The 19 Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents and In-Laws

Celebrate them with something they’ll both love

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If your parents have been together for a long time, their relationship has taught you much of what you know about love. You may admire the strength of their bond and the depth of their affection for one another, and the support they both give you (especially during your wedding-planning year!). So, naturally, you want to celebrate them and their bond with a special gift as their anniversary approaches. But what qualifies as an appropriate anniversary present for your parents or in-laws? And how do you select a gift that will appeal to both parents? 

Obviously, the answers to these questions will vary from one set of parents to another. You might be shopping for foodies, plant-lovers, whiskey connoisseurs, goofballs, adventurers, homebodies, or sentimental souls. It's the thought that counts, of course—but to help, we've picked some of our favorites for every type of couple.

Read on for the best anniversary gifts for parents.

Harry & David Market Tote

market tote

Courtesy of Harry & David

Parents who love nothing more than a relaxing, romantic night in will be thrilled to receive this gift basket. It contains the makings of the world’s best charcuterie board: ready-to-bake sourdough baguettes; gouda and sharp white cheddar cheeses; fresh, seasonal pears and apples; three-seed crackers, garlic-stuffed olives, halved artichoke hearts; salami; sausage; fire-roasted bruschetta and strawberry fig spreads; and even lemon shortbread cookies!

Basketful of Grace Wedding Vow Picture Frame

BasketfulOfGrace Wedding Vow Picture Frame

Courtesy of Etsy

If you can dig up a copy of your parent’s vows and a good picture of the two of them, you’ve got the makings of a gift that is 100 percent guaranteed to leave zero dry eyes in the house. BasketfulOfGrace will combine the vows and photo to create a touching portrait your parents will hold dear for years to come. You can add an attractive black, white, or authentic barn wood frame for an extra charge as well. 

Urbanstems The Manhattan Bouquet

Urbanstems The Manhattan Bouquet

Courtesy of Urbanstems

Their love is beautiful, and so is this breathtaking bouquet from Urban Stems. This stunning collection of roses, snapdragon sprigs, burgundy Cala lilies, and carnations is sure to put them in an anniversary mood. Add some candles, and you’ve got the perfect setting for a quiet, romantic evening at home.

Artsy Voiceprint Soundwave Art Canvas


Courtesy of Etsy

This soundwave canvas is perfect for music lovers and sentimental types. Just choose a song—may be something your parents danced to at their wedding or “their” song—and Artsy Voiceprints will transform the soundwaves into a stunning piece of art. The printed soundwaves appear as glimpses of a gorgeous starry night sky in blue, green, purple, black, copper, or red.

eCreamery Personalized Ice Cream Pints

eCreamery Personalized Ice Cream Pints

Courtesy of eCreamery

Make their hearts melt and their mouths water with four pints of ice cream, labeled with delicious puns like “Sweet Nothings” and “Mint To Be.” The Anniversary Premium Collection comes with four amazing flavors: chocolate cake ice cream with fudge swirls and brownie bites, vanilla ice cream with toffee bits, mint cookie crunch ice cream with fudge swirls, and S'mores ice cream.

Braidwood Pottery Famous Quotes Pottery Bowls

Scott Fitzgerald Pottery Bowl

Courtesy of Etsy

“I wish I’d done everything on earth with you.” Even if you haven’t read The Great Gatsby, this romantic quote tugs at your heartstrings, right? If that message perfectly encapsulates just how much your parents cherish the time they shared, give them this gorgeous, handmade bowl that has the quote stamped on the outside. What a great reminder to have around the house! Not to mention, BraidwoodPottery has even more famous quotes that will surely fit your parents' personalities.

The Bouqs Co. Pair of Hoya Heart Succulents

Pair of Hoya Heart Succulents

Courtesy of The Bouqs Co.

Give your parents two hearts that go together almost as perfectly as theirs. These heart-shaped, Hoya succulents are as strong and resilient as their love for one another, and they’re also just plain adorable. They’re potted with light pink rocks in stylish cement planters small enough to fit in the palm of your hand—the perfect size for the window sill!

Epic Tees 4 You Anniversary Shirts

EpicTees4You Anniversary Shirts

Courtesy of Etsy

If they’re into football (almost) as much as they’re into each other, these shirts will definitely score you some points. Their fronts read “Mr.” and “Mrs.,” and their backs read “Married Since [XXXX],” with the first and last two digits of the year printed like player’s numbers. What a great way to help them cheer on their favorite teammate!

Mark and Graham Newbury Picnic Basket

Newbury Picnic Basket

Courtesy of Mark & Graham

Doesn’t a picnic sound like the perfect way for two lovebirds to spend time together? And yet, planning and packing for one can be such a pain. Well, this picnic basket makes it easy to pick up and go. It comes with ceramic plates, stainless steel flatware, wine glasses, and a corkscrew, and it has straps to secure everything. You can add a personalized, foil debossed, leather tag to the handle for a special touch too!

Frankie Print Co. Personalized Love Letter Blanket

FrankiePrintCo Personalized Love Letter Blanket

Courtesy of Etsy

With this blanket, they can literally wrap themselves up in each other’s love. If you can find some handwritten love notes they’ve exchanged, send one to this Etsy seller, and they’ll transfer it to a cozy, 100% cotton throw. This blanket will look adorable on their couch and will quickly become their second favorite thing to snuggle.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo

Uncommon Goods Personalized Tree Trunk Glassware Duo

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

These adorable glasses are perfect for your favorite wine- or beer-loving sweethearts. Each has a hand-engraved tree-trunk design, complete with a “carved” heart that contains your parents’ initials and the date of their anniversary. You can select two wine glasses, two pilsner glasses, or one of each, depending on your parents’ preferences.

Une Jolie Fete Personalized Cookie Cutter

UneJolieFete Personalized Cookie Cutter

Courtesy of Etsy

If your parents are anything like ours, they’ve been telling you “Don’t spend your money. Just make me something” since you were a toddler. Well, this heart-shaped cookie cutter is a great way to add a special touch to some baked-from-scratch cookies. It’s personalized with your parents’ first names and the date of their anniversary. Made by you, for them, these cookies will have love in every bite.

The Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set

The Adventure Challenge Couples Camera Set

Courtesy of The Adventure Challenge

Whether your parents are up for anything or have started to run out of fresh date ideas, the Adventure Challenge will provide them with hours of quality time together. With the couple’s camera set, they’ll receive a Lomo’Instant automat camera for capturing the new memories they’ll be making and an adventure book. Each page contains a scratch-off date (to add to the suspense) and space to leave a note about the experience and paste a picture.

Home Wet Bar Quinton Boxed Personalized Decanter Set


Courtesy of Home Wet Bar

For the sophisticated couple whose relationship has aged like a fine whiskey, this personalized decanter set is an excellent gift. The set includes one 25-ounce decanter and four 10-ounce glasses, all made with a distinctive marble-like base that protects wood surfaces from rings and water damage. Each piece of glassware comes etched with the initials of your choice, and the set comes packaged in a lovely walnut-stained maple gift box.

Mouth Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Mouth Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Courtesy of Mouth

If they love a good old-fashioned but haven’t quite mastered the art of making the drink themselves, this kit will be a fun and easy way for them to learn together. It includes everything you need for a perfectly balanced cocktail: Bittermilk’s trio of mixers, Hella Cocktail Company’s aromatic bitters, bourbon smoked sugar, bourbon cocktail cherries, and two unbreakable stemless glasses.

Uncommon Goods Retro Reel Viewer

Uncommon Goods Retro Reel Viewer

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Do you remember the reel viewer from your childhood? Even if you don’t, your parents definitely do. So, give them a blast from the past with this awesome retro gadget. Creating a custom reel with the photos of your choice is a fun way to help them preserve and relive some of their favorite moments from way back when. Let the nostalgia begin! 

mind the cork Atlas Hanging Planter

mindthecork Atlas Hanging Planter

Courtesy of Etsy

For the minimalists in your life, the Atlas hanging planter is a great way to bring the natural world inside without cluttering any surfaces. This planter is handcrafted from cork and blends in seamlessly with any kind of décor. It's sure to pair perfectly with any of your parents’ favorite plants.

Knack Some Like it Hot Gift Set

Knack Some Like it Hot Gift Set

Courtesy of Knack

Parents who love to spice things up are going to get a kick out of grilling with these sauces. Just a couple of teaspoons of jalapeno, habanero, chipotle, or Verde sauce will enhance the flavor of their favorite homemade marinades and BBQ sauces. The Some Like It Hot set also comes with two cedar planks and a basting brush. This kit is definitely going to make them feel like the king and queen of the grill.

D&S Craftworks Africa Tray

D&S Craftworks Africa Tray

Courtesy of D&S Craftworks

If your parents have a connection to Africa—whether they have African heritage, have traveled there, or just love the continent and its cultures—they’re going to adore this striking serving tray. The trays are handmade from wood and resin and come in four bold colors: white, black, black, and gold, or solid gold.

Final Verdict 

If you’re looking for a heartfelt, sentimental present, the Soundwave Art Canvas, Wedding Vow Picture Frame, or Personalized Love Letter Blanket are all wonderful options that celebrate your parents’ love for one another in unique ways. For parents who enjoy activities more than things, consider The Adventure Challenge— it will give them an opportunity to connect and spend some quality time together. And foodies will love Harry and David’s Market Tote, eCreamery’s personalized ice cream pints, the Some Like it Hot Gift Set, or a batch of cookies made with a personalized cookie cutter.

What to look for in an anniversary gift for parents

We know, we know. Shopping for one parent is hard. So, how on earth are you supposed to find a gift for both of them? The trick is looking for something they can experience together. Rather than buying one gift for Mom and another for Dad, think of something they both like and find a way for them to enjoy it with each other. That’s why food baskets or kits, items for the home, and couple’s activities all make amazing anniversary gifts. They allow your parents to reminisce about the good times and to make new memories as well. 

It’s also ideal to select a gift that honors the past they’ve shared or one that allows them to experience something new as a couple. The first type of gift is a wonderful way to celebrate their love and all the hard work they’ve put into their relationship. The second helps them continue growing as a couple and revives some of those sparks that may be harder to come by after many years of being together.

What are other good gift ideas for parents?

If you’re struggling to come up with non-product gift ideas, you can always check out a list of the traditional and modern gifts that correspond to each anniversary year. Feel free to get creative and interpret the lists however you see fit. For instance, the 35th anniversary traditionally calls for a coral gift, but that doesn’t mean you have to get them a chunk of the Great Barrier Reef. You might get them under-the-sea-themed cupcakes or matching coral-colored t-shirts with a funny message.

If the gift guidelines aren’t working for you, it’s helpful to articulate for yourself what an anniversary celebration is really about. For us, it’s about remembering and preserving the love two people share. So when thinking of a gift, try to think of ways to celebrate their past together of ways to bring them closer together in the present and future.

What are traditional and modern anniversary gifts for the 25th, 30th, 40th, and 50th years? 

The traditional gifts by year, for the 25th, 30th, 40th, and 50th anniversaries are silver, pearls, rubies, and gold. The modern gifts are the same for the 25th, 40th, and 50th anniversaries, but the modern gift for the 30th anniversary is diamonds rather than pearls.  

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