100+ Best Bachelorette Party Quotes and Phrases

Best Bachelorette Party Quotes and Phrases

The perfect bachelorette party involves a ton of planning and preparation to get all your closest friends together to celebrate the end of your single years. After months of group texting, navigating schedule conflicts, and Venmo requesting, once the bachelorette weekend is set in stone, the real fun begins. 

Bachelorette parties are the ultimate chance to go crazy with the decor and accessories. It’s impossible to overdo it: banners, koozies, shot glasses, and pool floaties are all part of the fun, along with matching outfits and curating the perfect playlist. For a truly memorable bachelorette, take it one step further and customize all these goodies with fun bachelorette party quotes, captions, and phrases to commemorate your last weekend as a single gal.

To help inspire you as you plan this epic weekend, we’ve rounded up the best bachelorette party quotes below. You can use these as social media captions, on shirts and swag, or as your weekend anthem as you’re cheers-ing with your besties to your future with your forever partner. 

Here are the best bachelorette party quotes, captions, and phrases that will take your bach weekend to the next level. 

Classic Bachelorette Quotes and Phrases

  1. The best 'I do' crew around
  2. Kiss the miss goodbye
  3. Last fling before the ring
  4. Bach and boujee
  5. Look on the bride side
  6. Single for the very last time
  7. Engaged AF
  8. A final toast to the single life before [name] becomes a wife
  9. Bride-in-training
  10. She said yes, we said [location]
  11. Bride vibes on repeat
  12. Wife of the party
  13. Love you a brunch
  14. Blessed with the best friends
  15. To love, laughter, and happily ever after
  16. Together is a beautiful place to be
  17. Celebrating her forever

Funny Bachelorette Quotes and Phrases

  1. Bach sh*t crazy
  2. Bach, please
  3. She said okurrr
  4. 100% that bach
  5. Caution: [Bride name] may contain alcohol
  6. Bach that *ss up
  7. I'm/she's not a regular bride, I'm/she's a cool bride
  8. From Miss to Mrs. with all my b*tches
  9. Always a bridesmaid, never a sober one
  10. Get in loser, it’s [name’s] bachelorette
  11. Look like a beauty, party like a beast
  12. One more night, let’s do it right
  13. Hit me baby, one more wine
  14. Pop it like it's hot
  15. This bitch is gettin’ hitched
  16. Sip happens
  17. ‘Til death do us party
  18. Come on Barbie, let’s go party
  19. If lost, please return me to my squad
  20. If I’m lost, buy me a drink
  21. Future Mrs., cheers b*tches
  22. Yes!/That’s what she said
  23. Out to play before we give her away
  24. The party before the party

Boozy Bachelorette Quotes and Phrases

  1. Pour decisions
  2. Bach and boozy
  3. A drink in one hand, a ring in the other
  4. Vodka is my spirit animal
  5. Something borrowed, something blue, we party harder than you
  6. Drunk in love/Just drunk
  7. Buy me/her a shot, I'm/she’s tying the knot
  8. Time to wine down
  9. Wine flies when you're having fun
  10. Let’s get toasted
  11. Save water drink wine
  12. She's love drunk, we're just drunk
  13. On cloud wine
  14. Huge hooray and yay for rosé
  15. When I sip, you sip, we sip
  16. Bad decisions make great stories
  17. Rise and wine
  18. How merlot can you go
  19. Vino and vows
  20. Let’s pop the top, she’s tying the knot
  21. It’s my party and I’ll wine if I want to
  22. You can’t sip with us
  23. Namaste and cabernet 
  24. Watch me sip, sip, Chardon nay-nay
  25. Everything happens for a riesling
  26. Be there in a prosecco
  27. Stop and smell the rosé
  28. Besties, wine, and in bed by nine
  29. Champagne campaign
  30. Before [name] says “I do,” let’s have a drink or two

Themed Bachelorette Quotes and Phrases


  1. Where my beaches at
  2. Sun, sand, and a ring on her hand
  3. Toes in the sand, ring on my hand
  4. Hot sands and cold cans before the wedding bands
  5. The last splash
  6. Good times and tan lines with the bride
  7. Aloha, beaches
  8. Time to shellabrate


  1. [Bride’s] final fiesta
  2. She found her main squeeze
  3. She said "si"
  4. Sip, sip, olé
  5. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor
  6. Last margarita as a señorita
  7. Drinking margaritas with my señoritas
  8. Nacho average bride

Disney & Harry Potter

  1. Expecto patron and rum
  2. Mischief far from managed
  3. Wingardium mimosa
  4. From muggle to Mrs
  5. This witch is getting hitched 


  1. I found a catch/she found a keeper
  2. The last sail before the veil
  3. Let’s get nauti
  4. Anchors down bottoms up
  5. Happiness comes in waves

Nashville & Country

  1. Red, white, and I do
  2. These boots were made for walkin’ down the aisle
  3. Honky tonk hoedown before the gown
  4. Howdy, let’s get rowdy
  5. Whiskey bent and veil bound
  6. Cowgirl gang
  7. [Name’s] last ride before she’s the bride
  8. [Name’s] last rodeo
  9. This country chick is gettin' hitched
  10. Raising hell before the wedding bells

Bridesmaids Quotes and Phrases

  1. Bachelorette support crew
  2. The real bridesmaids of [location]
  3. Team bride
  4. “I do” crew
  5. Bridal brunch bunch
  6. Bride tribe
  7. Bridesbabes

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