Bachelorette Party Ideas for a Lesbian Wedding

You don't need phallic-shaped favors to make it a great night.

Black and white lesbian wedding

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Those of you brides-to-be hosting a lesbian wedding, you probably don't want to stuff your bachelorette party full of penis paraphernalia. Some brides might love it, but others (whether you’re gender fluid, a lesbian, or just a little more reserved) can be totally turned off by an abundance of male genitalia. Is a penis theme just not for you? We’ve got some good news for you: Bachelorette parties can still be bachelorette parties without penis straws and male strippers. You’re still the brides-to-be and on your way down the aisle, no matter what.

Not a fan of anything that screams “bachelorette”? Go in a different direction with something a little more dignified. Here are a few ideas for a super-fun bachelorette party that leaves all that junk at home.

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Indulge in a Spa Weekend

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If your particular speed is more in line with a low-key wellness getaway, then look no further. There are tons of destination spas, as well as your favorite local spa, that offer day packages for you and your VIPs to completely unwind together. Unsurprisingly, spa and wellness bachelorette parties have become huge, almost completely overtaking the traditional bachelorette party options.

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Yoga Retreat

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In keeping with the wellness vibe, a yoga retreat might be the perfect getaway for any yogi brides-to-be. Not to mention a great way to let go of some of that wedding planning stress.

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Throw a Slumber Party

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Rent out an epic hotel suite, or simply host in your own home, and gather all of your besties for a legendary slumber party your childhood self dreamed of. We're talking unlimited room service, cheesy movies with all of the accouterments (popcorn, candy, etc.), face masks, and all of the Champagne.

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Rent a Lake House

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Oh yeah, we're talking full-on family-trip-to-the-lake vibes. Rent a station wagon (optional, but legendary) and drive up to a classic lakeside retreat of retro-vacation lore. Spend the weekend chilling with your pals, fishing, swimming, kayaking, grilling, and partaking in lawn games.

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Go Glamping

Glamping Tent

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So there is traditional camping, and then there is glamping. Either is a perfect choice for a weekend with your support system among nature. If you're into the latter, more cushy immersion into the wild, there are lots of great companies that hook you up with a suite setup including air conditioning and electrical outlets.

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Hit the Town

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Of course, if you’re all about the tiara, sash, and bar truth-or-dare games, go for it. Put on a little white dress, head to a bar you really love, and choose whichever body parts turn you on (hint: Boob cakes are way easier to make). Head to the strip club if that’s your speed; there may not be many other ladies there, which means more attention for you. And if all you want to do is dance, find the best DJ in town and hit the dance floor.

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Lingerie Shower

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Looking for something sexy but a little less “on display”? Turn your bachelorette party into a lingerie shower. You’ll get to stock your drawer with unmentionables, all while surrounded by the people you love and enjoy most.

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Mutual Bachelorette Party

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If you and your partner have a large number of mutual friends, turn your bachelorette party into a joint affair. Invite everyone, get dolled up together, and celebrate your “last fling before the ring” with your love. You’re going to spend your lives together, so why not start now?

Bond, drink, laugh, and reminisce on your own terms. Instead of a night all about penises and doing shots, turn it into an experience that’s about the brides-to-be and really embrace the opportunity to mark the occasion with your friends.

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