Best Candle Subscription Boxes

Paddywax is the best overall candle subscription box.

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No matter the hour or occasion, it's always a good time to enjoy a candle. From flicking the match across the striker to watching your wick light up and enjoying the scent as it works its way through the room, it’s a soothing process from beginning to end. With candle subscription boxes, you don’t have to worry about a dwindling supply of candles.

To ensure your money is well spent, we’re showcasing seven of the best candle subscription boxes out there. To find the highest tier options, we researched price, candle quality, delivery options, scent variety, and more. Here are the best candle subscription boxes.

Best Candle Subscription Boxes of 2021

Best Overall: Paddywax

Paddywax Candle Bar

Paddywax Candle Bar

  • Price (+ Shipping): $25
  • Subscription / Delivery Options: Monthly

Why We Chose It: Paddywax offers a simple candle of the month club at an affordable price.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Offers a variety of fragrances and vessels
  • Easy to cancel 


  • You cannot choose your candles 
  • No option to indicate scent preferences 

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Paddwax has been dedicated to the art of candle making since its inception. It creates one of the broadest arrays of candles out there and consistently releases new and inspired collections. From timeless creations—like Apothecary, Library, and Hygge—to trendier collections like Lolli, Spark, and Realm, it's a blast just to peruse the brand’s offerings.

Paddywax’s Candle of the Month club costs about $25 for one surprise candle, which is a savings of at least $10 off the original price. Though you cannot choose which candle you receive with each shipment, the high-quality options and continuous rollout of new candles ensure you’ll be happy with the one that arrives at your door. The monthly subscription also makes it easy to commit for as long as you prefer and to easily cancel anytime.

Best Budget: Vellabox



  • Price (+ Shipping): $9+
  • Subscription / Delivery Options: 3, 6, 9, or 12 months

Why We Chose It: Vellabox offers three different subscription options, with the lowest cost at only $10 per shipment.


  • Prices start at about $9 
  • Includes a free gift 
  • Earthy-inspired vessels 
  • Made with 100% natural wax made from renewable resources


  • Candles are only 4 ounces 
  • Shipping is roughly an extra $3

Vellabox is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to spend too much on their candle subscription but do love getting that little surprise in the mail every week.

The Lucerna Box subscription starts at about $9 per box when you purchase 12 months upfront at roughly $108. However, even if you want to go month-by-month (which allows cancellation at any time), the cost is approximately $10 (plus $3 shipping). This includes a 4-ounce candle and a free bonus gift. 

If you’d like to upgrade to The Ignis Box—which includes an 8-ounce candle surprise gift—the cost goes to about $20 month-to-month, or roughly $18 per month when you pay around $216 upfront for the year. If you’d like both the 8-ounce and 4-ounce candle, along with your free gift and free shipping, choose The Vivere Box for about $30 per month (or roughly $27 per month when you pay approximately $324 upfront for the year). 

Vellabox’s candles are made with 100% natural wax and renewable resources. Its vessels are clear or amber glass with white labels, which lends to an earthy and organic aesthetic. 

Best to Set it and Forget It: Magnolia



  • Price (+ Shipping): $96 upfront (4 candles sent quarterly, $24 each)
  • Subscription / Delivery Options: Annual purchase, sent quarterly 

Why We Chose It: This up-front subscription plan includes four pre-selected seasonal candles shipped quarterly. 


  • Clean, chic aesthetic 
  • Unique, seasonal scents
  • Makes a wonderful gift


  • Only available as an annual purchase with quarterly deliveries
  • Scents are pre-selected 

It’s safe to say that pretty much anything Joanna Gaines touches turns to gold, so you can expect nothing less with Magnolia’s Signature Candle Subscription, which she created.

After paying for the annual subscription in advance for about $96, you’ll receive a beautifully scented, 11-ounce candle at your door that ushers you into the new season. You can subscribe at any point during the year and will receive candles for the following four seasons.

Your first candle delivery comes with a jar of matches. The vessel is clear glass with a cotton wick, and all candles are poured in the U.S. After you receive your four candles, your subscription doesn’t auto-renew which also makes it wonderful to send as a gift.

Best Eco-Friendly Option: Feather + Finn

Feather + Finn

Feather + Finn

  • Price (+ Shipping): $37+ 
  • Subscription / Delivery Options: 3, 6, or 9 months

Why We Chose It: Feather + Finn features hand-poured soy candles and a recycling program.


  • Sustainable, non-toxic ingredients 
  • Recycling program 
  • Hand-poured in small batches 
  • Your subscriptions sometimes include bonus goodies 


  • Candles are on the smaller side at 6 oz.
  • No annual subscription 

Based in Massachusetts, Feather + Finn is a small, female-founded company that hand pours all their U.S.-sourced soy candles in small batches. The company’s aesthetic is light and airy, with clean glass vessels and all-white candles with black and white labels. Subscriptions are available in three-, six-, and nine-month options and each contains three small (6-ounce) candles. 

New scents are released every season, and subscribers can choose from the brand’s classic scents or fresh launches. Some of its classic options include oakmoss + amber, sea salt + coconut, and lavender + driftwood.

In addition to the candles, you’ll sometimes receive bonus goodies in your box. Another bonus is that the company has a recycling program that allows customers to mail their empty vessels back to be cleaned and repurposed into a new candle. 

Best for a Splurge: Nest New York

Nest New York

Nest New York

  • Price (+ Shipping): $38+
  • Subscription / Delivery Options: 3, 6, or 12 months

Why We Chose It: Definitely on the spendy side, Nest New York’s candles are exquisite in appearance, scent, and burn.


  • Unique, high-end scents
  • Clean glass vessel with chic white etchings
  • Luxurious look, feel, and smell 


  • Candle is pre-selected for you
  • More expensive

Nest New York is renowned for its exquisite, luxurious home fragrances, and its candle subscription program allows you to experience these beautiful scents at a reduced cost. When you purchase the 12-month subscription option, the cost per 8-ounce candle is about $38 instead of roughly $44, which equates to a savings of around $72 over the year. 

If you choose the 3-month subscription option, it’s about $40 per candle, and if you select the 6-month subscription, it’s around $39 per candle. Every month, expertly-picked candles arrive at your door featuring the brand's iconic clear and white-etched glass vessel. It makes a nice gift for any occasion.

Best for Discovering New Brands: Scent



  • Price (+ Shipping): $65
  • Subscription / Delivery Options: monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly

Why We Chose It: If you’re curious to discover new candle brands, Scent is an excellent option.


  • New candle brands every month 
  • Luxurious brands 
  • You create a scent profile to inform picks


  • Candles are pre-selected for you
  • Expensive 
  • Sizes unknown

Those keen on discovering new brands will enjoy the candle subscription box service from Scent. Each month, you’ll receive one surprise luxury candle from a high-end, luxury candle brand from around the world. Subscribers can choose from The Daily Ritual for a monthly candle, The Regular Retreat for every other month, or The Special Occasion for a quarterly delivery. 

The per-candle cost remains a flat rate of roughly $65 no matter your frequency. You can cancel, downgrade, or suspend your service at any time. What makes Scent particularly unique is that subscribers create a “scent profile” that helps inform the candles you receive. Also, while $65 is expensive, it is still a discounted price per candle and an excellent way to learn about new brands you might not encounter otherwise. 

Best for Some Humor: Bossy Pants Candle Supply

Bossy Pants Candle Supply

Bossy Pants Candle Supply

  • Price (+ Shipping): $27
  • Subscription / Delivery Options: Monthly

Why We Chose It: Each Bossy Pants candle features a fun, sassy phrase on the label.


  • Clever quips 
  • Small batch and hand-poured
  • Large variety of scents 


  • Some profanity 
  • Cannot choose your candle

Bossy Pants Candle Supply offers a good laugh at your doorstep every month via their humorous candles. Each scent features a sassy label on the front, with phrases like “Alexa, Clean the House'' and "Death Before Decaf." The monthly candle subscription includes one surprise candle every month. Each one is 16 ounces, has a double-wick, and is made from all-natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks. 

In addition to a monthly candle subscription, you could also choose a Melt of the Month (a wax melt for a warmer) or a Bundle of the Month (both a wax melt and a candle). All candles are made in small batches, hand-poured, and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Final Verdict

All of these candle subscription boxes feature high-quality products and are available for nationwide delivery. The company you choose to go with will depend on your preference in scent and aesthetic, as well as your budget. You cannot go wrong with any of them. That said, Paddywax was our best overall pick because of its budget-friendly pricing and product variety.

How to Choose the Best Candle Subscription Box

When choosing the best candle subscription box, it's important to consider the number of candle options, company reputation, pricing, delivery frequency, and candle quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Candle Subscription Boxes Worth It? 

If you’re a candle lover and never want your supply to run low, a candle subscription box can be a great option. You’ll discover new scents and have products routinely shipped right to your door without having to think about it. That said, if you enjoy the thrill of buying candles in person, then a subscription box may not be ideal. 

How Do Candle Subscription Boxes Work?

Some candle subscription boxes send a candle monthly, while others send quarterly, bi-monthly, etc. Also, some candle companies require an up-front payment for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, while others charge per month.

What Is Included in a Candle Subscription Box?

The included items depend on the company. All candle subscription boxes include at least one candle per delivery, but some may send more than that. Many companies will include matches, and some will include extra bonuses periodically.

Can I Customize My Candle Subscription Box Order?

In some cases, you can customize your subscription box, which is true with Feather + Finn and Nest New York. However, it’s common for a company to send you a surprise scent (often based on your indicated preferences), like with Paddywax and Bossypants. Some companies, including Magnolia, may pre-select the candles and let you know what they’ll be before subscribing.


To select the best candle subscription companies, we examined 20 different companies and narrowed down our choices from there. We prioritized companies that offer a broad range of scents, have a reputable history, and boast glowing reviews from subscribers.

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