The Best Flower Delivery Services for Any Occasion

The quality of its blooms makes Farmgirl Flowers our top choice

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Sending a bouquet is a fitting gesture for practically any occasion—from birthdays and anniversaries to pregnancy announcements and promotions. There are dozens of online flower delivery companies that don't specialize in wedding florals but should still be on your radar for those moments when you want to let a person know that you're thinking about them.

The best flower delivery services provide a seamless experience for both the buyer and the recipient, with fresh blooms, prompt shipping, and, in some cases, add-on gifts. All of the services highlighted below offer a variety of florals for different events as well as a range of delivery options and prices.

Best Flower Delivery Services of 2023

The Best Flower Delivery Services for Any Occasion
The Best Flower Delivery Services for Any Occasion

Best Overall : Farmgirl Flowers

Farmgirl Flowers

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Key Specs
  • Price Range: $58–$250
  • Free Shipping? Yes (on select styles)
  • Same-Day Delivery? No
  • Bouquets are wrapped in compostable burlap

  • Farm-direct shipping method

  • Easy access to customer service

  • Some arrangements include free shipping

  • Can't guarantee a specific delivery date—customers must select a two-day window

Farmgirl Flowers is our No. 1 pick because the company's entire process revolves around the freshness of its blooms. The florals you receive come straight from the Ecuadorian farms that grow them, prolonging their shelf life in your or your recipient's home. They're shipped shortly after being cut and secured in wet wrap to keep the buds from drying out. There are around 30 arrangements to choose from, each featuring a variety of seasonal flowers.

Though bouquets from Farmgirl Flowers aren't cheap—prices start at $58 and go up to $159—the quality is top-notch every time thanks to the service's substitution policy: Any bloom that's not up to par will be swapped out for a better one. You can also reach out to the company’s customer service team via phone, email, online form, or the website's chat function if you're not happy with your arrangement. For those hoping to save a bit of money, “The Free Ship Shop" features options with waived delivery fees.

Best for Long-Lasting Flowers : Venus Et Fleur

Venus et Fleur

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Key Specs
  • Price Range: $44–$2,800
  • Free Shipping? No
  • Same-Day Delivery? Yes (in select cities)
  • Roses last up to a year with proper care

  • Packaging doubles as a display case

  • Option to design your own arrangement

  • Add-ons include candles, stationary, and other gifts

  • Expensive compared to other services

Traditional bouquets stay fresh for one to two weeks tops, but roses from Venus Et Fleur last a full year. When the flowers are first picked, they undergo a preservation process that removes the color and dehydrates the blooms. The petals are then dyed all sorts of hues and placed into the company's signature Parisian-style hat boxes, which act as both shipping containers and vases. Single roses are available for purchase as are boxes of 250+ stems that can be arranged into intricate designs.

Venus Et Fleur is definitely a luxury service—one rose will cost you over $44—but the customization capabilities and lengthy lifespan of the flowers make them splurge-worthy. When creating your own box, you choose the size, colors, and pattern, which can include letters and numbers. Shipping rates depend on your location, but new customers will score free delivery on their first order when they sign up for the brand's newsletter.

Best for Free Shipping : Enjoy Flowers

Enjoy Flowers

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Key Specs
  • Price Range: $63–$125
  • Free Shipping? Yes (excluding deliveries to Alaska & Hawaii)
  • Same-Day Delivery? No
  • Free shipping within the contiguous U.S.

  • Special event packages

  • Four monthly subscription options

  • Flower food and care instructions included

  • Limited variety of one-time bouquets

In sharp contrast to most online flower delivery services, Enjoy Flowers offers free shipping on ALL orders within the contiguous U.S. so you never have to worry about additional fees at checkout. One of our favorite sections of the website is the Gatherings & Galas Collection, which features ready-to-display centerpieces, table garlands, and more. If you're planning an engagement party or hosting a holiday at your home, this is a one-stop shop for floral decorations.

We also recommend Enjoy Flowers if you're looking for monthly deliveries. The company has four subscription plans, including the Garden Collection ($65 per month), which boasts a mix of farm-fresh florals like roses, carnations, and hydrangeas, to name a few varieties, and the Designer Collection ($78 per month), which incorporates premium blooms—such as calla lilies, ranunculus, and proteas—into the bouquets. Each shipment comes with enough stems to be split into smaller arrangements if you'd prefer.

Best Variety : 1-800-Flowers


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Key Specs
  • Price Range: $40–$325
  • Free Shipping? Yes (only for Celebrations Passport members)
  • Same-Day Delivery? Yes
  • More than 160 arrangements to choose from

  • Options for almost every budget

  • Same-day delivery is available for dozens of styles

  • Add-ons include sweet treats, jewelry, and more

  • Free shipping is only for paid members

The assortment of bouquets and gifts at 1-800-Flowers is truly extraordinary. There are close to 170 arrangements and almost all of them come in at least three different sizes. Plus, you have your pick of add-ons—from wine and chocolate-covered strawberries to necklaces and balloons. In fact, you can select the number of stems, type of vase, and goodies you want all in a single step.

Shipping costs vary based on the delivery day and location, unless you're a Celebrations Passport member: Subscribers don't have to pay standard shipping or service fees. We only suggest signing up for this program, which costs about $20 per year, if you plan to send flowers multiple times over a 12-month span.

Best Same-Day Flower Delivery : Teleflora


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Key Specs
  • Offers same-day delivery seven days a week

  • Wide range of prices

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Can search by occasion, flower type, color, and price

  • Shipping costs extra

How does Teleflora pull off nationwide same-day flower delivery? Through its network of more than 10,000 local florists, who arrange and hand-deliver orders all over the U.S. The best part is that these rush jobs aren't just limited to weekdays—same-day delivery is available seven days a week. Just make sure you get your order in before the cut-off time.

In addition to its impressive delivery capabilities, Teleflora's customer service team is available 24/7 via phone, online form, and the website's chat function. But our favorite thing about the company may be its "In a hurry?" feature, which recommends bouquets based on the occasion, zip code, and delivery date you put in. There are more than 35 categories to choose from, including "Prom Flowers" and "Teacher Gifts," and prices start at under $40.

Best Search Filters : UrbanStems


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Key Specs
  • Price Range: $48–$210
  • Free Shipping? Yes (on subscription orders & local deliveries only)
  • Same-Day Delivery? Yes (in NYC & D.C. only)
  • Next-day delivery is available in most areas

  • Ability to browse by occasion, price, size, and more

  • Three subscription options

  • Variety includes plants and dried flowers

  • Vases are not always included

  • Same-day delivery is limited to NYC and D.C.

If you're shopping for a specific occasion (or two), UrbanStems has dedicated filters for birthday bouquets, anniversary arrangements, and many more notable events. Prices tend to be a bit more expensive because a lot of the options include premium blooms like delphinium, leucadendron (also known as conebush), and scabiosa (or pincushions). For gifts that will last longer than a traditional bouquet, check out the company's dried flowers section (starting at $55) or curated selection of plants (starting at $30).

Though same-day delivery isn't offered in most areas, next-day delivery is widely available, and by typing in your recipient's zip code, you're able to see what arrangements can be shipped overnight. UrbanSteams also allows you to pre-order bouquets up to four weeks in advance, making it an ideal service for holidays that require a bit more preparation.

Best for Tropical Flowers : BloomsyBox


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Key Specs
  • Price Range: $55–$75
  • Free Shipping? Yes (on subscription orders only)
  • Same-Day Delivery? No
  • Carries exotic foliage, like heliconias and birds of paradise

  • Blooms come from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms

  • Flowers ship within two to four days of being cut

  • Flower food and care instructions are included

  • Free shipping only applies to subscription orders

While classic arrangements filled with roses or lilies are timeless, you can count on BloomsyBox’s collection of tropical flowers to bring vibrancy and a bit of drama into your home. Options include flora that's native to Central America, South America, and South Africa, among other areas. The blooms used in each arrangement are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, meaning the growers follow strict sustainability and labor guidelines.

In addition to its commitment to eco-friendly practices, BloomsyBox includes care instructions in every shipment so that the tropical flowers can thrive for as long as possible, even in the hands of a novice. Prices for the exotic bouquets start at around $55, not including shipping, and top out at $75. Of course, BloomsyBox also sells a variety of other flower types and has a total of 10 subscription plans, one of which is all pet-safe florals.

Best for Plants : The Bouqs Co.

The Bouqs Co.

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Key Specs
  • Price Range: $44–$149
  • Free Shipping? Yes (on subscription orders only)
  • Same-Day Delivery? Yes (but not for plants)
  • More than 20 houseplant options

  • Subscriptions save you up to 30 percent

  • Every plant comes in a decorative pot

  • Customer service is available seven days a week

  • Free shipping only applies to subscription orders

  • Same- and next-day delivery isn't available for plants

If your loved one prefers plants to flowers, The Bouqs Co. has an excellent selection of greenery, including succulents, ficuses, orchids, money trees, and easy-to-care-for snake plants. Most of the options are relatively low maintenance and will far outlast a bouquet of fresh flowers with the right care. Plus, each one comes in an adorable planter.

Choose from classics like a Bird’s Nest Fern ($79), which only requires water once a week, or opt for something a tad more unusual like a dracaena ($49), otherwise known as a dragon plant. Straightforward care instructions are always included, so even if your recipient is new to plant parenthood, they'll be able to keep your beautiful gift alive—at least for a little while. Customer service is also available seven days a week if you run into any mishaps.

Final Verdict

There are many flower delivery services to choose from, with florals for nearly every consumer preference and need. Venus Et Fleur and BloomsyBox both offer unique options that you won't see on many other sites, while the sheer volume of choices on 1-800-Flowers practically ensures you'll find something you love. For quick and cheap delivery, turn to Teleflora or Enjoy Flowers. And if you know what you're looking for, UrbanStems and The Bouqs Co.'s easy-to-navigate websites will save you a whole lot of time.

Having said that, Farmgirl Flowers beats out all of these companies to win the title of best flower delivery service. Every arrangement is sustainably crafted, with cut-to-order blooms and compostable burlap wrapping. Plus, we love that you don't have to chase down the customer service team if you experience a problem with your order—there are several ways to reach a representative.

A Guide to Sending Flowers Online

What Are the Best Flowers to Send to Someone?

Different occasions call for different types of flowers. Red roses are, of course, popular on Valentine’s Day, while chrysanthemums and white lilies are common sympathy flowers. Tulips and sunflowers symbolize love and adoration, lending themselves to celebrations. 

Color is another important factor when flower shopping for specific occasions. Pinks and reds represent romance, and bright yellows and oranges are joyful and work well to cheer someone up. Purple flowers are often associated with success or achievement, making them the perfect present for a graduation or promotion. 

However, if you’re sending flowers to a close friend or family member, you should think about their favorite blooms, the level of care and attention they’re able to give to the arrangement, and if they’re allergic to anything in particular.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is the Cheapest Flower Delivery Service?

    On average, flower delivery costs between $40 and $75, but you can find bouquets for under $30 at some retailers. In From You Flowers' sale section, there are arrangements for as low as $20, though shipping costs will bump up the price slightly. You can also get pots filled with daisies and gerbera for less than $30 at Teleflora.

  • Where Do Florists Get Their Flowers?

    Florists typically get their flowers from several different places, though it’s best to shop from services that partner with local growers or source from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. The latter ensures the flowers are harvested using methods that support social, economic, and environmental sustainability. Other florists grow their own blooms or purchase them from large auctions or wholesalers.

  • How Do Florists Keep Flowers Fresh?

    Florists keep flowers fresh by not cutting the stems until they’re ready to be placed in water, and many actually recommend that the recipient does the trimming, which allows the blooms to last longer. Temperature also affects a flower’s lifespan, so florists oftentimes use large refrigerators to keep the flowers fresh. Some shops may employ a preservative spray or provide “flower food” packets with each delivery. Once the arrangement is in your hands, it’s generally recommended to replace the water every couple of days.

  • Do Vases Come With Flower Deliveries?

    Depending on which flower delivery service you order from, the arrangement may come in a vase, box, or simply be wrapped in paper, plastic, or recyclable material. Vases vary in material, height, width, color, and opacity. If your order does not come with a vase, experts recommend finding a container that adequately supports the types of flowers in your bouquet. For instance, tulips tend to look their best in a straight-sided vase.


To find the best flower delivery services for everyday orders, we focused on companies that cater to one-time buyers instead of vendors that specialize in wedding flowers. We also only looked at brands that have the ability to ship to a large portion of the U.S. Our research team used the following factors to review companies:

  • Variety of flowers available
  • Average price per bouquet
  • Quality of the blooms
  • Scope of delivery
  • Shipping and service fees
  • Access to customer service
  • Same- and/or next-day delivery options
  • Sustainability practices

The services in this guide excel at both freshness and range of delivery capabilities. While we did take customer feedback into consideration, we recognize that service-based reviews are often inherently negative, which is why we relied on data, research, and—for some brands—personal experience to make our recommendations.

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