Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Guests Will Spend $1,500 in 2022

See a breakdown of the average price tag.

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Bachelor and bachelorette parties are all about celebrating a couple, spending time with friends, and visiting exciting places. Although these soirées are jam-packed with fun activities, dropping a good amount of money on festivities seems inevitable. From covering travel expenses to purchasing wardrobe essentials, these get-togethers really start to add up. Not to mention, more and more couples are hosting their bashes in extravagant places, whether it’s Miami, Charleston, or Tulum, which increases the bill. With costs rising due to inflation in 2022, your wallet is sure to take a hit.

According to a survey conducted by, where researchers polled 500 recent bachelor and bachelorette party attendees, they found that guests are spending $1,500 on each bach party they attend in 2022. This amount has increased $100 since 2021, so costs are on the rise.

Based on the survey results, researchers found that bachelor party guests spend 70 percent more than bachelorette party attendees do. The findings suggest these costs come from these guests participating in more expensive activities, such as golf and sporting events. Since grooms usually invite fewer people to their function according to the study, each guest is expected to shoulder a larger portion of the total cost. Plus, grooms often throw their gatherings at far-away places, so airfare is a primary reason why the price tag skyrockets.

Out of all the expenses associated with bachelor and bachelorette parties, travel is the most pricey. According to the poll, two-thirds of the survey participants had to fly to the event’s destination. As if traveling by plane wasn’t expensive enough, airfare prices have increased 33 percent since 2021.

Another item that’s breaking the bank? Fashion. Outfits cost guests an average of $100, which is the same amount of money they spend on food and drinks. The pressure to sport a show-stopping look in an age of social media or coordinate with other guests in personalized getups are some reasons why attire is a significant expense.

In order to attend these wedding-related festivities, more than half of the participants took on credit card debt. For those who did make an appearance, 39 percent decided to opt out of certain parts of the weekend to stay within their budget.

How to Decrease Costs

If you’re planning a bachelor or bachelorette party, here are three ways you can keep the price down and still have an unforgettable experience.

Keep Your Guests in Mind

To create a comfortable environment for your guests, plan an event that’s filled with free activities, such as playing games, taking a hike, or lounging by the pool. If you choose to include other activities that cost more money in your agenda, mention that no one is required to participate in any event if it exceeds their budget. Additionally, offer a range of lodging options with different price points to make sure everyone can afford it.

Look to Local Spots

Instead of jetting off to an exotic location, consider planning something close by. Scour your local neighborhood for new restaurants or trendy clubs. By choosing a site near you, you’ll eliminate excessive travel costs.

Travel Wisely

If you’re set on throwing down at a venue that requires airfare, think about hosting your celebration during off-peak times of year to keep costs down. You can also avoid unnecessary expenditures by planning your gathering at an all-inclusive resort or cruise since they’re easier to budget for.

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