Best Champagne Delivery Services features a comprehensive variety of champagnes and other wines.

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Nothing says celebration like a glass of champagne—and isn’t there always some reason to celebrate? If a bit of bubbly helps you enjoy even the little things in life, you don’t have to keep a lonely bottle of Moët & Chandon locked away. Whether it's for your wedding day or just because, you can feed your inner connoisseur with a champagne delivery service that brings the bubbly right to your door.

Ordering champagne online for yourself, your wedding, or as a gift is simple, convenient, and sometimes more economical than buying in-store. With many services, customizable labels and bottle sizes add fun and novelty to your online purchase. Plus, when you opt for sommelier-curated champagne box services, you’ll broaden your palate with flavors and varietals you might not normally try. We’re raising a glass to the best champagne delivery services the market has to offer.  

Best Champagne Delivery Service of 2022

Best Overall:

Why We Chose It: With its excellent variety and the option for individual purchases or a monthly club, is a one-stop-shop for all things champagne (and more).


  • Place one-time orders or join a monthly wine club
  • Great variety of champagnes and other alcohol
  • Easy-to-use website


  • Monthly club is not exclusively champagne
  • No personalization of labels
  • No free shipping offers something for everyone. Its well-organized website allows you to search for your favorite champagne (or any other wine, for that matter) by varietal or region, with ample availability from all over the world. Once you’ve landed on your search results, the specifications continue. Helpful icons let you know whether your bottle of choice is considered a collectible for its vintage status, whether the champagne was made sustainably, and how top wine critics have rated it. is primarily geared toward ordering home-delivered champagne as a one-time purchase, but offers a Personalized Wine Club, too. Though this monthly gift box will include other wines in addition to champagne, you have the chance to fill out a survey letting your personal sommelier know your preferences. (Hint: Tell ‘em you want the bubbles.)

Although you can, of course, order pricey high-end champagnes on, you’ll also find extremely reasonably priced French sparkling wines from as low as about $12 per full-sized bottle. Shipping times may vary, but many bottles can be delivered within a couple of days. On the downside, shipping is definitely not free. Expect to pay roughly $15 for standard shipping, or, if you’ll be making frequent orders, join’s StewardShip club. For around $49 annually, you’ll get free shipping for a year.

Best Variety: Minibar Delivery



Why We Chose It: Find just what you’re looking for with Minibar Delivery’s wide variety of champagnes and other wines.


  • Enormous selection of champagnes and sparkling wines
  • Speedy delivery
  • Low-priced shipping on most orders


  • No recurring delivery
  • No personalization of labels
  • Some more exclusive bottles take longer to ship

Browsing Minibar Delivery’s array of champagnes and sparkling wines is like window shopping at the wine shop of your dreams. This all-encompassing site has it all, including dozens of champagne brands, flavors, regions, and bottle sizes. The only drawback is that there’s no recurring delivery. (Guess you’ll just have to decide with each new order whether you want something as unique as a watermelon-flavored bottle or a classic Veuve Clicquot.)  

The range of prices on Minibar Delivery is also quite diverse. Half-bottles of sparkling wine start as low as about $5, or splurge on a Dom Perignon for around $465. Another perk: For many orders, shipping is just $5, even for same-day delivery (which can arrive within about an hour). However, this isn’t the case for every bottle. Some more exclusive champagnes take longer and cost more to ship. Still, if you’re willing to wait, you can enjoy just about any champagne your heart desires with this service.

Best Value: Cellars Wine Club

Cellars Sparkling Wine Club

Cellars Sparkling Wine Club

Why We Chose It: Champagne can be expensive, but Cellars Wine Club offers quality at a doable price.


  • Reasonable pricing 
  • Free shipping
  • 100% “No Bad Bottle” guarantee


  • Limited information on types of champagnes
  • No one-time purchase option
  • No customization

If you’re on a budget, the price tags on fancy bottles just might give you butterflies in your stomach—and not the kind from bubbles. While it’s always possible to toast with an inexpensive sparkling wine from the grocery store, these aren’t necessarily the highest-caliber beverages. Looking for quality without dropping half your paycheck? Check out Cellars Wine Club.

This straightforward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get club features a subscription box of two champagne or sparkling wine bottles, deliverable every month, two months, or quarter. At about $69, the club’s low pricing (up to 30% off normal retail) is definitely an advantage, as is free shipping. Meanwhile, your club subscription also comes with access to a personal wine consultant who can answer questions about each month’s selection. 

Cellars Wine Club makes an economical choice for anyone looking to experience different flavors and regions on rotation, but if a one-time purchase is your goal, you’ll need to look elsewhere. As its name suggests, this one is strictly a club subscription.

Best for Premium Selections: Henri’s Reserve

Henri’s Reserve Champagne Club

Henri’s Reserve Champagne Club

Why We Chose It: Henri’s Reserve ships sommelier-curated, authentic selections direct from France. 


  • Options for the monthly club, one-time purchases, and gifting
  • Authentic champagne from France
  • Lots of champagne education resources on the website 


  • Website is not very user-friendly
  • Does not ship to UT, MS, AL, or KY
  • High prices 

Those who crave the genuine north-of-France experience can’t go wrong with Henri’s Reserve. This French-owned delivery service sources its bottles from private estates in the Champagne region (as in, where real champagne comes from). 

To bring these authentic bubbles to your door, Henri’s provides several compelling options. Purchase individual champagnes starting at about $50; try a sommelier-crafted tasting sampler of 12 bottles for roughly $800; or register for a champagne club. Your club box, which includes two artisanal bottles of champagne, can arrive once a month for roughly $1,800 per year, bimonthly for about $900 per year, or quarterly for approximately $600 per year.

Tasting samplers and club box deliveries include free shipping, but smaller la carte orders do not. You’ll pay about $20 to ship one to three bottles and around $25 for four to six bottles. Seven or more bottles ship for free.

Best for Gifting: We Drink Bubbles

We Drink Bubbles

We Drink Bubbles

Why We Chose It: Champagne fans will be delighted with a gift of We Drink Bubbles’ beautifully packaged, estate-grown wine boxes.


  • Small, family-owned business
  • Wines are clean-farmed for sustainability
  • Beautiful gift packaging


  • Does not ship to HI, AK, or UT
  • No free shipping
  • Champagne and sparkling wine only, no other wines

The gift is the celebration with We Drink Bubbles! Delight a friend, bridesmaid, or other loved one with any of this family-owned service’s numerous giftable options. There’s the Bubbles Club, a $100 monthly box that features three boutique champagnes and/or sparkling wines. Or browse the site’s selection of intriguing gifts and gift sets, such as a rose gold champagne stopper or champagne “saber” to slice open your bottle like a Napoleonic pro. Last but not least, for gifting an individual bottle, you have your choice of 25 estate-grown, clean-farmed champagnes and sparkling wines from France.

We Drink Bubbles’ champagnes start at roughly $16 and top out at about $225. Shipping is calculated by your location for all purchases. The company is located in California, so once you’ve placed an order, you can expect to receive it within one to three business days if you live on the West Coast, two to four business days for the Midwest, or three to five business days for the East Coast.

Best for Label Personalization: Personal Wine

Personal Wine

Personal Wine

Why We Chose It: Personal Wine makes customizing bottles easy and fun.


  • Allows for easy customization
  • Free shipping on orders over roughly $30 
  • Other alcohol types offered


  • Longer delivery times
  • A small selection of authentic champagnes
  • No subscription service

To commemorate a special event or give an awesome gift, a personalized bottle of champagne is an unforgettable choice. And with a name like Personal Wine, it’s no surprise this delivery service is ideal for making it happen. Here, you’ll have the option to create your own wine label or even engrave a custom message. Design an image or message yourself or choose from hundreds of pre-made templates—everything from wedding wishes to apologies. 

Full-sized bottles of sparkling wine start at about $32 on Personal Wine, but customization can run almost as much as the bottle itself; an engraving is about $30. For more budget-friendly customization, check out the service’s wine label creator, which costs $20 for a set of 12 labels. Since production times vary, your shipment may take a little while to arrive—but Personal Wine provides you with a guaranteed date of delivery upon checkout. More good news: Orders over roughly $30 come with free ground shipping. (Shipping is otherwise calculated by your location.)

Best for Fast Delivery: Drizly



Why We Chose It: Drizly’s lightning-fast delivery brings the bubbly to your door in under an hour.


  • Delivery in under an hour
  • Supports local business
  • Good variety of champagne and sparkling wine


  • No subscription service available
  • Does not service all parts of the U.S.
  • Customer service only available via email

When something calls for a toast right this minute (just got engaged! job offer! best friend having a baby!) grab your phone and pull up Drizly. Orders placed on this easy-to-use platform will arrive in under an hour, so you can get to celebrating ASAP.

Drizly connects you to a nearby local purveyor that carries the bottle you’re looking for. Simply place your order, pay a small $5 delivery fee, and sit back and let the bubbles come to you. With a wide selection of champagnes and sparkling wines at prices from under roughly $10 to $800, you’re sure to find the right choice to fill your glass. Or surprise a friend by making it a gift—just note that some gift purchases will take longer to ship.

Final Verdict

Every delivery service on our list has something unique to offer, but for covering all your champagne bases, we’re sold on Its impressive variety means you can choose any champagne under the sun—but tasting notes, useful filters, and critic reviews keep things from getting overwhelming. Whether your budget is tight or open-ended (or your quantity needs small or overflowing), you’ll have no trouble filling your glass with this service. 

How to Choose the Best Champagne Delivery Service

So...what are you toasting to and how often? Your unique needs will determine your criteria for the best champagne delivery service. If a wide variety of champagnes is your top priority, consider a larger service like or Minibar Delivery. Want a curated box you don’t even have to think about? Henri’s Reserve, Cellars Wine Club, or We Drink Bubbles might be the service for you. Naturally, price is also usually a factor, so take your budget into account before making up your mind about a service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Champagne Delivery Services Work?

Whether you’re looking for champagne for a single celebration or want to float away to happyland on a more regular basis, there’s a service for you. Most online ordering platforms allow you to make one-time purchases, which will likely work better for weddings, bridal showers, and engagement parties. But be sure to take note of shipping timetables. (The last thing you want is for the bubbly to arrive after the party.) If you’d like a regular rotation of champagne varieties for everyday celebrating, numerous services feature a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly box subscription. 

Are Sparkling Wine and Champagne the Same?

Technically, there really is a difference between sparkling wine and champagne. True champagne is produced in the Champagne region of France, where it’s made from any of seven traditional varieties of grapes. Sparkling wines produced outside this region can’t claim the official champagne moniker. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: If a bubbly toast is all you’re after, your taste buds might not notice a difference between the two.

Do Champagne Delivery Services Offer Other Types of Alcohol?

Many champagne delivery services do provide a variety of alcoholic beverages besides the bubbly kind. Several, like, Minibar Delivery, and Drizly, feature wine, beer, and hard liquor in their lineup. Other smaller outfits, such as We Drink Bubbly and Henri’s Reserve, focus solely on the fizzy stuff.

How Frequently Do Champagne Delivery Services Ship?

The timeframe for receiving a shipment of champagne is largely up to you. Order bottles as often as you like with a la carte services—or for regular, scheduled delivery, opt for a service that provides monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly shipments.


To compile our list of the top champagne delivery services, we checked out 20 different companies that ship champagne to your door. We chose services that offer nationwide or near-nationwide distribution to ensure that wherever you live, your celebrations are stocked. Additionally, we kept our eyes peeled for variety, only including services that feature a wide range of champagne options. We also made sure to consider companies that allow for one-time orders as well as regular subscriptions.

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