26 Alternative Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Because blooms aren't the only option!

bouquets of lavender and greenery


From lush peony bouquets in spring to dahlias, hydrangeas, and cosmos in summer, the choices for wedding blooms are incredible. With so many flower possibilities, you can truly find a perfect match for any aesthetic. But what if flowers aren’t your thing?

While it may follow tradition to carry a beautiful bouquet down the aisle on your way to say "I do," that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. It’s totally fine to ditch the traditional floral bouquet and opt for something more unique, or better yet, something that will last longer and serve as a memento for years to come.

Wondering what your options are? Read on for 26 of our favorite alternative wedding bouquet ideas to get the creativity flowing.

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Opt for a Hoop

hoop bouquet


Hoop bouquets are the perfect way to still showcase florals while ditching the traditional bouquet shape. Choose a gold, silver, or even wooden hoop with plenty of blooms for a unique look.

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Carry Cotton

bouquet of cotton and leaves

Photo by Perez Photography

Who would have thought cotton could look so pretty! If you're in an area that grows cotton, or you simply just love the pillowy look of it, consider celebrating this crop with an entire bouquet of branches. Add a few leaves of greenery to add even more interest.

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Show Off Silk

silk coral and pink bouquet

Photo by Life's Frostings

What if we told you this bouquet would last forever? It's true! This stunning bouquet features pretty hues of pink, coral, and white, and it's made up of entirely silk flowers. That way, you can carry a bouquet that will truly last a lifetime.

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Celebrate With Citrus

citrus bouquet

Photo by Taryn Kent; Design by Siren Floral Co.

Overflowing citrus? Why not! We love the idea of a lush bundle of greenery featuring kumquats to add a bold pop of color.

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Fall for Ferns

bouquet of ferns

Photo by Jesse and Lex Wedding Co.

Ferns are one of the most interesting green plants. They provide so much texture, along with a bold hue. Consider carrying a large bundle of ferns on their own, or pair them with a few other sprigs of greenery to play with texture and color.

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Feature Feathers

bouquet of feathers

Photo by Kellie Robinson Photography

We love the way this bouquet alternative exudes a vintage-meets-boho vibe, and the bride put it together on her own! Grab a variety of feathers to create an interesting, artistic option.

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Hold a Hanging Bouquet

hanging bouquet

Photo by Nicole Lev; Design by Tumbleweed Floral Design

Want to still incorporate flowers without the typical bouquet shape? Switch it up! This hanging bouquet is such a unique and beautiful take, providing gorgeous trails of blooms to capture light.

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Fall for Autumn Leaves

fall leaves bouquet

Photo by Perry Vaile; Design by Rebecca Rose Events

A fall wedding is the perfect opportunity to switch up the typical floral bouquet. Consider incorporating plenty of textured greenery paired with a few autumn leaves for a beautiful pop of color.

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Combine Lavender and Greenery

brides with lavender bouquets


If you're planning a rustic and farm-style wedding, bright, bold flowers may not fit the aesthetic. We love the way this couple chose to create interesting bouquets with sprigs of fragrant lavender, sage, and wheat.

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Opt for Olive Branches

bouquet of olive branches


Olive branches hold a meaning of peace, and they're the perfect piece of greenery to carry down the aisle. Put together a bunch of olive branches tied with a gorgeous ribbon for a uniquely textured choice.

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Carry a Clutch

bouquet in clutch


Want to still feature lush blooms? No problem! But to add something unique into the mix, consider a clutch. We love the idea of adding your bouquet to a neutral clutch for the most charming look.

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Embrace Ikebana

ikebana bouquet

PHOTO BY HEATHER WARAKSA; Design by Vine Garden Market

Ikebana is the Japanese art of utilizing branches, leaves, and blossoms to create arrangements that showcase the nature and beauty of the materials. One real wedding bride, who doesn't love flowers, opted to explore this art form to achieve a uniquely textured look.

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Showcase a Sweet Heart

heart shaped bouquet


We think pulling inspiration from this sweet flower girl would make for the most charming alternative. Why not consider carrying a beautiful heart-shaped hoop of greenery down the aisle? How lovely!

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Don a Floral Crown

bride with floral crown


Not interested in carrying a traditional bouquet at all? Don't! Ditch the idea and opt for a flower crown instead. We love the option of incorporating pretty blooms in this way, without having to worry about holding something in your hands.

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Choose Dried and Textured

dried bouquet

Photo by Outsiders Studio; Design by Tumbleweed Floral Truck

Rustic wedding? Boho vibe? Dried flowers are the perfect fit! Select a variety of dried blooms, along with dried greenery and branches, to create the most intriguing bouquet. Plus, it'll last way longer than fresh flowers!

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Pick a Pretty Posy

single lily bouquet


A traditional, lush bouquet is certainly not the only option if you want to incorporate flowers. Choose a simpler route. We love the idea of carrying a single statement bloom such as a lily paired with dainty baby's breath for the prettiest posy.

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Showcase Winter Greens

mint leaves in bouquet


Planning a winter wedding? A bold bouquet of greenery provides the perfect contrast against a white dress. This bouquet showcased a mixture of mint leaves, ferns, and Andromeda vines.

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Take It to the Tropics

couple holding monstera leaves


A tropical wedding? Embrace plants! Consider the idea of carrying a single monstera leaf, or even a palm frond, to really stand out.

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Choose Bold Color

orange scabiosa bouquet

Photo by Sidney Bensimon

Celosia is one of the most intriguing plants to grow in the garden, with its incredibly bold color and flame-like shape. Bright magenta, orange, red, and yellow are all available to make a bouquet that truly pops.

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Use a Good Read

book clutch


Obsessed with books? Consider carrying your favorite book down the aisle, or one that you and your partner both love. Another great option? Track down a handmade clutch that resembles a book cover to celebrate your love for literature.

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Make a Statement

king protea bouquet


It's not uncommon to see one King Protea stem in a bouquet with other blooms, but what if that was all you featured? These large flowering plants certainly command attention with their beautiful hues.

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Go for Paper

paper flower bouquet

Photo by Sara Noah Photography

Paper flowers not only look entirely unique, but they'll last forever. Consider putting together a lovely bouquet with a few sprigs of real greenery for added interest.

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Incorporate a Bible

bouquet with bible

Photo by Brandon Kidd Photography; Design by Beautiful Savage Flowers

If your faith is important to you, you may want to carry it with you. Consider opting for a bundle of overflowing, lush greenery with your bible tied in the front or back with a ribbon. Or, ditch the greenery altogether to really let your faith stand out.

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Play With Vegetables

vegetable bouquet

Photo by Tammy Horton Photography

Vegetables? In a bouquet? You bet! Vegetables such as asparagus, purple broccoli, and radishes add such a playful and colorful touch to a fall wedding.

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Paint Baby's Breath

pink baby's breath bouquet


Baby's breath is definitely not your typical go-to for wedding bouquets, but it can be so beautiful. This bride opted for a ribbon-tied bouquet made up of baby's breath that had been painted pink to perfectly match the rest of the wedding's aesthetic.

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Showcase Succulents

succulent bouquet

Photo by Elena Wolfe; Design by Flowers by the River

Obsessed with succulents? Include them in your bouquet! Showcase a variety of these interesting plants with other neutral stems for a romantic boho vibe.

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