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Remember how excited you’d get whenever a package would arrive for you when you were little? This is just like that—except so much better. Bridal subscription boxes are monthly packages expertly curated for brides-to-be.

Filled with gifts like wedding-themed apparel, mugs, passport holders, party supplies, and planning tools, each box typically arrives once a month, ready to help you plan your wedding, celebrate your engagement, or alleviate some pre-wedding stress. Some boxes even boast a product value that more than doubles the cost of the subscription. (Nobody loves a good deal like a bride-to-be.)

If you’re searching for a unique engagement present, bridal subscription boxes are literally the gift that keeps on giving, allowing bridesmaids and BFFs to shower the bride with love over and over again. They’re also a great way to ensure that you schedule in some regular self-care if you’re a bride-to-be yourself.

So what are you waiting for? After you pop open the bubbly, keep the engagement celebration going by popping open the best bridal subscription boxes, below.

6 Best Bridal Subscription Boxes of 2023

Best Overall : Miss to Mrs Subscription Box

Miss to Mrs

Miss to Mrs

Right along with wedding planning milestones like cake tasting and saying "yes" to the dress, the bride-to-be is bound to excitedly await the arrival of each Miss to Mrs Box throughout her engagement.

There are 10 boxes in total, with each one timed to a special point in the journey from just engaged to newlywed. And instead of strictly arriving monthly like a typical subscription box, each plan is customized to the bride’s wedding date, with boxes arriving monthly, bimonthly, or even biweekly to ensure she gets each and every one.

So what’s inside? For about $37 a box, each one is packed with five to six full-sized products that are valued at over $100. With bridal merch like planners, checklists, apparel, beauty essentials, and even actual wedding decor like cake toppers and card boxes, the goodies inside will help the recipient prepare for the big day—and will even let you have a little extra fun along the way.

Also worthy of note, the Miss to Mrs team carefully curates each box without gendered “Mr. & Mrs.” products, ensuring that this subscription box is perfect for all couples.

Best Options : The Bride Box

The Bride Box

The Bride Box

Probably the most aptly named subscription box out there, The Bride Box offers three- to nine-month plans for around $40 a box, plus shipping (you’ll pay less if you sign up for a longer plan).

No matter which plan you sign up for, each of these white-and-blued-hued boxes comes with five to eight bridal-themed treats like T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and beauty and spa products. Upon signing up, you’ll also be asked if you plan on changing your last name, as well as the gender of your partner, to best customize the gifts inside. Some of them are a tad kitschy, but when else will you have a chance to rock socks emblazoned with your bridal status?

And, if you’ve never been one who likes surprises, The Bride Box also offers goodie-filled gift boxes as one-time purchases. Each of these totes a theme, such as "bachelorette party" or "honeymoon," and you can see exactly what comes inside before you purchase, so you’ll be certain that it’s all stuff you’ll actually use.

Best Themed Swag : The Ring Boxes

The Ring Box

The Ring Box

If you thought that ring box (you know which one we’re talking about) would be the only one you’d receive throughout this planning process, think again. While you’re less likely to burst into happy tears when a package from The Ring Box arrives on your doorstep, it will recall the smile that surfaced when you opened that little black velvet case.

Plans offered include monthly, six-, nine-, and 12-month subscriptions, and each begins with a box that’s a bonafide engagement celebration, brimming with items that might include a ring dish and wedding countdown chalkboard. Each Tiffany-blue box that comes after will similarly be curated to other big wedding-planning moments, such as the bridal shower and honeymoon, and consist of on-themed treats like a bridal sash, passport covers, and planning tools.

Boxes ship out between the fourth and eighth of every month, a “Mrs. & Mrs.” option for same-sex brides, and boxes clock in at roughly $35 to $40, based on which subscription plan you choose, plus shipping.

Best Essentials : Something New Bridal Box

Something New Bridal Box

Something New Bridal Box

Another clutch choice for on-theme swag is Something New Bridal Box: a subscription service that will bring you a box overflowing with five to seven full-sized products every month, each curated to a specific theme. (Think: a box boasting workout swag for a seriously stress-reducing pre-wedding sweat sesh.)

Starting at about $45 per month, the first box you’ll receive will have you toasting your newly engaged status, while also getting you and your fiancé into wedding-planning mode thanks to the inclusion of a useful planner that’ll help you keep track of your budget, vendors, and more. And better yet? You can specify you and your partner's gender for appropriately adorned swag.

Then, whether you choose the month-to-month plan or a prepaid six-, or twelve-month subscription, you can dig into a new pretty package in the months leading up to the big day. Treasures include pampering products, bride-emblazoned apparel, decor, and even discount codes that can be used for wedding-related purchases.

Whenever your big day is, you'll feel relaxed and ready.

Best Luxury : Maeven Box

Maeven Box

Maeven Box

This has to be the most stunning subscription box we've ever seen. Inside, brides will find a whopping six to eight gifts, all with current trends and seasonality in mind and totaling over $120 in value.

For about $65 a month, the recipient (whether you want to treat a bride or spoil yourself) will first receive an intro box that features everything they need to kick off the engagement and begin planning the big day. This includes a wedding planning notebook to record all the details, a pair of champagne flutes so they can toast their to-be-wed status, a sophisticated and modern acrylic ring box, two vow books, a silver bar necklace, and balloons—because there’s so much to celebrate.

All of the opulent offerings are housed in a branded white box they can reuse to save all of the keepsakes they’ll collect over the next several months. Subsequent boxes will arrive thoughtfully filled with things like apparel (such as a silky, getting-ready robe), beauty products (like a pampering Patchology mask), and decor fit for multiple wedding-related occasions.

Maeven also offers single gift boxes that don’t require a subscription, though we recommend committing to a monthly plan (or prepaying a two- to nine-month subscription) to keep the good times—in the form of product-filled packages—rolling.

Best Ready-to-Ship : Marigold & Grey

Marigold & Grey

Marigold & Grey

If you want to earn yourself maid of honor MVP status by treating the bride to a boxful of presents, there’s no need to commit yourself to a monthly subscription service. Marigold & Grey has you covered with its many bridal box options, which you can purchase individually and send as an engagement gift or bring along to the bridal shower.

Choose from boxes like the Future Mrs. box (a wooden crate stacked with indulgent items like a floral robe, ring dish, and tumbler), the Bride-to-Be box (which includes a mug, bath bombs, and more), or the Beauty Rest box (filled with spa-worthy selects like facial steam and an ivory silk eye mask).

Rest assured that there is nothing cheesy about any of the Marigold & Grey boxes: From tied-with-a-ribbon packaging to the artisanal surprises inside, these boxes are just plain cool and are made to be Instagrammed.

How We Chose the Best Bridal Subscription Boxes

First and foremost, we wanted to ensure that these boxes were inclusive and suitable for a diversity of couples, so we eliminated those that didn’t offer options to accommodate those in the LGBTQ+ community. Then, we took stock of the subscription boxes that we’ve seen real-life brides rave about on social media. (For a preview of what you may find inside, you can check out these companies’ tagged photos to see brides excitedly unbox their monthly goodies.) We also carefully evaluated those we’ve sent and received ourselves to bring you the best of the best.

The deciding factors? To get our stamp of approval, we considered the cost of each box compared to the value of the goods inside (for example, with the Maeven box, you get about $120 worth of products after only spending $50), as well as the quality of said goods (you’ll see we’re partial to those that include full-size products, like the Miss to Mrs box). And voilà: Boxes guaranteed to have you ripping into them as soon as they hit the doorstep.

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