How to Plan a Barbiecore Wedding

If you're looking to plan a fun, colorful celebration, this trendy aesthetic could be right for you.

Bride and groom in bright pink outfits in front of a color-blocked sign

Photo by M. Hart Photography

Millennial pink's moment in the sun is finally coming to an end: Now, bolder, brighter pink hues are popping up everywhere, and wedding décor is no exception. It's all thanks to the popularity of Barbiecore, a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trend defined by the hot pink colors so synonymous with the world created for the beloved Mattel dolls of our youth. And with the new Barbie movie (starring Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie) set to be released in July of this year, it's all the more buzzy.

Wondering if Barbiecore has a place in wedding design? The experts say absolutely. "We love this trend when its right for the couple!" says Laura Ritchie, founder of the luxury wedding planning company Grit & Grace. "Pink is always on trend for weddings and the throwback nostalgia could either go mod or ultra feminine!" Her top tip if you're thinking about planning a Barbiecore-themed wedding? Start with your color palette. While you can go all-in with a monochromatic palette, Ritchie suggests selecting a few shades of pink and pairing them with neutral black and white details. The result is a more chic, elevated take on the trend. After all, says Ritchie, "Barbiecore can definitely read sweet sixteen if you aren't careful, so leaning into small touches can go a long way."

Nicole-Natassha Goulding, lead creative and founder of the luxury wedding planning company Chic by Nicole, says that the color wheel should be your best friend when designing your event's overarching palette, especially if you want to maintain an elevated, mature feeling. "I would definitely suggest keeping the bright pink and fuchsia as tertiary colors in your palette instead of making it the whole shebang!" she explains. "Use the color wheel to your advantage and pair it with complementing colors. I would focus on keeping major décor elements pretty neutral to not overwhelm the eyes and avoid the need to be matchy matchy."

In Goulding's opinion, the very best way to bring a touch of the Barbiecore aesthetic into your wedding is through your invitations. "I would suggest adding that pop of pink in your invitations and day-of stationery," she explains, as this a way to keep the look subtle and tasteful. Another great option? Ritchie says to consider working with a calligrapher to create custom wedding signage and day-of paper that utilizes a creative take on the classic Barbie font. Some guests will catch the reference while others may not, so it's an easy way to take your details up a notch without leaning too hard into the trend.

Consider other fun nods to the Barbie aesthetic, like bright pink signature cocktails with Barbie and Ken stir sticks, Ritchie suggests, or large swaths of monochromatic pink florals lining reception tables, hanging over your dance floor, and as a photo booth backdrop. "Don't get too literal," she urges, especially if you want to ensure the details you select stand the test of time and won't feel overly trendy in a couple of years. "Find touches that can be appreciated with a tongue and cheek snarky wink like fun cocktails in coupes with cotton candy or furry slippers instead of flip flops for the dance floor. It wont take over the entire event with a theme and drown out an 'adult' wedding."

While you could most certainly commit with an all-pink ensemble, Ritchie loves the idea of keeping it classic for the ceremony and then making a statement with a fun reception outfit. "A high pony and pink party dress [would be fabulous] for a second look," she explains. Grooms can consider doing something similar, trading in a classic black suit or tuxedo jacket for a shiny satin number or a pale pink option à la Ken. Goulding agrees, adding that your main fashion choices—as well as attire for any key players, such as your bridesmaids and groomsmen—should be more classic than trendy. "I will always steer couples towards keeping their major elements timeless: the dress, the suits, and bridesmaids' dresses," she explains. "Avoid putting bright elements everywhere and pare it down to where appropriate! "

But if you know you love all-things Barbiecore and are fully ready to commit, then there's no reason not to dive right in. This is your wedding! Ritchie says if you really want to plan the ultimate Barbie-themed wedding, you'll need the right venue: Your very own dream house. "Dream venue must be a Dream House!" she says. "My mind immediately goes to a Malibu mansion on a cliff with a pool fit with synchronized swimmers in striped swim caps in a pool, a fun DJ and black and white dance floor!"

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