The Best DIY Place Card Ideas to Craft for Your Wedding Day

Channel your inner artist!

pressed flower place cards

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Once you’ve chosen your wedding date, booked your dream venue, and found a wonderful officiant, many of the remaining elements are all focused on the details. But those details, big or small, are so important! They are what will infuse personality into your big day, creating a true representation of you and your partner and your bond.

If you’re planning a sit-down dinner for your reception, one of the key details to consider is place cards. While tiny, these little cards will help guests find their seats to settle in for a wonderful meal. And there are so many options for making them your own.

If you’re hoping to go the DIY route for some of your wedding details and décor, place cards are a great item to add to the list. There are so many simple ways to handcraft cards, along with displaying them in or on a clever vessel to match your overall aesthetic.

As with any DIY wedding detail, be sure you have the bandwidth to add this project to your plate. The last thing you want to do is add wedding-related stress! Don’t be afraid to ask for help with this type of project, or even make a night of it by getting your wedding party together for an afternoon
of crafting. For some place card options, it may be best to ask another person to help with the handwriting if you like their penmanship better.

Below, find 12 DIY wedding place card ideas for your big day.

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Use Seashells

sea shell place card

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Are you planning a beachside or nautical wedding? Include seashells in an intentional way. Source shells from the beach and use a paint pen to write each guest's name on top.

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Go Metallic

metallic place cards

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You can still certainly DIY your place cards for a more romantic or formal wedding. Find thick, metallic cardstock and use a paper cutter to cut it to size. Use a white paint pen to add each name.

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Look to Lemons

lemon place card

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Add a vibrant splash of color to each place setting. Use lemons as place card holders for a punch of yellow. Write each name on a small scroll of paper, and attach it to the fruit using a pin.

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Channel Nature

rock place cards


Keep it simple while channeling a natural option. Source beautiful rocks and stones to serve as the base of your place cards. Write the name of each guest on top with a paint pen.

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Break Bread

baguette place card

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We always love the idea of a small baguette at each place setting for dinner. Take this special touch one step further and turn it into a place card. Add a piece of cardstock with a hand-calligraphed name. Then, attach the cards to the mini loaf of bread with twine.

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Use a Handwritten Note

handwritten note place card

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A great way to personalize your place cards? Add the DIY element of leaving a handwritten note! Write a note and attach it to another item, or simply leave a small card at each setting. Your guests will love this personal touch.

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Feature Veggies

vegetable place card

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Planning a garden, food-focused, or harvest-inspired wedding? Add veggies to your centerpieces and your place settings. Options such as artichokes serve as great place card holders thanks to their thick leaves. You could also follow this same concept by cutting a single slice in a radish or even a small carrot.

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Place a Posy

dried flower place card

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For a more simplistic, natural look, opt for a plain white cardstock tag to mark each place setting. Then, add a muted touch of color with a tiny bundle of dried flowers. This is such a great way to add a pop of texture and color.

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Embrace Autumn

apple place card

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Planning a fall wedding? Consider incorporating apples in multiple ways. One fun option is to utilize apples as your place cards. Write the name of each guest on the fruit of each piece of fruit with metallic gold or silver paint pens.

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Punch Leather

leather place card

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If you really want to get crafty, consider creating leather tags for all of your guests. Customize each tag by punching the letters of their names into it. This is such a fun DIY option that can double as a wedding favor as well!

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Press Florals

dried flower place cards

photo by peyton beyford

Bringing plenty of pretty blooms to the party? Add them to your place cards too. This project will require a bit more work and additional materials, but it can be done. Source acrylic frames and press your favorite flowers in each. Then, use a paint pen to mark them with a name.

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Write a Poem

poem place card

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Consider personalizing each place card with a poem. Choose a poem for each guest (if you have a smaller guest list, this is doable), or divide up several of your favorites. Add each name on top in a large, bolder font and print the little cards on cardstock.

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