The 10 Best Bachelorette Party Destinations of 2023

There are a few destinations on the rise!

La jolla, san diego, a bachelorette party destination for 2023.

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Wine tastings, spa weekends, beach bashes 90s-themed parties—there are so many great bachelorette party ideas for celebrating a bride surrounded by all her favorite people. No matter where you are, this important pre-wedding party is all about having fun and making the bride feel special. And while it's certainly not required that the bachelorette party takes place in a travel destination, planning a destination bachelorette can be such a blast. So where is the best place to go this year?

"We are seeing a shift in top destinations in 2023," says Allison Odhner, CEO and founder of Bach to Basic. "While some cities remain a constant, like Miami, Charleston, and Nashville, some of our newer more requested destinations are Napa and Sonoma, the Hamptons, and the Bahamas," she explains. "We are also planning a lot in Scottsdale, Austin, and San Diego." The common thread with these destinations? Sun, sand, or both, for the most part—and ample opportunity to just kick back and have fun.

Meet the Expert

Allison Odhner is the CEO and founder of Bach to Basic, an all-inclusive travel and event concierge service specializing in bachelor and bachelorette party planning.

Here, we highlight some of these top destinations, and a few others, for planning the perfect bachelorette bash in 2023—along with some of Odhner's top bachelorette planning tips to use once you've settled on a destination.

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A view of downtown Nashville at nighttime.

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As Odhner mentions, Nashville is one of those classic bachelorette party destinations that will likely never go out of style. For those in search of an unparalleled live music scene, ample opportunities to go out on the town, and really good restaurants and bars, Nashville is the perfect fit.

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A view of the beach in Miami, Florida, a bachelorette party destination for 2023.

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Another classic bachelorette destination: Miami. You just can't beat the bountiful sun, long stretches of sand, and never-ending nightlife in Miami. On top of that, the city is exploding with incredible dining experiences and so much good shopping.

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Napa Valley

Vineyard. Napa Valley. Napa County, California, USA

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If your ideal weekend with the girls involves sipping some of the world's best wine under the sun surrounded by lush vineyards, then look no further than Napa for your 2023 bachelorette party destination. Napa makes a great weekend trip, but it's also very accessible as a day trip from San Francisco if that suits your crew better. And while the wine is the draw here, this Golden State region has an incredible restaurant scene, so make sure to book a few meals to enjoy the local cuisine.

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The Hamptons

A view of the beach and dunes in Southhampton, the Hamptons, a 2023 bachelorette party destination.

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Best for a summer or early fall trip, weather-wise, the Hamptons are having a real moment as a bachelorette party destination. With so many charming hamlets along this storied stretch of New England—from Southampton up to Montauk—you'll have no shortage of things to do by day (lounging beachside, farmer's market visits, long bike rides, and wine tastings, to name a few) and at night, the bar scene is as lively as can be. Plus, it's only a two-hour drive from NYC (but be sure to plan for traffic during the peak summer season).

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Cape Cod

Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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Another winner in the New England beach destination category, Cape Cod offers similar draws to the Hamptons, but its proximity to Boston makes it great for those coming from the New England area. With 15 distinct towns dotting this stretch of Atlantic-facing sand, Cape Cod is stunning year-round, though incredibly quiet in the winter and early spring—which might be what you're looking for! In the summer, though, the destination pulses with things to do. Bachelorette partiers can expect beautiful days in the sand, incredible sea-to-plate cuisine, a fun bar scene, and boating opportunities aplenty.

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The Bahamas

An aerial view of islands in the Bahamas.

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Perhaps the ultimate sun-and-sand destination, for those who are looking to go outside the continental U.S. and seek out that bright-blue, tropical water, the Bahamas offer so much. Between the wide variety of beachside resorts and hotels, incredibly fresh seafood, and outdoor activities, your girl gang will have a blast exploring these stunning Caribbean islands together.

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A sunset in the desert in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Sunny Scottsdale has risen to bachelorette party fame in recent years for many reasons, but chief among them is the town's really friendly atmosphere and the ample opportunities to be outside under the sun. Great restaurants, amazing nightlife, chic hotels, and outdoor adventure make this versatile Arizona destination a prime location for celebrating the bride-to-be; you can be as laid-back or energetic as you want.

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An evening view of the skyline in Austin, Texas, a 2023 bachelorette party destination.

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Austin has been a top bachelorette bash location for years now. Between the mild temperatures in the winter, the vibrant nightlife scene, the live music, and the incredible food, this Texas city is a great fit for those in search of a lively city destination with great weather most of the year.

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San Diego

The sunset over La Jolla Cove in San Diego, a 2023 bachelorette destination.

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With its effortlessly cool vibes, waterfront hotels and rental homes, amazing nightlife and restaurants, and opportunities to just relax under the sun, San Diego is understandably on the rise as a top bachelorette party destination. You just can't beat that SoCal-cool vibe, and with so much to do in one stunning destination, this is sure to be a hit.

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An aerial view of Vermont foliage. Vermont is an ideal bachelorette party destination for 2023.

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Whether you opt for a leisurely lakeside retreat in the summer, a cabin getaway surrounded by colorful foliage in the fall, a ski bunny bash in the winter, or a charming New England town vacation in the spring, Vermont (and the surrounding tri-state area, really) offers something for bachelorette-planners in search of something a little more laid back with ample opportunity to be outdoors and experience New England's beautiful seasons and friendly atmosphere.

Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

When it comes to the early stages of planning a bachelorette party, Odhner emphasizes that the earlier you start planning, the better—leaving things to the last minute (discussions about costs or budget, planning for meals, booking excursions) will only make the process more stressful. Here are a few of her top tips:

Discuss Budget Before Planning

"We've said it before and we'll say it again! Discuss your group's budget prior to planning," she says. "This is always our number one piece of advice whether you are planning with us or on your own; it affects everything and is the main source of tension if not addressed."

Factor in Downtime

One of Odhner's biggest pieces of advice? Allow for plenty of downtime during the trip. "A lot of people want to be on the go all weekend, and that is great! But with larger groups especially, it's important to make sure you factor in plenty of time to freshen up or relax and recover between events."

Book Meals and Activities Before Buying Decorations

Before you begin plotting out the decoration themes, Odhner stresses that you should always book meals and activities before worrying about that portion of the weekend. "While we all want the weekend to be Instagrammable and gorgeous, the truth is, the experience matters the most! Without having accommodations, meals, and activities lined up and booked in advance, there is no party," she explains.


If you're in the process of planning a bachelorette party—especially a destination party—we know it can feel like a lot! Try to take one thing at a time, and don't pressure yourself to do it all on your own. Turn to other guests who are attending for help when it comes to brainstorming, planning, and making reservations and bookings. Make lists and a budget, and if you can't decide on a destination, weigh the options with the bride. Ultimately, this is her weekend and as long as she's comfortable with the destination, budget, and vibe, everyone can relax and have a great time.

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