14 Bachelorette Party Games Your Friends Will Actually Want to Play


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It's the freaking bachelorette weekend, and you're about to have some fun. One way to get the party started off right is with cocktails, of course, followed by a fun game or two to help loosen up the group. This is also a great way to incorporate some quirky icebreakers, so everyone gets to know one another—a must if you're mixing friend groups.

That said, we know there are some pretty lame games out there (we encountered the gamut during our thorough research and vetting process), so we curated a list of the créme de la créme of party-starters. Here are 14 bachelorette party games your friends are guaranteed to love.

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The Newlywed Game

It's a game we all love to watch total strangers play, and it's even more fun when you know the couple involved. Have the bachelorette party host email the bride's spouse-to-be a list of questions beforehand (even better, get their responses on video to play for the group later). Then have the bride guess what their partner answered for each one. If the answer is right, everyone but the bride takes a sip of their drinks. If the answer is wrong, just the bride does.

If you play the game with all guests in attendance, have each person answer questions beforehand. Then someone reads the answer aloud at random, and the bride has to pick the person who said it.

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A Scavenger Hunt

This is the perfect game for a night on the town. The good news is there are tons of sites where you can instantly download pre-made bachelorette party scavenger hunt lists full of fun "dares" to be captured on camera throughout the evening. Etsy is our go-to for loads of options like this one (some quite crazy and others tamer, depending on the vibe you're going for).

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The "Drink If" Game

This one is similar to the concept of "Never Have I Ever" except, well, different. Basically, you have a healthy list of "drink ifs" written down that will get passed around. Each guest reads off one line, and if that line applies to you, you drink. Then the card gets passed. Some examples of fun drink-ifs include, "If you've known the bride for 10-plus years," "If you've gone to the couple's honeymoon destination," "If you've hooked up with someone who has the same name as the bride's soon-to-be spouse," etc.

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A Panty Party

If the panties fit, right? For this game, each guest should bring a pair of unwrapped panties that is reflective of their own personality. All the panties get hung on a clothesline type thing (or however you can manage it) and the bride has to guess which guest gave them which pair of panties. Like always, you can choose to turn this into a drinking game if you like—it's a fun way to shower the bride and get some good laughs at the same time.

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Ring Hunt

If you're looking for something a bit more laid back than the scavenger hunt, we've got just the thing. Hide a bunch of plastic rings around your home base for the weekend and have guests try to find them. Up the ante by writing a little note with each one that includes an action the sleuth must take upon finding it, like a mini-dare.

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Adult Pictionary

So most of us know the general objective of Pictionary (split into teams and have one person draw a randomly chosen word or phrase while others try to guess what it is), right? Well, let's put an X-rated spin on that. Stack the deck with lots of naughty phrases and acts, and watch as hilarity ensues.

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Lingerie Shower Bingo

This is perfect if guests are planning on showering the future-Mrs. with gifts that might not be appropriate for the bridal shower (read: sex toy). Hand lingerie bingo cards out as the bride-to-be is opening gifts, and see who can complete a row first. The gifts can range from super spicy items to simple lacy undies.

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Bachelorette Roulette

While this may not be your typical game of skill, trust us when we say that a certain type of skill is definitely needed. Drinking skills, that is. First, you will need a spinner and then each guest takes turns to see either who takes a drink or what type of drink to take (depending on the spinner type you choose). You can easily DIY this, too.

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How Well Do You Know the Bride?

Test out who's been paying attention all these years. Compile a list of questions about the weekend's VIP or print a pre-made one, and see who can get the most right answers.

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Pin the Kiss on the Spouse-to-Be

Pretty self-explanatory, here. Much like the Pin the Tail on the Donkey, each guest is given a kiss cutout (or puts on a coat of lipstick and gets ready to smooch) that they have to pin on a photo of the bride's spouse-to-be. For an extra treat, personalize some satin sleeping masks to take home after wearing them as the blindfolds.

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Prosecco Pong

Beer pong, but make it fashion. This glamorous take on a frat-party classic is always a huge hit. Just replace red Solo cups with chic coupette glasses and beer with your favorite bubbles—or buy a set that's ready to go—and see which team can get the most pong balls in their opponents' glasses. Just don't forget to account for the fact that these glasses are shallower than the usual cups when taking aim.

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What's in Your Cell Phone

Consider this the fun love child of a digital scavenger hunt and bingo. Participants get points for finding something on the list within the contents of their phone. Award fewer points for more common items (think: the wedding date in your calendar) and more points for the serious goods. Up the ante with things like a belfie or X-rated search history.

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Dirty Minds

See who's got the dirtiest mind in the bunch by compiling a list of seemingly naughty descriptions and having the guests guess the answers. The answers are always completely respectable and ordinary, but the guests tend to get pretty creative.

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Bachelorette Jenga

Take the classic game of strategy and skill, and add interesting challenges and dares. Just make sure to have those libations handy—you'll need them.

  • Where can I buy bachelorette party games?

    Most bachelorette party games don't require much supplies, some slips of paper and writing utensils are all you need. If more formal games are your thing, party supply stores, Amazon, or anywhere that sells boardgames will have an adequate selection. Etsy is also a great source for personalized games to make the experience extra special.

  • What are some prizes for bachelorette party games?

    If you know the group well, you can easily tailor the bachelorette party prizes to their tastes. Some of our favorite options include a free drink at the bar, silly favors, or small self-care gift sets like candles. Bragging rights are also a timeless choice that never goes out of style.

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