The 12 Best Flatware Sets for the Dinner Party of Your Dreams

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Long gone are the days when nice flatware—usually fine silverware—was only used sparingly and for special occasions. Couples today register for all sorts of flatware for every occasion. There are endless options to choose from, covering every style, color, material, and finish. From vintage-inspired silverware to ultra-modern pieces, there’s truly something for everyone.

With so many possibilities, you may feel like registering for a couple of styles and mixing things up at your next dinner party. When you're registering, it's also helpful to think about other areas of your life that might be less expected—think reusable portable flatware for camping or picnics and matte black pieces for a chic soiree or themed holiday party.

To help you select the best options for you, we've researched the best flatware sets from tried and true retailers–keeping design, function, material, and overall quality in mind. For a classic everyday silverware set, you can't go wrong with the Mepra Stiria 20-Piece Flatware Set and the Pottery Barn Bamboo Stainless Steel Flatware. Looking for something festive and fun? We love the Mepra Fantasia Color Flatware Set and the Sharecook Multicolor Silverware Set.

Read on for the best flatware sets for your registry.

Best Bamboo Flatware

Pottery Barn Bamboo Stainless Steel 5-Piece Set

Pottery Barn Bamboo Stainless Steel set

 Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Bamboo-style flatware has been around for a while—we love this updated version in a stainless steel finish that works perfectly as your everyday set. It's a more casual shape mixed with an elegant silver finish, so it's perfect for both casual brunches and dinner parties alike.

Most Versatile

Mepra Italian Flatware Set

Mepra Italian Flatware, Linea

 Courtesy of Food52

This modern flatware comes in five different colorways and finishes, making it the perfect addition to any table. Choose from finishes like black shine for a moody look, copper for a trendy vibe, or gold brushed for a glam tablescape.

Price at time of publish: $398 for 2pc set

Best Colorful Flatware

Mepra Fantasia Flatware


Bed Bath & Beyond

If you want color on your table, this flatware 100% serves that up. With fourteen colorways to choose from (we especially love the more understated sage and sky blue), you can quite literally match your flatware to your china if you want. Looking for more variety on your table? Get the “sea” set and you’ll get mixed blues and greens, or the “earth” set that includes brown, white, and blues.

Price at time of publish: $99

Best Rose Gold Flatware

Kate Spade Malmo 5-Piece Flatware Set

Kate Spade Malmo set

 Courtesy of Zola

Tubular handles and a chic rose gold finish make this flatware set unique but still perfect for everyday use. Your guests will oh and ah over it at your next dinner party, guaranteed.

Price at time of publish: $85

Best Traditional Black Flatware

Gourmet Settings Ebony 20-Piece Flatware Set

Gourmet Settings Ebony 20-piece set

 Courtesy of Zola

Service for four? Check. Modern black matte finish with an old-world shape? Check. Perfect for any occasion? Check. Any way you slice it, this pretty (and ultra-affordable) set is the cool factor your table has been missing.

Price at time of publish: $145

Best Dishwasher-Safe Flatware

Merpa Stiria 20-Piece Flatware Set

flatware set

Courtesy of Shop Decor

You may think that all modern flatware was created dishwasher safe, but many sets still require extra care. Make sure you always check before registering or buying—you have to be willing to commit to handwashing if your everyday flatware isn’t dishwasher safe! This set is versatile, stainless steel, and feels modern but not too modern for your morning cereal or eggs.

Price at time of publish: $171

Best Old World Flatware

Wallace Hotel 77-Piece Set

Wallace Hotel set

 Courtesy of Amazon

It may not actually be your grandmother’s flatware, but it’s a close second. This more ornate set has a certain charm that’s hard to deny—call it nostalgia, but we wouldn’t mind bringing these out next time we entertain.

Price at time of publish: $172

Best Modern Set

Cutipol Goa Home Dinner Flatware Cutlery 3-Piece Set

Best Modern: Cutipol Goa set

 Courtesy of Food52

This super contemporary flatware adds drama to a minimalist table with modern serving pieces and plates. The gold and black finish and slender silhouette makes it feel like the opposite of the old fashioned silverware you grew up with.

Price at time of publish: $95

Most Unexpected Flatware

Sharecook Multicolor Silverware Set

Sharecook Multicolor set

 Courtesy of Amazon

This modern iridescent flatware is a dream if you aren't a fan of the word “understated” and if you’re fully on board for using these aside equally playful plates. When you set the table with these shimmery statement makers, you can make your own rules.

Price at time of publish: $20

Best Mixed Metallic

Crate and Barrel Tuscany Gold Band 5-Piece Flatware Place Setting

Crate and Barrel Tuscany set

 Courtesy of  Crate and Barrel 

For those who crave the traditional flatware patterns, this banded set is perfect. A silver and gold-toned mix means it’ll go well with whatever metallic accents you already have on your table. With just enough weight to feel sturdy, you know it’ll stand the test of time.

Price at time of publish: $70

Best Wooden Flatware

Pottery Barn St. Michelle Pakka Wood 5-Piece Flatware Set

Pottery Barn St. Michelle Pakka set

 Courtesy of Pottery Barn

This classic, slightly masculine style lends itself perfectly to a mountain home or ranch aesthetic. Dark brown wood and stainless steel create an air of sophistication and timelessness. These are hand wash only, but we think it’s worth the commitment.

Price at time of publish: $125

Best Preppy Flatware

Sabre Paris White Stripe 5-Piece Place Setting

Sabre Paris White Stripe set

Courtesy of Yvonne-estelles

Nothing says preppy quite like a good stripe. With a look that appears hand-painted and perfectly imperfect, this nautical style would fit perfectly in both a seaside cottage or just your outdoor living space. The design is refined, yet playful, and begs to be used all summer long.

Price at time of publish: $91

What to Look for in Flatware


Are you a couple who loves to throw fancy dinner parties or plan to host everyone during the holidays? Or do you cook mostly for the two of you and prefer a no-fuss, dishwasher-safe set? It's important to think about your lifestyle and plan accordingly.


The best sets are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is both durable and long-lasting. Silver, silver-plated, and pewter pieces can be beautiful but are expensive and hard to care for. If you're choosing outdoor or travel flatware, make sure to go with BPA-free plastic or a bamboo-based eco-friendly material.


Think about your overall tabletop decor and aesthetic, and make sure to consider the plates, glassware, and napkins that you already have (or have registered for). A more simple, modern set will fit well with different types of tabletop decor versus styles that are highly decorative and specific.

  • What is flatware?

    Flatware is the overall term for forks, knives, and spoons that accompany plates and glassware at a table setting. A general set will include two forks (one small one for salads and a larger one for the dinner course), one or two spoons in different sizes, and a knife.

  • How many flatware sets do I need?

    It depends on how much you entertain, but it's a good rule of thumb to have at least enough to serve eight to 12 people. You also might want to consider having two sets—a fancier one for special occasions and another, more durable (and dishwasher-safe) one for everyday meals.

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