12 Ethereal Baby's Breath Wedding Hairstyles

Bride with ethereal hair


Baby's breath has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance. Previously deemed a dreaded filler flower or considered a dated 1980s fad, baby's breath is once again blooming at weddings. Since it totes a drastically more affordable price tag than many in-demand wedding flowers, such as garden roses and peonies, brides can use bundles of the bloom to decorate their ceremony or reception tables. Many have even taken to carrying baby's breath–only bouquets down the aisle. And with their soft rustic aesthetic, the flower looks right at home at barn weddings and relaxed outdoor ceremonies.

Bridal hair is also getting the baby's breath treatment, as brides are incorporating the flower into their wedding hairstyles for a look that's effortlessly ethereal and oh so angelic. Some are dotting their lush, full braids with baby's breath while others are opting to use it for flower crowns. Bridal parties are also getting in on the trend, with bridesmaids and flower girls similarly using the flower in their big-day hairstyles. No matter your personal style, baby's breath can be a gorgeous hair accessory. Depending on how you decide to use the buds, the vibe can be either bohemian, rustic, or romantic.

Searching for some inspiration? Scroll on to see our favorite baby's breath wedding hairstyles.

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Symmetry Shmymmetry

Bride with baby's breath scattered throughout one side of hair

Photo by Floravere

This bride went for an asymmetrical approach to her floral design. She scattered a few buds throughout one side of her voluminous 'do and left the rest au naturel for an ultra-cool-girl aesthetic.

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Vintage Vibes

Vintage-style bride with baby's breath adorned in hair

Photo by Jillian Mitchell; Event Planning by Fallon Carter Weddings; Veil by New York Vintage; Floral Design by Kevin Michael Ericson 

A fluffy floral pop offers a fresh contrast against this beauty's dark locks. The baby's breath bunch also adds texture that mirrors the lace of the vintage-style dress she donned for her Jazz Age wedding.

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An Elevated Filler

Rodarte Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2017-2018

Estrop / Getty Images

Let's not forget this flower's origin story as a bouquet filler. While it may have skyrocketed to diva status, it can still pay tribute to its humble beginnings. We're loving how the petals form a dimensional backdrop for the metallic hair accessories in this look.

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A Scattered Approach

Baby's breath interwoven into bride's hair

Photo by Kristin La Voie Photography

Tiny white buds complement this bride's dark locks, serving as a tender addition to the glossy braid. Love the ethereal look of baby's breath but aren't sure how to incorporate them into your bridal 'do? You can look at your wedding dress and personal style for inspiration.

Be sure to schedule a wedding hair trial to see your dream hairstyle in action before the big day.

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A Swag of Buds

Bride with beach waves accented by baby's breath

Photo by Helen Russell Photography 

This bride accented loose, beachy waves with a small bundle of buds. We love how the mini bouquet resembles a barrette or hairpin that would traditionally be featured in this placement.

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A Touch of Romance

Bride with a romantic updo featuring a thin vine of baby's breath

Photo by Flora and Grace

This look, featuring a romantic updo and a thin vine of baby's breath, is so lovely. A tender accent to the perfectly imperfect coif that doesn't compete with the jaw-dropping details on the back of the wedding dress.

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A Surf and Turf Style

Fishtail braid accented by baby's breath

Photo by Kristen Kilpatrick

This fishtail braid and baby's breath combo is the definition of elevated boho. We love that the flowers don't overpower the look, but just add a tiny peep of freshness here and there, staying true to their purpose as an accent piece.

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A Dreamy Display

Dreamy bridal updo dotted with baby's breath

Photo by Everence Photography

This interloping updo is dotted with baby's breath, giving the classic style an earthy feel. The almost dizzying display of expertly interwoven strands and scattered posies is absolutely dreamy.

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Keep It Simple

Bride with a simple braid and baby's breath accented throughout

Photo by Wendy Laurel

For an organic look, add some leafy greenery and baby's breath to a simple braid. The fresh notes of ivory and green contrast exquisitely with the bride's rich hair color.

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A Heavenly Flower Crown

Bride with veil and crown of baby's breath


This bride complemented her classic veil with a baby's breath flower crown for a subtle boho look.

Baby's breath doesn't always have to be milky white. There are pastel yellow and pink variations that occur naturally as well.

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Heartwarmingly Adorable

Bride's half-up, half-down 'do with sprigs of baby's breath

Photo by Abbey Armstrong Photography

Outfitted with sprigs of baby's breath, this plaited half-up, half-down hairstyle has won our hearts. We love how the creamy color of the blooms emphasizes the bride's copper curls.

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A Hidden Surprise

Bride with a peekaboo braid and baby's breath

Photo by Tamika Lee Photography 

A peekaboo braid and baby's breath complete this sweet, rustic style. The intricate plait creates the perfect anchor to tuck a sweet posie into.

  • Can I use artificial baby’s breath for my wedding hair?

    Definitely! Whether you weave them into a flower crown or tuck them into a messy braid, artificial baby's breath can definitely be incorporated into your bridal 'do.

  • How do I arrange baby’s breath in my wedding hair?

    Updos, braids, and twists create an easy canvas to add baby's breath into as they can just be tucked in by their stems. If you're wearing your hair down, consider using bobby pins in x-shaped formations to secure the flowers. Don't hesitate to consult your hairstylist for additional assistance or tips for keeping the baby's breath in place.

  • How long does baby's breath last?

    Fresh baby's breath can last anywhere from three days to upwards of a week without water. The robust flower should sustain the entirety of your wedding day but can last even longer if refrigerated until added to the hair.

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