The 11 Best Champagne Glasses That Are Fit for a Celebration

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Pop! Fizz! Clink! When the bubbly comes out and the cork pops off, it’s time to celebrate! Champagne— the drink associated with all things joyful and celebratory—deserves stunning glasses to make the occasion all the more special. From engagements to showers, weddings, and birthdays there are so many reasons to break out the bubbles. Whether you’re looking for special glasses for your wedding day or registering for a set for future parties, there’s a lot to consider and the options abound.

When it comes to champagne glasses, there is a variety to choose from depending on what you’re looking for. Similar to wine, the shapes and styles vary accordingly to the type of champagne they’re designed for. Flutes are the most popular with their elegant silhouette and long stems. Tulips are ideal for the wine connoisseur since the shape holds the aromas inside for a better taste and overall experience. Coupes are delicate, pretty, and great for stacking, while stemless glasses are easy to hold on to and have a more casual vibe. 

Read on for the best champagne glasses for any and every occasion.

Best Overall: Nude Glass Stem Zero Flute Champagne Glass

Nude Stem Zero Flute Champagne Glass

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

There are so many reasons to love this champagne flute. it’s made of the toughest, yet finest, lead-free crystal, making it perfect for any occasion. The classically shaped glass has a skillful design silhouette that tapers towards the rim to help retain flavor and fizz. Leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the bubbly!

Price at time of publish: $83

Best Mr. and Mrs. Glasses: Personalization Lab Wedding Toasting Flutes

personalized flutes

Courtesy of Etsy

Can’t wait for the first toast with your new spouse? These personalized champagne glasses are a sweet keepsake to remember that special moment. Choose from a variety of designs to find one that suits your style and add a memento box so you have somewhere special to keep them! 

Price at time of publish: $30

Best Budget: Schott Zwiesel Champagne Glasses

Schott Zwiesel Champagne Glasses, Set of 6

Courtesy of Sur La Table

Cheers to elegant champagne glasses that won’t break the bank! This set is made of Titan Crystal, which is lead-free, chip-resistant, and super durable—making these an investment that will last through many champagne toasts.

Best Trumpet: Waterford Elegance Champagne Trumpet Flute Pair

Waterford Elegance Champagne Trumpet Flute Pair

Courtesy of Amazon

Sleek and elegant, this chic champagne glass has a contemporary vibe that elevates the classic trumpet shape. Made of the finest lead-free crystal, its deep-V pulled stem captures the effervescence of the bubbly, allowing for a longer, slower rise—sexy!

Price at time of publish: $100

Best Colored Glass: Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Coupe

Estelle Colored Glass Champagne Coupe

Courtesy of Estelle

Whether colored glassware is your thing or you’re looking for a set to match your wedding palette, these beautiful champagne coupes come in all the right shades. Available in a range of stunning jewel tones, these hand-blow glasses add a vibrant pop of color to a table setting.

Price at time of publish: $205

Best Coupe: Anthropologie Lustered Coupe Glasses

coupe glassware

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Coupes—reminiscent of the speakeasies and flappers of the roaring 1920’s—may not be the optimal glasses to drink champagne out of if you’re a wine enthusiast, but they sure are pretty! This crystal set is beautiful, functional, and has a frosted rib stem with a feminine curve. Gatsby would approve!

Price at time of publish: $56

Best Stemless: Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Stemless Champagne Flutes

Schott Zwiesel Tritan Forte Stemless Champagne Flutes, Set of 6

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

These stemless champagne glasses are simply chic. Made of Titan Crystal, the glasses are chip-resistant, durable, and sparkle with clarity. Plus, they’re easy to hold— a perfect party accessory!

Price at time of publish: $60

Best Crystal: Orrefors Prelude Flute

Orrefors Prelude Flute

Courtesy of Bloomingdales

To the naked eye, can be hard to discern from crystal from glass. But if you want a champagne glass that really looks and feels like crystal, this one’s a gem. Not overly ornate, it has a subtle cut pattern that sparkles at the base—perfectly placed to accentuate the bubbles!

Best Whimsical Design: Juliska Champagne Flute Set

Juliska Heritage Collectors 4-Piece Champagne Flute Set

Courtesy of Zola

These four hand-blown glasses each have their own unique motif but as a set, work together in perfect harmony. Whimsical and opulent, they’re ideal for parties, assuring you’ll have a glass that’s all your own!

Price at time of publish: $375

Best Double Walled: Glass Champagne Flutes

Glass Champagne Flutes, Set of 2

Courtesy of Amazon

Double-walled champagne flutes are cool— because they keep things cool! Made of hand-blown Borosilicate glass, these glasses assure that your drink will stay chilled. Bonus—they’re super durable and dishwasher safe, making them ideal for outdoor parties and everyday use.

Price at time of publish: $30

Best Acrylic: Acrylic Champagne Glass

Acrylic Champagne Glass

Courtesy of Crate&Barrel

Poolside mimosas? Yes please! These high-quality, BPA-free acrylic glasses make enjoying champagne even more fun when you’re outdoors— because drinking champagne in the beauty of nature is pretty idyllic!

Price at time of publish: $5

What to look for in champagne glasses

With so many stunning options on the market, choosing one that hits all the marks is not an easy task. Champagne glasses come in a range of shapes depending on what you’re looking for—think about your own personal taste and style when deciding on the glass that’s right for you. Shape, design, and materials are all important things to consider.

  • What are the main types of champagne glasses?

    Flutes are the most popular with their elegant silhouette and a long handle that’s easy to hold. The elongated shape allows for good serving size and captures the bubbles at the base for a slower rise to the surface. Flutes are a classic choice when it comes to champagne glasses.

    The tulip-shaped is a hybrid between a flute, a coupe, and a white wine glass. The glass was developed by sommeliers to trap aromas for optimal taste and to ensure that bubbles properly rise. These glasses are ideal for the connoisseur.

    As legend has it, the coupe glass was molded from Marie Antoinette’s left breast. While the story is intriguing and they are a classically elegant glass, coupe glasses aren’t very effective at maintaining the champagne’s aromas and bubbles disappear very quickly. However, they are great for parties! Their shape also allows for them to be stacked like a pyramid and poured into like a fountain from the top.

    Stemless glasses are a chic and contemporary choice that works well for both casual and formal occasions. The flute-shaped bowl maximizes the taste and aromas of the champagne, bringing out the best in each glass. Plus, stemless glasses are easy to hold and less likely to tip over, unlike their stemmed counterparts. The downside—chilled champagne will warm as you hold on to the glass.

  • Should we have a set of bride and groom champagne glasses (or a set for two grooms or two brides)?

    Having a set of toasting flutes that are engraved with your names or initials and the date of the wedding can be a sweet keepsake to remember the day by. However, it’s a personal preference and certainly not mandatory. After all, it’s your big day—do it your way! 

  • How many glasses of champagne are in a bottle?

    A standard 750ml bottle of champagne has five to six full glasses. However, for a toast, you can fill up to seven glasses since the pour may not be as full.


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