Antoni Porowski Is Engaged to Kevin Harrington

The "Queer Eye" star broke the news on Instagram.

Antoni Porowski and Kevin Harrington at American Ballet Theatre event

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for American Ballet Theatre

Antoni Porowski is officially engaged! The "Queer Eye" star just revealed that he is engaged to his boyfriend of three years, Kevin Harrington. In a funny and celebratory Instagram, the chef posted a photo with grainy image quality along with the caption, "I really hope the wedding photos are less blurry 🙏🏼."

Of course, the rest of the "Queer Eye" Fab Five posted their congratulations in the comments to the big announcement post. Bobby Berk commented, "So damn happy for you two! You both got a good one!!! 😭😭😭😭," while Jonathan Van Ness wrote, "So cute, love soy much ❤️❤️❤️ Already sourcing my flower girl looks!!!" They even got an offer for a little wedding photo help from Tan France, who commented, "I volunteer as wedding selfie-photographer."

Harrington also made his own funny post on Instagram to celebrate their love and upcoming nuptials. The caption read, "Officially together until we look like the last pic #engaged." The subsequent photos highlighted the couple in cute photos from over the years and ended with a pic of the pair in zombie makeup. Porowski joked back in a comment, "don’t worry I’ll prolly be dabbling w Botox by then ❤️."

The "Easy Bake Battle" host and brand strategy director first were seen together in 2019 before the pandemic began. Harrington came to visit Porowski for a four-day trip in March 2020 where the star was filming in Austin. However as lockdowns began, the pair decided to stay in Texas together.

Porowski chatted with People about how their relationship became stronger during that time. "It came to a shutdown in New York—there was no toilet paper—and we decided to stay in Austin and fostered a dog," Porowski shared with the publication. "We went from being in a relationship and each having our own apartments and not having a dog, to living in the same place with a dog."

The couple ended up adopting the dog, Neon, together, and continued to build their relationship. "It escalated quickly," Porowski told People. "But I don't have any complaints, which is kind of nice. When something is stable and really good—and you communicate a lot, and you check in with each other and with your own therapist about it—I feel like that's kind of the key."

Over the next few years, the couple didn't keep their relationship from the private eye and were often seen on each other's Instagrams on vacations together, out with their celebrity friends like Gigi Hadid and the cast of "Queer Eye," and with their dog Neon. In one cute birthday post, Antoni posted a photo of the pair with the caption: "Today might’ve started w me apologizing for snoring all night and neon shoving her dirty post-walk paw in your mouth but hopefully it ends with you being reminded of all of us who love you oh so damn much. Happy Birthday, Kevin. I promise to at least consider wiping @neonthemutt’s claws next time."

While we have no news yet on Porowski and Harrington's wedding date, we have a feeling it will be a stunning star-studded event. We can't wait to see all the festivities to come!

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