8 Perfect Bachelorette Party Theme Ideas

We love these Instagram-worthy ideas for a party the bride will never forget.

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While it's always exciting to celebrate a close friend who is a bride-to-be, bachelorette party planning can be a little stressful. Particularly if you have many different friends getting married in one year—and it’s the same group going to all the same wedding events—these parties can easily feel redundant when it comes to themes. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here are eight bachelorette party theme ideas, from London-based wedding planner Bruce Russell of Bruce Russell Events, that are great for all different types of brides. From a budget-friendly, low-key night in with your best friends to a fully French affair, we’ve got you covered.

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Bruce Russell of Bruce Russell Events is a London-based wedding planner.

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Rock Wigs in Vegas

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“Wear a wig that’s themed to your going-out outfits for each night while you walk the strip in Las Vegas,” says Russell. “You’re sure to get all the attention you want on your bestie that weekend. And if the nightlife is too much to handle by day, consider adding a spa element. Spa and strip weekend away.”

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“If the couple consists of a bride and groom and they were born in the Barbie-area, get yourself a nice pair of khaki shorts, Hawaiian shirts, pink visors, and have the girls bring cutout poster board faces of the groom to travel with you wherever you go,” he says.

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Embrace Your Inner Dancing Queen

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“Get retro with disco balls and bell bottoms,” says Russell. “The bigger the hair the better as you dance the night away. And be sure to curate a playlist worthy of the fashion!” Pro tip: This is the time to play all the ABBA albums.

“From local, last single-night-out events to overseas weekenders, brides and their besties have the world as their oyster when planning a bachelorette,” says Russell. “ I always suggest getting personal to the woman who’s being celebrated when selecting a theme. It could be about her favorite activities, foods, colors, or even something personal about the couple.”

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Have a Pajama Party

Four women lay with face masks and cucumbers on their eyes at a pajama party.

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“Grab (or gift!) your matching pajamas and your favorite merlot while you roast marshmallows by the fire pit, tell ghost stories of guys or gals past, and play vintage games to soak up the nostalgia that the bride likely has with so many childhood friends present. This is a great budget-friendly option that anyone can do at home,” Russell says. 

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Celebrate the Last Rodeo

Four women on horses throw cowgirl hats into the air.

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“Pack your daisy dukes and cowboy boots for a trip to Austin, Texas, where you’ll find live music and unique bar scenes that will satisfy all energy levels. In summer, you can even plan a day on the lake to beat the heat,” he says. Other fun activities to consider: horseback riding, trying out the local barbecue, or going to an actual rodeo!

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Wine Down Before the Wedding

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“Refined and sophisticated, the Montage Healdsburg in Sonoma is the perfect weekend getaway for a ladies-only weekend or a joint celebration with the partner and friends, too. Take in tastings and tours in the Napa Valley for a long weekend or grab seats on the Napa Valley Wine Train for a totally unique experience,” says Russell.

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A French Toast

A woman floats in a blow-up pink flamingo tube on the ocean in Nice, France.

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If the bride is obsessed with all things French, “channel Grace Kelly and head to the French Riviera for a go-big bachelorette getaway. The newly opened Maybourne Riviera is the perfect place to lounge by the pool overlooking the Mediterranean.” Spend the weekend enjoying plenty of French food (and wine, of course), fashion, and scenery while you toast to the bride’s last hurrah. 

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Go Retro

Kimpton Rowan Hotel Pool in Palm Springs, California

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“Bring out the cactus cups and wildflower prints in Palm Springs, California, for a sandy-chic retro weekend away. Rent a house with a pool and plan to hit the downtown strip at night. If you’re driving in together from San Diego or Orange County, consider a stop in Temecula along the way for a wine tasting tour, too,” says Russell. If you really want to go all-out on the retro front, consider renting a classic car for the drive and maybe even make a shopping trip to some of the eclectic vintage shops in Palm Springs before having a dress-up theme night at home.

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