The 20 Best Anniversary Gifts for Couples To Celebrate Your Love

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Anniversary Gifts for Couples To Celebrate Your Love

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Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating love? Especially when you adore the person(s) celebrating. That’s why anniversaries are so wonderful. And yet, they can also feel like high-stakes celebrations. For partners, anniversary gifts reaffirm that they’re head over heels for each other and express how grateful they are for each other’s love, care, and time. For friends or family members, they are a great way to say, “I’m just as happy for you now as I was on the day you made it official.” But how do you find a gift that says all that? 

Since you’re here, you’re probably still figuring that out. You can always consider the traditional anniversary gifts associated with each year or even a romantic date night. But don’t be shy about getting creative. You can give china jewelry rather than dinnerware; clothing items or fabric flowers made of silk, linen, cotton, or wool; a leather watchband or bracelet with a secret message on the interior. Or, you can toss convention aside altogether and choose something that just feels like them, such as a personalized anniversary gift. No matter what you settle on, they’re gonna love it!

Read on for the best anniversary gift for couples.

World Vibe Studio Paper Anniversary Custom Map Gift for Couple



Paper (1st) anniversary or not, this piece of art is the perfect way to commemorate all of the adventures a couple has shared. It features a sun above a mountain range made of map pieces from the places that are significant to them. Include as many 10 mountains to display where they met, where they got engaged or married, where they took their first trip together, etc. This would be a fun gift to present while on a romantic getaway for your anniversary.

Price at time of publish: $44 for 8x8 inches, 1 Mountain

Uncommon Goods Anniversary Wine Box



If you’re shopping for wine lovers celebrating a fifth or sixth (wood) anniversary, consider this birch and aspen wine box. Its engraved, tree-trunk design includes a heart with initials and anniversary date “carved” inside and has the words “love” and “adore” hidden in its bark. The box has three compartments so that they can celebrate the passing years with something that ages as well as their love for one another. If you aren't sure which wine to include in the box, consider a wine delivery service as an additional gift so you can try new wines throughout the year.

Price at time of publish: $185

Abss Oluto Gemstone Tree

AbssOluto Gemstone Tree


Did you know that each gemstone has a special meaning, as well as a stone for each year you are married? AbssOluto hand-makes delicate wire and gemstone trees to celebrate each year—it's the perfect way to celebrate as a couple grows stronger together.

Price at time of publish: $45 for May Birthstone gift, Emerald gemstone tree

Poppy Flowers The Nature Walk Bouquet Kit



Flowers are perfect for every occasion. Although they're a traditional gift for the fourth anniversary—and these are guaranteed to put smiles on faces. This DIY bouquet kit gets couples in touch with the gorgeous sights and smells of spring by involving them in the arrangement process. It includes an assortment of fresh-cut stems, plant food, and a glass vase (optional). They’ll have so much fun trying their hand at floristry and admiring their one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Price at time of publish: $90 for Nature Walk Bouquet Kit with Glass Vase

Grace Began To Grow Custom Stamped Silverware Set



You won’t find a cuter way to celebrate a fifth or twenty-fifth anniversary than these hand-stamped, silver-plated spoons and forks. The messages can also be personalized upon request if you prefer something like “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” or “Forever” and “Always.”

Price at time of publish: $35 for Set with Teaspoon

Bernardaud Vegetal Dinnerware Collection

Bernardaud Vegetal Dinnerware Collection

Courtesy of Bloomingdales

Just like a relationship, china only maintains its beauty and integrity when cared for properly. It’s a reminder that love can be fragile and needs to be tended to. China is an excellent modern gift for the second anniversary and a traditional gift for the twentieth, and any couple would be thrilled to receive some pieces from Bernardaud’s Vegetal Dinnerware Collection. These plates are show-stoppers for sure, with their elegant, coupe shape and golden leaf patterns and rims.

Price at time of publish: $123 for Vegetal Coupe Dinner Plate

The Anniversary Clock Unique Clock Display



Clocks are the modern gift for the first anniversary, but, since every anniversary is a celebration of time spent together, this elegant display makes a meaningful gift any year. The piece consists of three clocks that record the years (clock 1); months and days (clock 2); and hours, minutes, and seconds (clock 3) since “I do.” It comes with a wooden base and a glass dome covering, and it plays the first dance song automatically on each anniversary.

Price at time of publish: $400

Fossil Three-Hand Leather Watch for Men and Women



This gift has you covered for the watch anniversary (15th) and the leather anniversaries (third and ninth).  The women’s Jaqueline and men’s Minimalist three-hand watches have sleek, timeless designs, and their stainless steel cases and leather straps come in a variety of tones. As with all Fossil watches, you can have them engraved with a personal message for free. What a lovely way to recognize that time spent with the one you love is the most valuable gift of all.

Price at time of publish: $130

Tom Design Raw Gemstone Necklace



One of these boho gemstone necklaces would make an excellent gift for the jewelry lover in your life. You can select the gemstone or precious metal that corresponds with their anniversary year, the one with the mystical properties they need the most or the one they’ll find most beautiful. All of these stunning pieces are handmade and ethically sourced, and they arrive in a nicely packaged gift box too!

Price at time of publish: $42

Harry & David Founder’s Favorites Gift Box



Did you know fruit is one of the traditional gifts for the fourth anniversary? But why stop at fruit when you could send this mouth-watering gift box full of treats? The Founder’s Favorites box includes everything from juicy Royal Verano pears to gourmet chocolate popcorn, truffles, and raspberry galettes. It's a sweet (and salty) way to celebrate another year of love and a perfect gift for foodies.

Price at time of publish: $115

Wandering Rabbit Print Custom Foil Metallic Song Lyrics Art



They say music is tied to memory more closely than any other sensory experience. If that’s true, this piece of art will have them humming their first dance song and replaying happy memories of their wedding day every time they see it. The design takes the shape of a vinyl record, with the couple’s names and wedding date at the center, surrounded by a spiral of the song lyrics.

Price at time of publish: $25 for Unframed, No Spotify Code

Waterfall Stemless Wine Glasses and Carafe

Waterfall Stemless Wine Glasses and Carafe

Courtesy of Anthropologie

By their third anniversary, your favorite couple probably already has a nice set of wine glasses, but do they have a gorgeous, classy carafe? If not, this crystalline beauty is a must. It’s hand-painted with a purple ombre pattern at the base and has a subtle golden rim. The carafe is simple enough to go with most wine glasses but still unique enough to draw everyone’s attention.

Spritz Infusions Deluxe Two Moscow Mule Gift Set

SpritzInfusions Deluxe Two Moscow Mule Gift Set

Courtesy of Etsy

The seventh anniversary traditionally means a copper gift, which is why this gift set is perfect for this anniversary —or just for celebrating a couple of Moscow Mule fanatics. It comes with two copper mugs, a cocktail infusion jar for making fig-flavored mules, and a stainless steel cocktail strainer. To top it all off, this package comes nicely wrapped and includes a personalized greeting card.

Verve Culture Countertop Citrus Juicer



For a delightfully unexpected tenth-anniversary traditional tin gift, consider this retro-style countertop juicer made from recycled aluminum cans. It requires very little force to operate—which means it’s easy on the wrists—and it’s equipped with a strainer that catches seeds and pulp, leaving nothing but fresh juice in the glass. Given how stylish and easy-to-use this baby is, we’re guessing the recipient(s) will never buy OJ from the store again.

Price at time of publish: $99

Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker



What’s the key to a romantic brunch at home? Waffles! This double waffle maker prepares two Belgian waffles in less than four minutes, ensuring that that no one’s breakfast gets cold. It’s perfect for couples who want to dig into a warm, fluffy treat at the same time, and its nonstick coating ensures that there won’t be any arguments over cleanup either.

Price at time of publish: $120

Lovepop Despicable Me You're One in a Minion 3D card



If your favorite person or couple is a fan of Despicable Me and has a relationship that truly is “one in a minion,” they’re going to love this adorable pop-up card. If the minions aren’t their thing, Lovepop has cards for all kinds of couples—from cat and dog lovers to Star Wars nerds to writers and readers who appreciate all things punny. Now all you need is the perfect romantic message to let them know your love is forever.

Price at time of publish: $15 for Blank Note

Dormify Iron Heart Wall Photo Display



This photo display makes a thoughtful gift for the iron (sixth) anniversary, but there isn’t really a bad time to give it. The display’s geometric, heart-shaped design is very trendy and provides plenty of spots for couples to attach their favorite photos or display their wedding memories. It comes in a simple white or black or a playful hot pink.

Paper Anniversary by Anna V. Personalized Cufflinks



If you’re shopping for someone particularly dapper, these sleek, simple cufflinks are just what you’re looking for. Paper Anniversary makes a huge variety of stylish cufflinks, using materials suitable for different anniversaries: cotton, linen, silk, wood, leather, paper. Many of them can even be customized with initials, anniversary dates, vows, song lyrics, or personalized messages.

Price at time of publish: $69 for Cufflinks

Abren Table Runner

Abren Table Runner


The table is an important source and symbol of community, family, and togetherness in the home. That’s why this table runner is the perfect household gift for celebrating the cotton (2nd) anniversary. Its design is simple and elegant, perfect for giving the kitchen or dining room table a minimalist, modern vibe. It’s also handwoven from 100% Ethiopian cotton and is, conveniently, machine washable.

Price at time of publish: $85

Jungalow Kaya 2-Piece Ceramic Bowl Planter



Pottery is a traditional gift for the eighth and ninth anniversaries, however it makes a wonderful gift regardless of year. Just as a piece of pottery begins as clay that must be shaped and fired by loving hands, a couple’s relationship, at first unformed, must be sculpted into something lasting and beautiful. And if you want lasting and beautiful, it doesn’t get better than Justina Blakeney’s stunning Kaya pots, which come in eight striking colors and patterns.

Price at time of publish: $69

What to look for when buying an anniversary gift

For individuals

If you’re shopping for one-half of a couple, your job is a little easier. Personalized items like monogrammed or engraved watches, cufflinks, jewelry boxes, leather bags, etc. are perfect for her, him, or them (for those nonbinary folks). If you can find items made from traditional or modern gift materials, even better! 

If you’re shopping for your partner, gifts like ties or cuff-style bracelets with hidden messages can be very romantic. You can also do something that they’ve been wanting to try for a while. Surprise them with a dinner reservation at that restaurant they’ve been talking about—or with takeout from there. Take them hiking on that trail they’ve been sending you pictures of. Schedule a quick weekend trip to a place they’ve been wanting to explore. Whatever you settle on, choose a gift that shows you know and listen to them well and one that makes it clear that you cherish the time you have spent and will spend together.  

For couples

When shopping for couples, your job is a bit more difficult. You obviously want something that they can both enjoy. Items for their home or gift baskets they can share are excellent options. Activities they can experience together, like a fun class or event, are also ideal. Personalized items that celebrate their love are heart-warming too: a collections of their photos together over the years, a custom frame that commemorates their wedding day, a piece of personalized artwork related to their journeys (literal and metaphorical) together. 

What are some creative or unique anniversary ideas?

If you’re one of those fortunate, artsy people, something handmade would make an incredibly touching gift. You could use the material associated with a specific anniversary (paper, cotton, leather, wood, etc.) or work in whatever medium is most comfortable for you. If you’re less crafty but still want to give something personal, consider making a scrapbook or using one of the many online services available to create and print a photo album.

If you have video editing skills, a short film composed of snippets from past events and/or clips of loved ones expressing their good wishes would definitely bring on the waterworks. For less sentimental but still out-of-the-box ideas, consider classes couples can take together (massages classes, cooking classes, photography classes) to explore a shared interest or develop a new one. Or, create an opportunity for silliness and/or adventure. Pay for a visit to a trampoline park, panic room, ax-throwing facility, or something similarly out of the ordinary.  

What are the main anniversary gifts by year?

This list of traditional anniversary gifts by year will share the traditional gifts, modern gifts, and gemstones that correspond with each anniversary year. While it can be fun to follow the guidelines for each year, it's not required—what matters most is the thoughtfulness and sentiment behind the gift.

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