Here Are 18 Beautiful Baby's Breath Décor Ideas

Let this dainty blossom shine on your wedding day.

table setting with baby's breath

Photo by Du Soleil Photographie

When it comes to popular wedding flowers, choices such as peonies, roses, orchids, and ranunculus certainly live at the top of the list. But more and more couples are opting to incorporate baby’s breath in a wide range of striking ways.

For too long, baby’s breath has been considered a filler flower. But it's so much more than that if arranged properly. Baby's breath is generally easy on the wallet, and it provides a textured pop of white that other flowers don't have. Not to mention, it lasts for quite a while and even dries beautifully. With such great qualities, what if we let baby’s breath be the star of the show, using it as the base for floral altars, centerpieces, bouquets, and more?

Below, find 18 clever baby’s breath décor ideas to incorporate this dainty bloom.

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Dress Up Ceremony Chairs

wedding aisle lined with baby's breath

Photo by Anna Jones Photography

Mark the end of each row of chairs at your ceremony space with a small floral bundle to dress it up. You can let the baby's breath stand on its own or pair it with dried grasses for a more rustic look.

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Use It for a Cleansing Ceremony

wedding ceremony with baby's breath

Photo by alex tome

A bowl of baby's breath can be placed on a table by the altar, and before exchanging rings, the couple symbolically cleanses their hands in the baby's breath for a beautiful touch.

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Create Simple Arrangements

baby's breath and poppies in a vase

Photo by Anna Jones Photography

A simple arrangement can go such a long way. This combination of baby's breath, vibrant poppies, and grasses was displayed in terra cotta vases for a stunning beachfront wedding. What a perfect way to incorporate natural ambiance.

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Flaunt Flower Crowns

bridesmaids with floral crowns


Flower crowns aren't only for the bride. We love the idea of using floral crowns as a bridesmaid bouquet alternative. Better yet? This wedding party dawned floral crowns made out of baby's breath for an elegant look.

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Add It to Your Altar

wedding altar with baby's breath

Photo by Anna Jones Photography

If you've chosen to have a floral altar during the wedding ceremony, the price of blooms can definitely add up. Consider adding baby's breath to the mix; not only will it add stunning color and texture, but it will help save on cost as well.

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Utilize Statement Vases

baby's breath in a large vase

Photo by Du Soleil Photographie

While baby's breath is a dainty blossom, it can certainly make a big impact when arranged accordingly. Incorporate large vases into your reception space and fill them with baby's breath. They'll be sure to give off a romantic, almost ethereal vibe.

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Carry a Pretty Posy

baby's breath bouquet

photo by Lucy Cuneo

If baby's breath is your favorite flower, let it shine on your big day and consider ditching other floral options for your bouquet. Baby's breath can be the star of the show— in fact, we love the way this simple bouquet exudes romantic texture.

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Decorate the Bar

baby's breath bar decor

Photo by Niki Mari Photography

A floral runner isn't just for reception tables. Consider incorporating a cascading installation made of baby's breath into service tables throughout your reception space. It's sure to be a stunning way to dress up the bar, or even a dessert table.

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Add It to Tall Arrangements

tall white floral arrangements

Photo by Du Soleil Photographie

Towering arrangements certainly command attention in any reception space. Pair gold pillars with plenty of white blooms for a stunning combo. Baby's breath will serve as the perfect dainty bloom to fill in all of the gaps for a big, bold display.

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Adorn Your Wedding Cake

wedding cake with baby's breath and greenery

photo by anni graham photography

Baby's breath makes for a great cake topper as well. Incorporate dainty sprigs of the flower paired with other blooms when dressing up a semi-naked cake for a sophisticated look.

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Make a Statement on Reception Tables

baby's breath table runner

Photo by ivash studio

Make a bold statement in the middle of your reception space. One couple chose to feature baby's breath at their glamorous art museum wedding. A winding runner provided gorgeous contrast against a black table.

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Complement a Floral Arch

floral arch with baby's breath

Photo by Niki Mari Photography

While roses are perfect for a luxe wedding, baby's breath can serve as the ideal complement. Consider pairing stunning white and pink roses with plenty of baby's breath to create a romantic floral arch.

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Paint It Pink

painted baby's breath table centerpieces

Photo by Sydney Baye; Floral design by Rusted Vase Floral Co.

Hoping to avoid using white flowers? Transform them. Your florist may be able to source baby's breath in other shades. Another option? Paint the blossoms for a pop of pink or any other vibrant color you're hoping for.

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Play With Place Settings

baby's breath on place setting

Photo by Du Soleil Photographie

The details of this elegant place setting are absolutely stunning, but the addition of baby's breath truly took it to the next level. Consider placing a small bundle of baby's breath wrapped in ribbon at each table setting for an extra special touch.

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Line the Table

baby's breath table runner

PHOTO BY CASSANDRA CASTANEDA; Floral Design by Sarah-Allen Preston Designs

Small touches on a reception table can go such a long way. We love this understated table design, complete with tall, white taper candles and a long runner of baby's breath.

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Dress Up a Doughnut Tower

doughnut tower with baby's breath


Skipping cake and opting for a different sweet instead? Doughnut towers can easily be dressed up with sprigs of baby's breath. We love this idea for displays of cookies, brownies, and cupcake towers as well.

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Create a Ceremony Space

beach wedding with baby's breath

Photo by Valorie darling

If you don't have a dedicated ceremony space at a beach wedding, baby's breath can provide plenty of texture and stand on its own to create a space in the sand. Use big bunches to create an aisle and ceremony circle in the most beautiful way.

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Swap Flower Girl Petals for Baby's Breath

flower girls holding baby's breath


A completely unique option for your flower girls? Skip traditional baskets and petals and opt for baby's breath. These flower girls had fun carrying hearts made out of baby's breath, paired with floral crowns, for such a darling look.

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