This Card Game Helped My Partner and I Stay Close, Even in a Long-Distance Relationship

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we're not really strangers

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Whether you’re newly dating or you’ve had to move away from your longtime partner, being in a long-distance relationship is never easy. No matter if you’re a few hours apart or on opposite coasts, finding ways to connect with your significant other when you aren’t physically together is essential to making things work. Thank goodness for FaceTime, amirite? 

I’ve been in a long-distance relationship for the past year, and there’s one thing that has helped us spark meaningful discussions and lighthearted conversations alike—and it’s become a part of our nightly FaceTime routine. I’m talking about the “We’re Not Really Strangers” card game. This conversational game was created to surpass small talk and get to know the people around you on a more intimate level—whether that’s with friends, people you just met, or couples. You’ll probably finish the game having both cried and laughed, and you’re sure to learn something new about each player. 

The Game

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game

We’re Not Really Strangers Card Game


“We’re Not Really Strangers” features three carefully crafted levels of questions and prompts that allow you to deepen your existing relationships and create new ones. The way I’ve experienced it, the questions and prompts provoke deeper reflection and conversations every time you go up a level. You’ll also find various ‘Dig Deeper’ cards which encourage transparency in your game partner and Wildcards that add a bit of silliness to the game. 

On level one, you might find questions like, “What intrigues me about you?” and “What do you think my go to karaoke song is?” While level three might push you out of your comfort zone with prompts like, “Why do you think we met?” and “What do you recommend I let go of, if anything?” Here’s a full breakdown of the levels, according to the brand. 

  • Level 1: Perception: We all make assumptions about each other but how often do we ever put them to the test? Level one allows you to see what first impression you give off and how well you read others.
  • Level 2: Connection: This level digs a bit deeper. 50 rarely asked questions, but warning, emotions may arise.
  • Level 3: Reflection: Time to reflect on your game experience.

We’re Not Really Strangers Relationship Expansion Pack

we're not really strangers relationship

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Deep talks make my mushy heart swoon, so I of course had to order the Relationship Extension Pack after I met my partner. This deck features prompts that help you dig deep with your person, reflect on your relationship, and get to know them and how they’ve evolved since knowing you. It’s also split into three levels with wildcards, so it's best used when paired with the full game. Whether you’re playing over FaceTime or when you’re finally reunited, this is an excellent tool for going beyond your day-to-day interactions. A few prompts in the extension pack include:

  • What’s the most romantic thing I’ve done for you recently? 
  • What goal would feel best for you to accomplish this year? How can I support you in that? 
  • How do our strengths and weaknesses complement each other?
  • Finish the sentence: Thank you for accepting _____. 

How We Use It on FaceTime

While I love playing the full game, it also takes time. So my partner and I adapted it to better fit our nightly schedules. Instead of following the full instructions every once in a while, we pull one card each night (or a couple of times per week). After we catch up on our updates of the day, we pull a card to help guide the conversation—it gives us a topic to discuss in more depth. This was especially helpful at the beginning of our relationship when we were still getting to know each other. But it’s also a nice reminder that there’s always something new to learn about the person you love.

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