The Best Date Night Subscription Boxes of 2023

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Getting creative when it comes to date night is something all couples can use. And, spending quality time with your significant other is more important than ever. Thanks to these date night subscription boxes, you don’t have to go far.

Date night subscription boxes allow couples to share some special time together without leaving the house by delivering fun, unique, and romantic activities to their porch on a set schedule (usually once a month). Turn off your phones, pour some wine, and make an event out of tackling the included ideas and playful projects together. Your favorite cocktail bar has nothing on these date night subscription boxes.

The Best Date Night Subscription Boxes of 2023

The Best Date Night Subscription Boxes of 2023
The Best Date Night Subscription Boxes of 2023

Best Overall : Happily



Happily believes that quality time builds better relationships, and so it set out to make that time as special as possible. For date nights on demand, look to the company's date night subscription boxes that come delivered to your door on (or around) the 15th of each month.

Inside you’ll find everything you need for a stellar time together, from conversation starters to recipes to even a custom playlist to set the mood. But unlike many other subscription boxes, Happily allows couples to set their personal preferences, so the dates come perfectly planned with your likes, dislikes, personalities, and any dietary restrictions (for the included snacks, of course) in mind.

The boxed-up date nights may be themed to dance lessons, a cooking class, a crafty art activity, or a cheese and wine tasting—all to be experienced from the comfort of your living room. They cost about $40, $37, or $33 per box, depending on whether you order a monthly, three-, or six-month subscription.

Happily also offers a digital option with the subscription, where you’ll get access to date night ideas, romantic hotspots in your area, conversation starters, two-person games, and custom mixtapes all in one handy app.

Best Budget : Crated with Love

Crated with Love

 Crated with Love

Who said that date night had to be expensive? Luckily, a night full of fun for two doesn’t have to cost a bundle, thanks to Crated with Love. This date night subscription box clocks in at $20 a month when you purchase a 12-month subscription.

But don’t think for a second that the low price means that this box is low on laughs. In fact, this box contains probably the most straight-up, fun dates on this list, as they’re built around interactive, immersive games. One will have you surviving a board game version of a zombie apocalypse together, while another involves reliving childhood memories with a trivia game centered on your awkward years.

But these role-playing and puzzle games aren’t just a blast to play: They also provide the opportunity to grow in your relationship, whether it’s through learning about each other’s fears in a relaxed atmosphere or building on your communication and conflict resolution skills. Working on your relationship has never been quite so fun—or such an adventure.

Best Digital : Modern Love

Modern Love

 Modern Love

Like Happily, Modern Love also has a digital subscription called Modern Love InBox. This ingenious digital subscription was actually created by a relationship therapist, leading to a thought-provoking program that aims to help couples connect on a deeper level (while having fun, of course).

For about $12 a month (the first month is free), you’ll receive tips, conversation topics, and fun activities that’ll boost your communication while having fun and spending quality time together.

But for couples who prefer the all-inclusiveness of a physical date night box, this company also has an online storefront, where you can buy products that can go along with and enhance the components of the Modern Love InBox.

With goodies like sexy truth or dare, thought-provoking conversation starters, and massagers, date night just got a lot more interesting. Gift cards are also available, making it a great option for a bridal shower or engagement party present.

Best Regional : Unbox Love

Unbox Love

 Unbox Love

If you live in the Northeast, you can kiss most outdoor dates goodbye come winter—so, wouldn’t it be such a bummer if your date night subscription box was packed for a picnic?

Fortunately, there’s no chance of that happening with Unbox Love. Instead of sending out the same package to all subscribers each month, the date ideas often correspond to where they live to ensure that they’re perfectly planned for the individual couple. Date night just got that much easier.

There are options for monthly, three-, and six-month subscriptions, which cost about $42 per box, or $117 and $222, respectively. For that, you’ll get a date delivered to your door every month, with each box containing snacks, crafts, recipes, games, puzzles, and some challenges that will push you a little out of your comfort zone—and a little closer together.

Best for Dinner Dates : Home Chef

Home Chef

 Home Chef

Foodie couples don’t have to rely on takeout menus for their at-home dinner dates. By signing up for a meal subscription service, they can turn their own kitchen into a five-star restaurant with ease. Our favorite for date nights? Home Chef.

For about $50 plus shipping, you’ll get two meals with two servings each per week. Save them for candlelit meals over the weekend, or nosh on ‘em while indulging in a midweek Netflix binge—whatever your date night mood happens to be. You can also skip a week if you just don’t have time to sit down and share a meal.

One of the best parts about Home Chef is the option for both meal kits and oven-ready dinners. A couple can stretch their chef skills by whipping up one of Home Chef’s 30-minute meal kits that include all the pre-portioned ingredients needed to create their chosen culinary creation (recipes include garlic-parmesan crusted filet mignon and Korean-style fried chicken, as well as vegetarian options)—which is a fun date night activity in and of itself.

Couples can also opt for one of Home Chef’s oven-ready meals. Simply pop that baby in the oven for a dinner date in no time; no chopping, dicing, or sautéing necessary.

Best for Drinks : Shaker & Spoon

shaker and spoon

Courtesy of Shaker & Spoon

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What’s the perfect precursor to a dinner date? Drinks, of course. But instead of the dark, romantic corner of a cocktail bar, you can mix up a pair of craft cocktails to share right in your kitchen, thanks to this subscription box.

Like the ultimate bar cart, it comes complete with everything a bartender-in-training needs to mix up a batch of boozy beverages. Each box is built around one specific spirit and includes a collection of step-by-step recipes that you can create with said spirit, as well as all the mixers, syrups, bitters, fruits, and garnishes required. All you need now is a bit of booze.

Past boxes have featured mezcal, tequila, vodka, spiced rum, and champagne spritz themes, with a month-to-month subscription running couples about $60. Other subscription options include three-, six-, and 12-month prepay subscriptions that go for about $169 ($56 per box), $319 ($53 per box), and $600 ($50 per box), respectively. Bottoms up, you two.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Date Night Subscription Boxes?

Date night subscription boxes are curated packages that come complete with everything a couple needs to have a date night at home. They often arrive monthly, but can also adhere to another set schedule and some are even available as one-time purchases. With tons of activities and quality-time ideas inside, they offer couples a unique way to bond and can make any night special—plus, they’re tons of fun.

What Is Included in Date Night Subscription Boxes?

As mentioned above, date night subscription boxes come packed with activities couples can do together at home, with many built around a specific theme. For example, a date night subscription box may be themed to a “spa night” on a particular month and include a pair of sheet masks, candles, and other relaxing treatments a couple can indulge in together. Other possible inclusions may be a recipe the two of you can whip up, games, edible goodies, and conversation topics.

How Much Do Date Night Subscription Boxes Cost?

Date night subscription boxes vary in cost, and couples can often score discounts by purchasing longer subscriptions outright. Based on a six- or 12-month subscription, the boxes in our roundup range from about $20 to roughly $50 each. If you’d rather purchase them monthly, you can expect to spend between approximately $40 and $60 per box.


When selecting our favorite date night subscription boxes, we wanted to ensure that our choices were accessible to all couples, no matter their budget or who they love. Therefore, all of the date night subscription boxes on this list are LGTBQ+ friendly and go for an array of price points, with the least expensive one costing about $20 per month when you purchase a 12-month subscription.

We also weighed factors like value (these boxes come packed with goodies) and the uniqueness of the dates offered. Take the Happily subscription box, for instance: Dance lessons in a box? Yes, please. And, a cooking class for two? Yum. And that budget-friendly bundle (Crated with Love) that came in at under roughly $20 a month? It’s full of unique games for two, such as board games, puzzles, and even trivia games. Your date nights have just gotten a serious upgrade.

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