The 12 Best Board Games for Couples of 2023

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One date we hope never goes out of style? The at-home date night! There’s something decidedly romantic and extra cozy about staying in together and making a big meal or watching a movie. However, if you're looking to mix things up, why not have an at-home game night? Board games make for a fun and stimulating activity that will create some friendly competition.

When deciding on what board game is best for you as a couple, think about the type of game you're partial to. Do you love strategy and intrigue? Or, do you prefer something fast-paced and exciting? Discuss this with your partner, then up the ante and decide on a prize for the winner!

To help you create the ultimate game night, we've researched and selected the best options for couples with these features in mind. For a classic game that puts your mind to work, we love scrabble and chess. Want to try something new? Go with Bananagrams or Parcheesi.

Read on for the best board games for couples.

Hasbro The Classic Crossword Game: Scrabble Board Game

Hasbro Gaming The Classic Crossword Game: Scrabble Board Game


Put your spelling to the test while playing Scrabble, one of the most classic board games. You begin with seven tiles, and as each player draws new tiles from the bag, there are fewer and fewer available. The goal is to place your final letter in place before your opponent, while also making sure your letters and words are on the highest-earning locations on the board. It's a great conversation starter and brain twister!

Days of Wonder Ticket To Ride Strategy Board Game

Days of Wonder Ticket To Ride Strategy Board Game


 Ticket to Ride is designed for two to five players, and the goal is to be the player with the most points when the game concludes. It’s played using a board game, train pieces, and a collection of cards. There are three ways to earn points—add train pieces to the board, connect two cities together, and have the longest consecutive train route.

We love that player that goes first is the one who has traveled the most! It offers a fun opportunity to chat about your favorite adventures and feel encouraged to see even more places together.

Hasbro Classic Scattergories Board Game

Hasbro Classic Scattergories Board Game


Scattergories is a game of word association that happens against the clock. To begin, you will choose a prompt list from a bevy of options before rolling the dice. You start by answering the prompt with mostly one-word answers beginning with the letter on your dice.

The player with the most answers wins! It’s a quick game that can easily turn into multiple rounds, plus you can play with up to six players so it's a game that's always ready for post-dinner party fun.

Bananagrams Bananagrams



Bananagrams is similar to Scrabble because it’s also a game filled with words and spelling, but the difference is the pace is far faster. Each player will choose 21 tiles, someone will yell “split,” and then both players will start building what will end up becoming two individual crossword puzzle-like boards.

As players use their tiles, they say “peel,” which means everyone playing must pick up another letter. The goal is to have your final letter in place first before saying “bananas.” Bananagrams can also be played with up to eight players, and its compact size means it’s perfect to pack in your suitcase for vacation.

Hasbro Jenga Classic Game

Jenga Classic Block Stacking Game


If you’re planning to have backyard games at your wedding, you’ve likely considered Jenga. While the oversized version is perfect to play outside, you may want to opt for the more compact blocks for indoor play at a table.

The game begins with a vertically stacked tower with blocks in rows of three alternating at 90-degree angles. The goal is to be the final player to successfully slip a block out of the tower before it falls. The suspense and engineering of the game are what make it fun for two or more players. 

Hasbro Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly Game


If you’re looking for a classic game that has a lengthy playtime, opt for Monopoly. The goal, as many of us know, is to own the most properties. The more properties you own in the same colorway, the more your opponent will have to pay in rent when they land on those spaces. Community Chest and Chance cards also come into play, and the game continues until there is only one player left. It's a classic that everyone will love!

Winning Moves Games Parcheesi

Winning Moves Games Parcheesi


If you grew up enjoying the board game "Sorry," you will likely love playing Parcheesi! If you’re playing with two players, you will want to sit on opposite sides. The game begins when each player chooses the color for their game pieces and places all four in the large circle to their right.

On each turn, roll the dice and either move one piece of the full combined amount on the dice or split up the moves into two (for example, if you roll a four and a two, you can move one piece four spaces and another two spaces). The first player to get all four game pieces into "Home" wins! Of course, there are obstacles in between to make it challenging and fun.

Pressman Rummikub The Original Rummy Tile Game

Pressman Rummikub


Rummikub is a numbered tile game that falls in between rummy and Mah-jong. If the player is able to add tiles to the board, they will do so by creating trios or more of tiles that have the same number (for example, red, black, and blue tiles with a three on each) or that include three or more numbers in a row of the same color (such as seven, eight, and nine in red).

The fun and challenging part of the game is that groupings can be changed at any time—as long as you have the tiles available to make the swap! Rummikub ends once all tiles have been chosen and the first player places their final number into play.

Pressman Chess

Pressman Chess


Whether you’re learning for the first time together or one of you knows how to play, chess is one of the oldest and most classic board games to play as a couple. If you’re trying it out for the first time, it’s helpful to watch a video to learn how to properly set up the back row of your board on each side with your king, queen, knight, rook, and bishop pieces. The second row is always lined with pawns. Each piece on the board can move in specific ways, and the goal is to be the first to capture your opponent’s king.

Smart Zone Games Hive - A Game Crawling With Possibilities


 Courtesy of Walmart

Hive is known as being a bit more accessible than chess, and we think that’s due to the game pieces. Hive is designed for two people, and the goal is to surround your opponent’s queen bee piece with your bug pieces. Each bug game piece is allowed to move in specific ways—ants can be placed where they can “fit,” spiders always move three spaces, grasshoppers can jump, and so on. It’s easy (and quick!) to catch on.

Hasbro Yahtzee Classic Dice Game

Hasbro Yahtzee Classic Dice Game


Yahtzee is a relatively fast-paced dice game for one or more players. During each turn, players will shake the five dice in the Yahtzee cup before rolling. Based on the dice rolled after the first try of each turn, the player will decide which option from the Yahtzee list they would like to complete.

The goal, of course, is to roll a Yahtzee (or many!), which means all five dice have the same number face-up after the third roll. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Jax Sequence



Sequence combines cards together with game pieces and plenty of strategies. The great thing about it is you can play with two to 12 players, which makes it perfect for date night and equally as fun at a party. If you’re playing with two players, the goal is to have two sequences on the board.

You build your sequence by drawing cards and placing a chip on the space on the board where the card is noted. A sequence occurs when five same color pieces are placed in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the board. Of course, there are ways to lose turns, add and remove pieces, and win free spaces.

What to Look for in Board Games for Couples

Type of game

When deciding on what game you and your partner will have the most fun playing. think about the type of games and activities you usually like to do. Do you love brain twisters and thinking long and hard about your next move? Or, are lively, more fast-paced games and activities more your speed? Answering these questions will help you find a game you both enjoy. For something exciting, Yahtzee is always a good choice. For those who love strategizing, go with classic games like Chess and Scrabble.

Time and pace

Some games take longer than others, so determine how much time you have to play when selecting your board game of the night. If you're playing on a weeknight after work, chances are you only have a couple of hours to play—so go with something like Jenga for a fun and quick game. Stuck inside on a rainy Saturday afternoon? This is your chance to get cozy and spend hours playing a game like Monopoly.

  • What are other fun games to play with your spouse?

    Played every board game in the bunch? Another fun at-home game that never fails is playing with a deck of cards. There are tons of games to choose from—from Poker to Go Fish to Gin Rummy. Buy a deck of cards, then pick a new game to try every week!

  • Are board games fun with two people?

    Absolutely! You don't need a whole party to make the most out of a game night. Playing board games with two people, especially as a couple, can help bring you closer and spark fun conversations. You'll also get to see a competitive side of each other and bet on the winning prize, making for an exciting twist in your usual at-home date nights.

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