Here's What Jojo Fletcher Has Said About Her Wedding So Far

The Bachelor Nation star isn't waiting around any longer!

Jojo and Jordan

Steven Ferdman/Getty

Jojo Fletcher and Jordan Rogers will not let Covid stand in the way of their love. 

The two Bachelor nation alums were initially supposed to tie the knot in back June of this year but postponed their special day due to the coronavirus pandemic. Fletcher recently opened up to fellow former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay on a segment of Extra that their new wedding date is set for May 2021.

“Who knows what the state of our country and this world will look like, and I'm hoping at that point we are able to celebrate,” Fletcher told Lindsay. Despite the uncertainty that comes along in the time of Covid, Fletcher and Rogers are sure about one thing.

"I think that Jordan and I have decided, like, if it's not going to work out to have this huge, extravagant wedding that we really have dreamed up, we'll still do it on our own, together," she said. She added that by their new wedding date, their engagement will have been five years long. “If we have to push it another year—six years, crazy—we will get married no matter what!”

Which is great news for Bach fans—not too much longer until Bachelor nation's favorite couple ties the knot. And Fletcher seems to have a soft spot for the show and its loyal fanbase—she often makes guest appearances on different shows in the franchise. She even took over hosting duties on this week’s episode of The Bachelorette to stand in for Chris Harrison while he took his son to college. But after all, it is where she met and became engaged to her husband-to-be and the former NFL quarterback during her 2016 season.

While Fletcher was excited to step in for the show’s beloved host, Harrison leaves some pretty big shoes to fill.

“I was totally thrown off. I was not expecting it, and honored that they thought of me to do this. It was so much fun, it was really exciting. But I was nervous,” she said. The TV personality added, “When you go in as Chris, you know you have to deliver.”

Fletcher’s cameo came during one of the season’s most vulnerable episodes. “These men are being so vulnerable and honest, you know; we saw Ben sit there and talk about what he went through with his eating disorder for 10 years,” she said. “I’m honestly just amazed by these guys.” She went on, “They didn’t have to do it that soon. These conversations often happen a little bit further along, so I’m with you in the sense that a lot of these guys are really just putting themselves out there. And I’m amazed by it. I’m impressed. I think it takes a huge level of maturity and, like, self-awareness and confidence.”

We’re looking forward to seeing this couple’s big day and to seeing the rest of Jojo’s hosting duties play out.

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