25 Beautiful Wedding Invitation Box Ideas

Set the tone for your celebration with bespoke boxed invites.

A neutral-toned linen boxed wedding invitation.

Photo by Valorie Darling / Invitation by Cecile's Paper Co.

Invitations are one of the first key tasks on your wedding planning checklist, and as you start to think about sending out wedding stationery, you’ll also be thinking about the overall theme and aesthetic of your big day. While invitations offer up the most important details for guests to know about your wedding, they also set the tone and nod to the aesthetic of both your ceremony and your reception. If you’re searching for something unique, a boxed wedding invitation may be the perfect fit.

Invitations range in style, shape, size, and price point. Boxed invitations swap envelopes for boxed enclosures, creating an invitation suite that’s larger and often more intricate. Depending on the box size, they may hold just the wedding stationery or include other small gifts for guests to get the celebration started. Plus, they offer an extra level of protection to make sure your invitations arrive in tip-top shape.

Below, find 25 stunning wedding invitation boxes in a variety of styles to inspire your own design.

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Use Your Venue as Inspiration

A blue illustrated boxed wedding invitation.

Photo and Invitation by Momental Designs

Hosting at an elegant chateau? Use your venue as inspiration! This invitation suite featured handpainted details and arrived to guests with a box to match.

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Embrace Elegance

Light blue boxed wedding invitation featuring velvet.

Photo by Alina Bezghinova / Invitation by Ivory&Fine

Opt for elegance with a velvet box. Place your invitation inside and complete the look with your monogram on a wax seal.

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Box Up Gifts

A wedding invitation box with a candle for guests.

photo by Clary Pfeiffer / Invitation by the idea emporium

Hoping to send a little gift? These boxed invitations included essential oils and a candle wedding favor to embrace a wellness theme for an extra special touch.

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Keep It Simple

 A black and white boxed wedding invitation.

Courtesy of Beacon Lane

Keep it simple with a modern design. This suite featured white paper with black fonts and was housed in a sleek black box.

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Wow With Watercolor

A beach-themed watercolor boxed wedding invitation.

Photo by Duke Images / Invitation by the invitorium

Invite your guests to a beach party with stunning blue watercolor. Utilize acrylic invitations and work a turquoise watercolor design into the boxed suite to symbolize water.

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Choose a Circle

A circular boxed wedding invitation with hand-painted details.

Photo by Danielle Coons / Invitation by Momental Designs

A boxed invitation set doesn’t mean it has to be square or rectangular! This stunning suite embraced a beautiful color palette and a circular design.

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Celebrate Fall

A western-themed boxed wedding invitation suite.

Photo by Charla Storey

Planning a fall or western wedding? Embrace the theme and let it show through your invitations! This suite was assembled in a monogrammed leather pouch and delivered in a wooden box.

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Use a Modern Monogram

A monogrammed gray boxed wedding invitation.

Photo and Inivitation by Ooh-Aah Invitations

Opt for a modern approach with a sleek box to house a lovely velvet invitation. This design featured a metallic monogram and the date of the celebration on the front for a simple touch.

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Create an Art Piece

A clay boxed wedding invitation.

Photo by Heather Waraksa / Invitation by The idea emporium

Showcase artistry with your invitation suite. This suite included a custom design cast in plaster. The decorative box kept all of the pieces together, while also protecting a keepsake for guests to display in their own homes.

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Go All-White

A white and acrylic boxed wedding invitation featuring mixed materials.

Photo by Christy & Co Photos / Invitation by the invitorium

Stick with a classic all-white color scheme, but use different materials to play with texture for added interest. This intricate suite featured an acrylic invitation with a geometric cut enclosure and four real preserved white roses all wrapped up in a suede box.

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Pop the Bubbly

 A pastel pink boxed wedding invitation.

photo by Lena Lukashenko / Invitation by Ivory&Fine

Opt for simple elegance with a stunning velvet box. Include an acrylic invitation and a small bottle of bubbly for guests to kick off the celebration!

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Use a Book

A vintage book themed boxed wedding invitation.

Photo by kate headley / Planning by Kari Rider Events / Invitation by The Idea Emporium

Are you a couple of book lovers? These make the perfect invitation boxes! Either construct boxes to mimic the look, or use thrifted old books. Theme your invitations around great pieces of literature to match.

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Mix a Variety of Materials

A terracotta boxed wedding invitation featuring fresh flowers.

Photo by Valorie Darling / Invitation by Kaleigh Wiese

This suite played with textures and colors for plenty of interest. A stamped clay invitation was housed with an acrylic menu, all wrapped up in a linen box as the perfect package.

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Embrace Textures

A linen boxed wedding invitation with white flowers.

Photo by Valorie Darling / Invitation by Cecile's Paper Co.

Create a charming invitation with the addition of fabric. Play with options for inserts inside a box and finish the look with a ribbon band on the exterior for an extra special touch.

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Feature Flowers

A floral-themed boxed wedding invitation with fresh flowers.

Photo by PS Photography and Films / Invitation by the invitorium

Make it bloom! This white box housed a stunning display, with room for flowers and greenery below and an acrylic invitation on top.

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Go for Gold

A gold edged fall boxed wedding invitation.

Courtesy of Margo&Bees

Embrace the colors and textures of fall. Pair gilded acrylic invitations with a beige velvet box, all tied up with a ribbon.

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Add a Crest

A gold boxed wedding invitation featuring a custom crest.

Photo by terri baskin / Invitation by bydamistudiosnyc

Celebrate announcing an elegant wedding with an invitation that sets the tone. Opt for a boxed set with an intricate gold monogram on the front.

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Create a Color Scheme

A burgundy and gold boxed wedding invitation.

Photo and Invitation by Ooh-Aah Invitations

Create elaborate invitations with a velvet backing and gold pressed lettering. Use a box with a matching pattern to keep the invitation safe until it arrives in your guest’s hands!

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Pair Linen and Flowers

A blue linen boxed wedding invitation

Photo by kate headley / Planning by A Day in May Events / Invitation by The Idea Emporium

Love the look of linen fabrics? Include cards with pertinent details in a charming linen cover with a monogram on the front.

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Choose a Clear Cover

An elegant boxed wedding invitation.

Photo by Sposto Photography / Invitation by Lepenn Designs

This box embraced a glamorous aesthetic with a black velvet insert. Incorporating a clear lid with a gold monogram truly made it unique.

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Add a Sweet

A dessert-themed boxed wedding invitation featuring macarons.

Photo and Invitation by Momental Designs

Hoping to send guests something sweet along with your invitation? This smaller boxed invitation featured a slot for macarons, but you could swap those out for classic chocolate chip cookies or even a decorated sugar cookie.

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Go Geometric

 A square boxed wedding invitation.

Photo by Belathee Photography / Invitation by cheree berry paper design

Ditch the idea of a typical rectangular box and go for a square. We love the way this invitation suite played with multiple pastel hues and a variety of shapes for a bespoke design.

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Choose Charming

 A ruffled-edge boxed wedding invitation.

Photo by Heather Waraksa / Invitation by Lehr and Black

Utilize a box that opens at the top and features a custom monogram design on the interior back. Package your charming invitations with a bundle of dried lavender for a lovely touch.

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Nod to Nautical

A nautical boxed wedding invitation.

Courtesy of Beacon Lane

Planning a nautical wedding? Utilize a navy blue box to house an invitation suite featuring a color palette of white, blue, and a pop of gold.

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Wow With Velvet

An elegant velvet boxed wedding invitation.

photo by Lena Lukashenko / Invitation by Ivory&Fine

Boxed wedding invitations can be made in a variety of materials. For an elegant look, tuck your suite into a luxurious velvet box.

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