincture

Radio Easy Now Relax CBD Tincture

Courtesy of Radio

For the guy who’s all-in on the CBD bandwagon and/or just needs to relax a little, this tincture makes a great gift. It blends hemp extract oil, rich in CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids with a botanical blend of ingredients such as orange, chamomile, hops, and cardamom. (And yes, it’s completely THC-free.)

The end result is an easy way to chillax when things get stressful. And truly, who couldn’t use that?

Diamond Nexus Arcadia Wedding Band

Diamond Nexus Arcadia Wedding Band

Courtesy of Diamond Nexus

If this is a gift for a milestone anniversary, you may want to consider upgrading his wedding band. We’re especially partial to this two-tone option, which combines both 14-karat white and yellow gold in a style that’s statement-making, yet timeless.

Jones Bar-B-Q 3 Pack Gift Set

Jones Bar-B-Q 3 Pack Gift Set

Courtesy of  Jones Bar-B-Q

This barbecue spot is a Kansas City staple, and happily, they ship their condiments nationwide. This trio comes with their classic sauce, a tropical coconut-pineapple barbecues sauce, and a housemade rub that works well on pretty much anything and everything.

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