18 Bachelorette Party Cakes That Are Anything but Tacky

Time to celebrate!

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Photo by Bina Terré; Cake by Kiss from Fleur 

Planning a bachelorette party comes with a few key details to check off the to-do list. Of course, you’ll need a fantastic location, along with activities planned for the event. You may also be searching for the perfect bachelorette party favors or even matching t-shirts. But even with all of those specifics, be sure not to forget the cake!

Meet the Expert

Danetra Richardson is the owner of Swank Desserts, a specialty dessert shop located in Summerville, South Carolina. 

While there’s plenty of options for, well, not as elegant of cake choices, all bachelorette party cakes don’t need to be tacky. A bachelorette party can still certainly be the time and place for a beautiful cake. And at the end of the day, it’s all about finding something that the bride-to-be will love. 

What to Know About Serving Size

According to Richardson, a six-inch cake will provide 8-10 servings, while a ring-style cake can accommodate 15 portions, offering a fun themed option. 

“For bachelorette parties, I either recommend a six-inch cake or a ring cake, depending on the desired aesthetic,” says Danetra Richardson, owner of Swank Desserts. “The six-inch cakes are perfect for smaller bachelorette parties.”

How to Decorate

When it comes to decorating a bachelorette party cake, it truly is all about fitting the party’s theme or aesthetic. Certainly, plenty of hues of pink and white come into play, but it’s also fun to switch up the traditional palette with hints of gold and green.

“We always recommend adding color as well as gold details and fresh florals to really make the design pop,” says Richardson. “Macarons are also fun garnishes for cakes and a great way to add height and a touch of elegance.”

Adding a custom cake topper can elevate the look of a cake, or even setting up a full and beautiful dessert display is another great option. Read on for 18 festive cake ideas for every style bachelorette party.

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Make a Statement


Cake by River City Cakes

Ditching the traditional cake altogether is totally an option, and this might just be the perfect substitute. Celebrate a bachelorette by putting a ring on the table! With layers of buttercream, topped with fruits, macarons, candies, and fresh flowers, this is almost too pretty to eat. 

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Celebrate With a Topper

Cake by Happily Ever Etched ​

It’s time to celebrate! Stick with a simple textured white cake, but decorate the top and pair it with beautiful blooms for a lovely display. We love the look of this cake topper toasting to the future.

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Balance With Beautiful Blooms


Photo by Alissa Noelle Photography; Cake by Whisk and Whittle

We know, it’s hard not to think of too much pink when it comes to a bachelorette, but this cake pulls it off flawlessly. Subtle pink hues are incorporated into the buttercream of this single-tiered cake, pairing so well with the beautiful blooms on top. Certainly, one bright pink flower makes a statement, but the more subdued hues around it bring together this look in the most beautiful way. 

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Put a Ring On It


Photo by Bina Terré; Cake by Kiss from Fleur

Between the gold foil detailing and the bright, beautiful florals, this cake has it all! But it’s the shimmer diamond cake topper that really pulls this look together. 

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Create a Sweet Pairing



Photo by Dana Cubbage Weddings; Cake by Swank Desserts


Planning a bachelorette with plenty of friends? Make a sweet little spread. Single-tiered cakes pair perfectly with dainty macarons, all decked in peach and gold detailing for the most charming display.

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Go for Gold


Cake by Happily Ever Etched Inc.

Adding a fun topper is such a great way to celebrate the bachelorette, especially if it gives a fun nod to the future. We love the way this single-tiered cake is decked out in plenty of gold to seamlessly bring the cake and topper together.

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Opt for a Hand-Painted Design


Cake by Soul Cake Shop

Why not order a custom masterpiece to truly make the day special? This single-tiered cake is hand-painted with textured buttercream and gold detailing, with a single gold-painted pink rose to bring it all together.

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Create a Spread


Photo by Hannah Mann; Cake by Heidi Cake Co.

It’s a bachelorette party—why not go all out! If you’re hosting a brunch, a brilliantly adorned table may be the perfect fit. Pair a beautifully decked out cake with donuts for the sweetest look.

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Go Pretty in Pink


Cake by Pretty Little Cakes 


We can’t get over the playful elegance of this look! If you have a bit of a larger crowd for the party, don’t be afraid to go for two tiers. This stunning sweet makes a statement, while still embodying a natural vibe.

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Play With Contrast


Photo by Ava Moore Photography; Cake by Swank Desserts


This cake brings such a fun pop of color and contrast to the table. A six-inch cake is stacked in layers, with a semi-naked buttercream technique used to decorate the sides. Pile it high with Oreos, macarons, and stunning florals to truly make an elegant, yet playful, design. 

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Keep It Subtle


Photo by Anna Roussos; Cake by Pavlov’s Lab


Planning a cake for someone who’s not a fan of bright pink hues? Don’t feel obligated to incorporate them! Stick with a subtle palette incorporating greens and whites to deck out a simple semi-naked cake. 

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Make a Joke


Cake by Charming Wooden Gifts

Let’s face it, this may be what everyone is thinking! Let the cake topper do the talking. This is such a fun way to pair a simple semi-naked cake with a custom letter topper. Want to dress it up even more? Ask your baker to add metallic detailing and florals to match. 

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Celebrate the Destination


Photo by Kama Catch Me; Cake by Gitte Laulau Kama

Jetting off for the weekend with your BFFs? Let your cake be a part of the celebration too! We can’t get enough of this tropical look, pairing a small cake with a big statement bouquet.

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Add Beautiful Florals


Photo by Gianluca Adovasio; Cake by Alexandra’s Cakes

If you’re celebrating with a garden-style soirée, there’s no shame in going all out with the flowers. And there’s certainly no shame in adding plenty to the cake to match! We love the way the watercolor texture on this two-tiered cake pairs with the petals of these beautiful blooms. 

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Make a Macaron Tower


Photo by Kaity Brawley; Dessert by Le Macaron

If nobody is a fan of cake, don’t force it. There’s plenty of other options for celebratory sweets. Consider creating a beautiful tower of macarons. Opt for a neutral dessert color, paired with charming buds to create a display. 

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Decorate With Succulents


Photo by Rachel Solomon; Cake by Sissy’s Sweet Cakes

Hosting a bachelorette with a desert vibe? Ditch fresh flowers altogether and opt for succulents instead. A lovely six-inch ombré cake can be made all the more beautiful with a few succulents on top.

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Opt for Simple


Cake by Oaky Designs

Want to keep things simple? A cute hand-lettered cake topper celebrating the “almost Mrs.” can truly elevate any cake with a personalized touch.

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Celebrate Love


Cake by Couronne Parties

While bachelorette parties are a ton of fun, what it still boils down to is celebrating the bride-to-be’s love for their partner. Keep the cake simple and use white buttercream as the perfect canvas to send a message with a sweet topper.

Want more inspiration? Check out engagement party cakes below.

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